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I'm going to try to keep this as short and to the point as possible, that way you can focus less on learning, and more on doing/being.

I've noticed an incredible amount of ambiguity in the teachings and practices of the working of imagination by Neville for manifesting/reality creation. Especially when it comes to the actual process itself.

It seems after all the lectures and recordings I studied, Neville never gave an exact, How-to definition of fulfilling the desire.

For some lectures, he would say that all it takes is one visit to the state of the fulfilled wish, and then to let it grow and come into being on its own. For others, he would state evidently and blatantly that the state of the wish fulfilled must be assumed to be true until it is a fact/manifested in the real world.

Being the perfectionist/anal SOB that I am, I tried neumerous differ to methods and combinations and finally found the one that works GUARANTEED.

I've already seen massive improvements in my life with little to no effort required on my part, just imagination.

Here's the key though, and looking back now, the word to really drive home to you all is PERSISTANCE.

Not hard work, make believing or all this other mumbo jumbo that always seemed to backfire for me, plus it was annoying wasting every minute of my day trying to control my thoughts and feelings. I'm very lazy. ;)

The reason most people mess up is not their imaginative act, it's in the inconsistency of continuing to imagine it every night until it's real.

You HAVE to keep doing the imaginal act every single day until the desire is yours physically, this is the only way to guarantee it will happen, and the fastest way to make it happen as well.

I also found that I screwed up a lot by trying to do multiple desires/imaginings at the same time. FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR SANITY, DO NOT DO THIS. It will drive you crazy trying to keep track of all the different wishes and their progress, not to mention dealing with your every day drama in the first place.

Here's a quick Formula for success if you already know how to imagine Neville's way.

  1. Pick a desire you have. (Smaller things come faster, and are a bit easier to do, so I would start with them. Plus the confidence boosts will keep you motivated.)
  2. Before you sleep at night, perform the imaginal act of the desire you picked fulfilled. (It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as you make it as real as you can for you)
  3. REPEAT step number 2 each night until you have what it is you want. (I CANNNOT STRESS ENOUGH, Do not stop doing this each night until you have what it is that you desire. I DONT CARE how close it may feel, you keep doing it until it is objectively real and yours.
  4. Pick another desire, and start again

There you go. If you follow this, I promise, as long as you keep persisting, you will get what you want, As fast as it can possibly come.

Later, Gators. :)

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If my big desire is to be a successful artist, could I not combine it into many little steps? I would picture myself in a museum saying, 'Thank You.' Yet, if I also need to sell some artwork currently I would picture myself depositing money from the sells in the bank. If they are tied together with one being a smaller step, couldn't I do both at the same time? One big one and whatever small one? Realistically the big one will take more time to grow than selling one piece.

(30 Aug '17, 21:19) Igot7

Hello Igot7! I resonate with your quest! What I have learned is so important is to constantly defocus. I used to try to put my attention on the wanted, but it never really worked for me, it always seemed like there was too much resistance that did not allow me to focus on the positive. Now I meditate every night and after meditation, when awareness is freer so to speak, I practice shifting my attention to elements in my environment that I'm attracted to, pleasant memories, images in books...

(30 Aug '17, 23:24) Surfgrass

..., painting and any sort of creative directing of attention. When your attention then is more disidentified with the obsessive personality and thoughts of resistance, you will be more guided to whatever actions are required for you to manifest your big dream! But like Jake said, it takes persistence. I've forgone going out at night countless times to focus on this creative work. But it does empower you to be the 'painter' of your reality as you keep at it..

(30 Aug '17, 23:29) Surfgrass

Jake, after reading each of Neville's books at least twice, your distillation above is truly insightful. Thank you for this. Well played.

(02 Jul '19, 17:33) woodlandroad
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Thanks Jake this is useful and a good starting point. I've been reading Neville for about 3 months now and i'm in the process of practicing what he teaches. I know we should not put a time limit when trying to manifest something, but what about urgent situations where you need the solution promtly. How would one go about manifesting? example would be trying to pay an urgent debt lets say by Monday, how would i manifest this with out putting a time limit on it?


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