As we are all energy, how important is diet and nutrition in the creating and manifestation process? Also, does taking synthetic chemicals slow or alter the ability to manifest?

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At non-physical level, this is totally unimportant.
However it is very important:

  • how does food influence your mood - so that you could be able to be in alignment with your desire
  • how does food influence your thinking processes - so that you could easily come up with your wishes and be able to visualize

Regarding the first dot, some food may have a serious negative effect on our health, as well as on our emotions. The influence can be also non-physical if it hurts your beliefs - for example if you are vegeterian and are forced to eat meat.

To answer your question, diet is important in preparing the "tool" (body), but doesn't have any impact on the "process" (mind).


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Excellent answers....Diet, Nutrition, and exercise appears to be of great importance. I would think it would be a challenge to visualize or focus if our attentions are directed towards ills and discomforts or if our electrolytes are not in balance. Lack of clarity and distortion of thoughts often come with improper fluid and nutritional intake. Exercise can give overall well being which would appear to assist in reaching a certain vibrational state.

(26 Jul '10, 16:44) GS415

In order to feel balanced we have to nurture our physical body as well as our mind and this is done through nutritious diet and exercise which helps us maintain optimal health in mind and body. When we are balanced we feel good and feeling good is a key component in manifesting what we want.

We are all energy but for this experience we chose to incarnate in physical form so to function at an optimal level I would say it is vitally important that we look after our physical body with the utmost care and attention. When we feel physically good our mental attitude is better and we are able to maintain focus easier. Our whole being is made up of body, mind and spirit and when all three are balanced our creative juices will flow much easier.


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According to "Abraham" if you are in alignment with the "Source" energy you can eat whatever you want and the body will use only what it needs and release the rest.


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@Drham: maybe so, but how many people can realistically achieve that level of connection?

(26 Jul '10, 16:17) Back2Basics

I understand you but the point is that what you think matters more than what you eat.

(26 Jul '10, 22:15) Drham

@Drham: If "Abraham" is giving out such advice, he needs to be very careful with statements like that. These type of statements need to be accompanied with much more detail, perspective, examples, scope, etc.

(26 Jul '10, 22:49) Back2Basics
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I think there is much more to exercise and nutrition in manifesting than we have given credit for. I can't help but noticing in so many manifesting articles I read, there is always so mention of healthy food, yoga, running, etc. Very rarely have I NOT seen healthy food and exercise as part of the manifesting process.

In other words, I believe it to be very important, probably even more important than I think it is right now....


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I don't think its crucial, but I think it can help. A lot would depend on your belief system as well, for example someone who frets a lot about 'polluting' their body with unhealthy stuff would obviously be more adversely affected by a bad diet or unhealthy foods than someone else who is more easy-going about it would be.

I think having a good diet and avoiding synthetic chemicals would make it much, much easier to manifest. But I also think it's possible, as Abraham says, to get to the point where it doesn't matter.

It's all individual. I think it's a good thing to be aware of your vibrational level and see how what you ingest affects it.

I don't think my diet is too bad. It's not super healthy, I eat what the average person in the UK eats - which isn't great, as the media constantly reminds us, but I tend to supplement daily with a few super foods, which makes a big difference.

The one area where I'm not so healthy however, is drinking. I'm still in my twenties, so that's fairly normal. But after I have had a heavy night of drinking, my emotions are out of whack for a while and meditation and manifestation take so much effort. Funnily enough, it doesn't affect me that much if I drink often but little (and by little, I mean up to 4 pints of beer over the period of a few hours. Enough to get tipsy but not drunk - I have a high tolerance). I did a stint of no drinking in January and thought that my vibrational level would sky-rocket but it stayed about the same as when I drink little and often.

Still, as I've gotten more into raising my vibrational level, eating healthy and not drinking so much has come more naturally to me.


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On an aside: I recently read in the book 'Telementation' that dark organic chocolate is great for helping you get into an optimum state for manifestation. Makes sense, because not only is it healthy, it's also known to boost your mood. So I bought an 85% chocolate, and I try to eat a few bars every day, I think it's helped, but it may do even more good long-term.

(01 Feb '12, 11:38) cassiopeia
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