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Lately, I have been getting the feeling that IQ has become something of a Dear Abby for intellectuals...Perhaps I am wrong. But there seem to be a LOT of questions about sex, dating, and how to get into the Vortex through questionable means.

What say you?


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Why do you judge some means to be questionable? In what sense is sexuality any less of an appropriate subject for an inward quest than your dreams about what heaven is like? What DO you think this site should focus on?

(18 Jan '13, 23:00) flowsurfer

@Jai- good question, what is happening? ... in any case, i love it :)

(19 Jan '13, 01:01) blubird two

Dear, Dear Abby, 94 died peacefully in her sleep on Wed. I loved her - wisdom & humor. In memory of her, I will 'try' to ask myself this first "What would Dear Abby say", before answering or commenting. Wish me luck.

(19 Jan '13, 03:20) ele

@Jai - Inward quest is just a hall of mirrors. We either create it or attract the energy of it. We are all co- creators in this:)

(19 Jan '13, 07:12) Satori

Jai , if I read a question and it doesn't "feel" right, I don't feel ;-) obliged to read it further , I click and move onto something else

(19 Jan '13, 08:14) Starlight

ha ha. Using LOA is questionable mean itself. Attempts to attract things into one's reality through aggressive offense against your own ego perpetuated by lust. And never being satisfied.

(19 Jan '13, 08:34) CalonLan

Maybe it's a more complete dear abby of "How can I feel better in this physical reality that I have created?".

(19 Jan '13, 20:59) clearheart

@Satori, Thank you. I agree.

(22 Jan '13, 10:15) figure8shape
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Sex is a HUGE part of what it means to be a human being... I don't see why we should censor ourselves from discussing it - in fact, I wouldn't mind seeing more information on the net in general about sex, love and relationships from a spiritual point of view! Especially in our society where sex has been separated from spirituality to a large extent, which has led to it both being seen as a taboo, and used as a commodity in ways that aren't healthy for us. I think sex is a beautiful, spiritual thing, a gift from God, and we would do well to start integrating sexuality into spirituality - as it was in many primitive cultures. And to be more open about discussing it, too.

Finally, I agree with @releaser99... Perhaps you should examine why this bothers you?


answered 19 Jan '13, 09:42

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Nice answer @cass . Couldn't agree more. I just don't get the idea of how celibacy could make one more spiritual. Quite the opposite imo. We are sexual beings; unless you're a nun, monk, priest, etc ; I would think it would cause disharmony in the mind, body & soul & eventually cause 'pain' (blockage) somewhere in your energy field.

(19 Jan '13, 21:49) ele

Talking about the spirituality of sex would be a good thing! I have not judged the sex thing so much as the running list of relationship problems...Which has me thinking... You helped me see that we are all human beings, and no problem is too trivial for IQ. Mea Culpa! Love, Jai

(21 Jan '13, 07:13) Jaianniah

I think sex is a part of the inward journey as well. Look at the questions here. We often discuss very broad and general things such as the universe or god which includes all things that exist. That includes sex as well.

So sex is a part of the inward journey and of the universe and god.

And i wondered because i don't see much topics about sex. Perhaps there is a law of attraction thing going on in you so this topic catches your attention. I think this is actually a good thing for you. Here is why:

My personal rule is that it is a great opportunity to make big steps in my inward journey when something catches my attention and makes me angry (or anything less then feel good). This is imo god's sign to show me in which direction my inward quest should go and on which topics i should work.


answered 18 Jan '13, 23:29

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this is what happen when you concentrate on desire for things of the world. spirituality is first a inner quest to know your self.but you have free will.this was visible in the now moment why are you surprise about this? why do you wash the outside of the cup? do you not know that the one that made the inside is also the one that made the outside? i am not a divider and can talk about many subject with out having to judge.sometime it can be usefull to talk about thing of the world when it put them in judgement to help them on their inner quest. but to promise them material things is like saying to them that you have a magic lamp that if clean on the outside with no effort will grant them anny wish. then do not be surprise at is LOA in action.what do people seek most in the world? then that is what they come here for,do not be surprise.


answered 18 Jan '13, 23:30

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white tiger

Maybe we are filling her shoes now that she is no longer on the physical plane.


answered 20 Jan '13, 17:23

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Yes it is seemingly getting twisted into meaning something else. Furthermore some of the really risky questions now have probably got "Inward Quest" blocked in search engines because of topics relating to a more adult nature.

That is sad as it will keep many from ever even knowing we are here and the Inward Quest is a spiritual meaning not some sort of innuendo.


answered 18 Jan '13, 23:05

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Wade Casaldi


I wouldn't worry about IQ getting blocked in search engines, that isn't how it works... If your Safe Search is on "strict" (default setting is Moderate), then those individual pages which contain references to e.g. porn won't show up... but it doesn't block the whole site.

(19 Jan '13, 09:34) cassiopeia
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