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I wish to express my profound and eternal gratitude to Simon Templeton and the PsiTek organization for such an amazing resource site with sorts of FREE self-improvement e-books.

By money worth, the favor is radically an extravagant empowerment.

For freely given, if PsiTek were a religion, I would rate it best among many; if it were tradition, I would rate first among many.

A most deserved appreciation for letting the ever curious human soul into the hidden gateway of an overwhelming freedom and true enlightenment.

My eternal gratitude once more!!!!!!

Iyke Temple

asked 12 Jul '10, 15:21

iyke%20temple's gravatar image

iyke temple

well said iyke and to the regulars here thanks for all your inspiration and advice and thought waking answers and questions

(12 Jul '10, 20:58) ursixx

Once again I'd like to add my thanks to everyone :-)

(12 Jul '10, 20:59) Michaela

Me too! Never seen so many enlightened books and such a freindly forum as this! :)

(13 Jul '10, 14:44) BridgetJones09

Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. I'm glad you've found PsiTek and Inward Quest valuable

(14 Jul '10, 08:49) Simon Templeton ♦♦

I am surprised that IQ and PsiTek are owned by one person. I came across these two from different ways & purposes. I found PsiTek from EmpowerNetwork when I looked for LOA and found IQ from OSQA (CMS that powered IQ). I can't believe both these sites (IQ & PsiTek) are free with no advertisements. I am a webmaster myself running a math website as hobby & I took the opportunity to monetize it through Google. Thank you Sir Simon for your wonderful work.

(28 Mar '13, 07:06) Romel

@Romel loved your math website - you should add the link to your profile.

(27 Nov '13, 06:20) ele
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Must agree with the above comments.Ive read all the books ( works a bit slow at the moment ) on Psi Tek and feel the last few months have been a time of learning and progress which could so easily have been a barren and frustrating time. The site is interesting and certainly doesnt lack any variety of opinion.It attracts as wide a variety of religions and viewpoints as i can imagine,ive even come across the odd Dalek!

Well done Simon and also thanks to the editors of the questions asked.

With my grammar i need them



answered 08 Sep '10, 16:45

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Monty Riviera

edited 24 Dec '10, 01:43

kakaboo's gravatar image


I agree, Well Done @Simon Templeton Much Appreciation. Thank you!

(27 Nov '13, 06:20) ele

My sincerest gratitude to Simon Templeton and the team of PsiTek for appearing at such a crucial point in my life the words "Amazing grace..." come to mind when I think of what inwardquest has been to me. Also all the really generous people on this site who share so willingly and without judgement especially Stingray who answered my first post ever on this site and has always shared his knowledge freely with all of us.


answered 13 Jul '10, 18:48

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Absolutely!! It's really changed my world in so many positive ways. THANK YOUUU!!!


answered 29 Jul '10, 18:57

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I too, would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Simon Templeton


answered 13 Jul '10, 12:16

GS415's gravatar image


Gratitude, admiration and great respect to the human, scientist and soul named here Simon Templeton


answered 13 Jul '10, 13:40

Gleam's gravatar image


I honestly don't know where i'd be with this site....I'm glad I was a co-creator in it's exsistance ;)

eternal appreciation!!!!!!


answered 30 Jul '10, 00:23

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Chris 2

I sure some of my answers have helped others, and that's a good thing. I have been helped beyond words. Thank you Simon. I check the site everyday because it keeps me in the loop as far as attitude. Also sometimes I get to field a question that get my juices flowing. I just asked the Source for an extrodinay (spelling) thing, why because I can ask. Manny Blessings!


answered 24 Dec '10, 00:11

Tom's gravatar image


Me Too!! Mile3 xxx


answered 23 Jul '10, 21:55

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Mile3 1

I am really really impressed with this great work done by Simon, getting all these books together and sharing it with others that too for free. It really makes it possible for people to transform there life, rather than looking for books and than thinking about which one to really buy, that would have stopped so many of us from the pleasure of all this life transforming knowledge. I thank you from the depth of my heart. Thanks SIMON


answered 23 Dec '10, 22:15

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Anita 1

I cannot say it often enough, thank you Simon Templeton for Inward Quest a great place for me, and a great place to be!


answered 27 Dec '10, 02:52

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Inactive User ♦♦

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US.

I am so profoundly thankful Inward Quest is here for me and for all of us. My life is forever changed for the better because of this place, these people, and the resources made so freely available.

I have a whole new rich and wonder-filled life, and a very bright and happy future to look forward to. Thank you so much. :)

Love, Grace


answered 22 Nov '12, 11:28

Grace's gravatar image


edited 22 Nov '12, 11:36

same her.."A BIG THANK YOU TO SIMON TEMPLETON for Inward Quest..ITS a great place for ME, its a temple,,,where i find..all the love,peace, satisfaction n happiness.. thank you.,lots of blessings to you.


answered 25 Nov '12, 02:46

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Stumbling across psitek and later inward quest from searching for the missing pages of a book has been a great pivotal moment in my life. I too would like to express my greatest thanks for all involved with this beautiful community and extend my best wishes for all our futures! Peace!


answered 25 Nov '12, 19:26

lastplacefavourite's gravatar image


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