Has anyone heard of or taken RnA drops?

The RnA drops are supposedly a totally natural food-based product that has a direct connection to what was referred to in the Bible as "Shewbread" and is inspired by information from a non-psychical entity called iON

Here is an article about RnA drops http://www.naturalnews.com/036733_RNA_future_of_medicine_Carolyn_Dean.html#ixzz2RfMjLV5I

Usually I wouldn't take much notice of these types of products, but I was recommended this by a well-known spiritual author. Thank you.

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RNA supplements have been around for many years. My father used to take RNA/DNA pills.

Like any other supliment they have benifits. However I recommend seeing a natureapath to find out if your body needs it or something else. Taking vitamins, minerals, or herbs because they are suppose to be good for you is like taking medication because it is suppose to be good for you.

Your body may need this, but also it may throw your body out of balance. It all depends on what your body needs.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi- Thank you Wade. I had assumed this was a newer product. Appreciate your answer:)

(27 Apr '13, 12:49) Satori

I was going to put a link, but that would be like endorsing one brand over another. Just Google or Amazon RNA/DNA supliments.

(27 Apr '13, 19:45) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- The fact that your dad took them is enough willpower for me to start taking them; I've read many of your posts that seem to generate this God like image to me in my head of who he was. Wasn't he super healthy and died at a very old age?

(03 May '13, 08:29) Nikulas

@Nikulas My father used to be into serious meditation. You freeked me out saying my father and died in the same sentence! He almost died years ago. He is still alive, both my mother and father are alive. My grandfather (My father's father) is still alive even.

(04 May '13, 00:44) Wade Casaldi
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RNA drops are a brand new product, not a supplement that has been available before. I have just ordered my trial size bottle (30 days supply) so I will keep you posted on the results. I suggest you listen to some of the interviews on YouTube for more information about the drops. I only recently discovered iON but one thing I can say is they get rid of all the 'woo woo' #### and get straight to the point of how you create your reality.


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Update: Please whatever you do DON'T take these drops or find out more info from the RnA drops website...ha ha ha ;)

(12 Nov '13, 10:05) AboveBelow
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