Hi all,

I´ve been into this stuff from about 1 and a half year, I must plain say it works. The terminology and theory of many authors/sources varies in shape but the undestanding basically (I believe) converges into the idea of that we experience a reality related to the state of being/frequency/vibration we are in; in other words, we get what we put out.

Creative visualization purpose is (from what I have researched) to get you the feeling, state of being of something you want to experience in physical reality. It seems that the most intense is the feeling/vibration or the more accurate the frequency we are tuned into of the thing we want to experience, the faster the manifestation occurs.

Now, because we live in a time-space reality, we are interested in knowing how much time elapses to manifest a given desired scenario or thing.

In your experience using visualization (or any other technique):

What relation you find between the intensity (or accuracy, if we talk about feelings/vibrations in terms of frequency) of the feeling you get AND the time which takes to the desired scenario (related to such frequency) to manifest physically?

asked 11 Feb '14, 21:47

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I think this is an excellent question, I never timed it actually. Plus big things I had tried for years, still waiting! LOL

(12 Feb '14, 00:13) Wade Casaldi

whenever you send out a wish you always get immediate feedback in some form or another ... for it to manifest into your reality usually takes a bit longer :)

(12 Feb '14, 01:46) jaz

@Tarkus - I am commenting here about your 11:11 question which was closed. You can find more information about this well known phenomena by googling : "what is the significance of 1111". Hopefully you will find the answers you seek.

(24 Nov '14, 20:51) i4cim2b

Thank you @i4cim2b, it's getting very weird to this point, no kidding.

(24 Nov '14, 23:44) Tarkus
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I've heard Abraham say that vibrational matches usually start showing up within 48-72 hours. And, from my own experiences, I'd say that time period is about right.

Bear in mind, however, that vibrational matches (and manifestations) - are really just changes in personal perception ...they don't really exist ...it's just about you deciding that something meaningful has happened in your reality and that meaning can be whatever you make it.

But coming back to a more mundane interpretation of your question :) ...often you can see vibrational matches pop up almost immediately or within a few hours if you are flowing energy towards a subject that you've never thought about before i.e. you have no resistance towards it already.

The most accurate correlation between the "offering of thought" and the "manifestation" comes about from your (default) Emotional Setpoint regarding the subject of your thought - and that is not time-driven...it takes as long as you decide to take to change your feelings.

See the Manifestation Zone arrow in the diagram below...

Manifestation Zone


answered 12 Feb '14, 03:39

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yes the time elapse depends on how liberated you are

(12 Feb '14, 05:16) jaz

I have noticed that I see really quick results in terms of "running into cheerful people" when I raise my vibration. If I lift my mood before going to the supermarket, for instance, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have a pleasant experience and bump into pleasant people. I don't really visualize this, though. (Of course, I have found that when I'm like gritting teeth VISUALIZING, I often wind up adding to my own resistance, inadvertently. So probably a lesson there for myself.)

(12 Feb '14, 18:53) corduroypower

@Stingray-i observed when i think some think i blocked its manifestation. why this occurs?

(25 Nov '14, 23:38) Zee
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That depends. I've had things manifest before I was done with my manifesting practice session. Some things within minutes. Most usually, the next day.

I'm now working on the biggest manifestation effort of my life. I've written a book that attempts to educate people about the oncoming mass extinction event of life on earth and how, by knowing WHAT we are and knowing how our powers work, we can save the earth and restore our society to sanity. I turned it over to the universe yesterday.

When it arrives will either confirm or reject the idea that there is no order of difficulty in miracles.


answered 01 Dec '14, 06:55

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