Throughout the ages there have been people who work to opress the Truth, the Truth that "Sets you free." And there have been other people who want to keep the Truth alive without getting in trouble, so they use symbolism, dances, etc... as meaningful reminders. So, why do so many pictures of Jesus show His heart? Thanks

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Jesus came into this reality of self-imposed and self-limiting belief systems, in order to show us that unconditional love of self and others is the way forward in this game ♥


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There is a joke I have heard that Jesus himself said "Nailed it"

(04 Oct '17, 18:56) Nikulas

Jesus (Jeshua) lived from his heart. The choices he made were from the heart. The mind can decieve you, but the heart will never lie. Follow your heart!


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because jesus was not with a heart of stone. what is a heart of stone you will ask? it is a heart of judgement. that is one of is greatest teaching. who is with out sin to cast the first stone? you judge by human standard but i judge no man,but if i judge my judgement will be in truth. there is many things that i could judge of you ,but the one who sent me is truthful.always do what please him.lift that stone and you will find me there.if you believe in me and keep my word you are my disciple in one and each other as i have loved you this will prove that you are my disciple in deed. love thy neighbor as your self. who is thy neighbor you will ask me? it is all your brother and sister made in the image of the father.each and everyone of you.

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blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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This could have to do with Psalm 51, We sing it in church. "Create in me a clean heart, oh my God and renew a right spirit within me."


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