I am really trying to think positive, and sometimes my mind does wander to think negative thoughts but it is not initially, what it seems like is that my negative thoughts are manifesting. I know that I am what I think, but I do think positive, so what is going on. Sometimes I look at things that happen and I say how can I have thought a life of lack? When I am constantly want better.

I have so much that I need to do and accomplish and I know it’s positive thinking that will get me there. How do I win this battle of the mind? Why does a negative thought seem to suppress more than a positive one, is because deep down I really believe it to be true? I am reading great books and need help with thinking positive thoughts so I can begin manifesting great things.

How can I change my thinking? Some people seem like it so easy and I will like to manifest prosperity. I know I need to feel like I am, but how do I stay in this state of mind set at all times when it doesn’t seem that way. I know faith and belief is the key

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when mind knows we call it knowledge, when heart knows we call it love, when being knows we call it meditation - Osho

(26 Apr '13, 10:14) ru bis

I love Osho. Great quote ru bis! Another user & I refer to this as our beingness.

(27 Apr '13, 06:25) ele

if it be that 'i am that i am', then what i am is it that attracts even when unawares

(28 Apr '13, 05:32) fred
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Hi Evolme4412, thanks for this lovely question.

The physical world is a based on duality, the positive/negative, yin/yang, good/bad or however you choose to name it and in this reality it's important to maintain equilibrium between these two equal forces. If negative thoughts seem to manifest more than positive then it indicates an imbalance. To change you need to flip some of that yin energy into yang, or inversely flip some of that yang energy into yin so as to render the situation equal and neutral. We tend to think that negative is all bad and that positive is all good, in our reality positive and negative are equally important.

alt text

Here's an example;

"Imagine you're having a heated argument. We tend to become agitated when the other person begins to argue and this is quite natural. Unfortunately the heated energy is yang and when you respond with agitation, it's also heated yang energy and the whole situation gets off-balance.

To prevent the 'yang-yang' imbalance and regain the yin-yang balance stay silent for a moment and see what happens. You are introducing yin energy into the situation. In other words you're altering the whole state of the energy area by lowering the yang energy and gaining a harmonious equilibrium."

Here is a link explaining in more detail



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ru bis

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" To prevent the 'yang-yang' imbalance and regain the yin-yang balance stay silent for a moment " Love this & soo true. I never thought of the ying-yang connection before. Being still & breathing always helps dissipate negativity. Thanks for the link.

(27 Apr '13, 05:58) ele

@ru bis, Isn't it better if you're in yin-yin than yin-yang? Sorry for my ignorance...

(27 Apr '13, 09:37) Romel

Faith is what brings miracles. Now here is the thing, what do we owe our faith to?

What we hope for, we have faith in. What we fear, we really, really have faith in.

We wouldn't fear what we had no faith in. If we truely didn't believe in what we fear, we wouldn't fear what we fear.


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Our negative thoughts can be powerful and destructive. When they have been in your life for a long time, it's hard to break the pattern of negative thinking. It takes time and conscious awareness to make a change and break old habits. When making change, I'd also recommend decreasing your exposure to the amount of negative background thoughts you take in without thinking about it (like those put there by the media, negative friends, etc.). Be more conscious and aware of the things going on around you.

Faith, belief and intent. I believe intent can help here in affirming the positive life you wish to implement. I believe its more powerful for you, when you truly want to change your life for yourself and when you truly intend to live with positivity. Allow this to shine through and be patient, as changing your life will take time.

Positive thoughts can be powerful and constructive. The Spiderman saying that, 'with great power comes great responsibility' is true here.

Manifesting is more about allowing things to happen. If you're not able to allow them, then take a close look at yourself and figure out the deeper meaning within.

People are really good at showing you what they want you to see - don't always believe what you see to be true! Believe in yourself!!


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