Are there any before and after pictures that can be used as evidence or inspiration for using LOA?

I'm particularly interested in pictures because I have been seeing this focus wheel example a lot: "A vibrant, healthy, and sexy body."

I want to see the difference in someone before and after please.

Also, something like this could be a huge gravitation pull to get more people interested in LOA.

I'm using the "A vibrant, healthy, and sexy body" as an example as that would mean a lot to me to see, however, I'm sure other people would not mind seeing other types of evidence.

Just something to keep one motivated.....

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The Body For Life website has numerous before and after pictures.

I know what you're thinking. That's not manifestation, is it? Of course it is.

Look around you. Everything you see is a manifestation. The builder who sold you your house did so because he manifested a business that would satisfy his desire for building quality places to live, while providing a secure income for his family. The person who went back to school to complete his education did so out of a desire to improve his career position, and improve his ability to support his family. The music you are listening to was created by someone who had a desire to touch others with their art.

The difference between those that seem to accomplish things magically and those that continue to struggle is this:

  1. They have better control over their mind, and
  2. They have better methods of manifestation.

There was a time when televisions were assembled painstakingly by hand. They were notoriously temperamental and clunky devices. But over time we got better at building them; now we have flatscreens, assembled by machines, that you can hang on the wall like a painting.

When I went back to school to get my degrees, I went to a private university that specializes in creating programs for working adults. Instead of spending all my time trying to get the classes I needed, and juggling them around my working schedule, I focused instead on school work, and one night of classes per week. Instead of shuffling between classes, the school moved the teachers around the classroom. Instead of going through a registration process, the school scheduled classes automatically.

Believe me, that feels very different from going to a public university, and I was much more successful at school in the new environment, than I had been in my younger years. The private school created a better process for their students.

But mostly it's about how you use your mind. How do you accomplish great things? By working on them a little bit at a time. Do you want the kind of body like the after pictures on the Body For Life website? You can have it. It will require one hour a day of effort, six days a week, for a year. Eat the right things and do the exercises. That's it.

Your only commitment is one hour today. Then you make the same commitment again tomorrow. That's all I did when I went back to school. I just kept showing up and doing my homework until they gave me a piece of paper that said I graduated. I didn't think about tomorrow at all. I only thought about today.

The people who succeed at accomplishing great things in life are the people who make a real decision. In the LOA space, it's called "having uncontradicted thought." It doesn't take will-power. It takes a mindset that says, "Why would I stop doing this? I love it!" It takes a mindset that says, "Why do you think this is hard or impossible? I have already succeeded in my mind, I just have to wait for the world to catch up!"

Click here to read my manifestation story.


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A good friend of mine did the body for life course. Within 3 to 6 months his body had a new shape and the regular guys at the gym couldn't believe the transformation considering how little work he'd done. I'll just add to your list. Awareness of LOA and consciously choosing your thoughts wisely is the key...

(21 Jul '10, 08:38) Eddie

Thanks, I do believe these are example pictures of LOA, I appreciate that.

(21 Jul '10, 21:33) Back2Basics

Useful answer. Thanks.

(14 Jan '12, 14:06) Alan Crabbe
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Hmm.. A very old question. Still, since it was brought back to the top I suppose I will respond to it.

If one is looking for 'proof' that this [or any other spiritual topic, such as faith healing] works there is a good chance they will be unable to find any.

For me when I find something that 'feels right' to me, something in my heart tells me I'm onto something. I don't think you should ever be trying to "prove" faith from the standpoint of a skeptic or an outsider, because that means you're just looking for something to believe in for its own sake, not because you believe in it.

As a result, if someone ever approaches me about any subject asking me to 'prove' myself or my beliefs to them, I ignore them. If a friend asks me to 'share' my abilities or beliefs, then I will gladly share with them and enjoy doing so.

As for stories of "proof", well.. There are infinite examples, each as easy to prove, disprove, and reprove endlessly. One can claim that any event that happens is because Jesus said so, and there is no way to prove or disprove this. Similarly, I could claim feats I've accomplished are because of Santa Clause, while others may believe they are the work of the LOA.

There is no reason to try and 'prove' our beliefs to anyone, because if our beliefs are true then others will be drawn to them naturally and follow our examples. If they are not, then there is no reason for others to be attracted in the first place. This is why I like the "lead by example" idea rather than the "preach your success stories until people listen" approach.


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I think a lot of people were drawn to the belief that the universe revolved around the earth or that opening an umbrella indoors is unlucky. People are drawn to beliefs for a number of reasons. Many go to psychics because of great loss and the desperate need for comfort and thanks to the work of James Randi and Derren Brown and their exposure of the use of cold reading and earpieces relaying information we are able to make a more informed choice on who and what to believe. Scientific proof is one way to uncover the truth and people ignore it because it threatens their belief system.

(14 Jan '12, 14:05) Alan Crabbe

A valid point, but "scientific" proof involves following the scientific method, and in matters of the spirit this is literally impossible.

Similarly, one cannot use the scientific method to prove that one is one's self.

I personally don't see a way to 'prove' anything spiritual.. If there was one, wouldn't there only be 1 religion?

(14 Jan '12, 22:02) Snow

well religion and spirituality are 2 different things leo. lets say that the apple has fall far from the tree. well i see one way to prove something spiritual you need to meditate or experience something spiritual. that is the best proof for your self. sore for scientist it would not ork because they need to be able to analyse it and reproduce the phenomena. and they could not show it to anny one else so even if they have the proof for them self they could not prove it to someone else.

(15 Jan '12, 02:37) white tiger
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I don't have any before and after pictures but to motivate myself I use Stanislavsky's acting method.

I think of my situation as one I need to act on the stage. What verbs and adverbs could I pick to show a character who wants to go to the gym but instead slips back into old habits. How could I play that part. I might watch telly, eat a snack, try on clothes in front of the mirror.

Then I will do the same with a character who is getting the weight off. I might put on my gym shoes, go for a walk, make a healthy snack and generally think about how I might portray that character to show that he/she is successfully losing weight or is a character that is turning their life around.

This works on many levels:

1.By looking at the least desired actions first it gives you the distance to decide if that is what you want for you

  1. By looking at the desired actions second you are left with a positive visualisation

  2. It seperates the actions from the emotions and enables you to see the actions clearly without the fog of feeling.


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