I understand that it's not our job as people to know how what we want to happen will happen such as our desires. Sometimes when I try to be happy and or im in a bad mood I wonder if both the good and bad things in my life are part of the manifestation occurring. I wonder if the universe is trying to prepare me for what im asking for or is trying to get me aligned with it in some way? I have my ups and downs but eventually I get my desires in the end. I usually just stay in the present moment and try to do what motivates me and makes me feel good daily as much as possible. I usually don't think too much about something that I want to do that's enjoyable as long as it's not destructive (I just do it). I wonder if it's all for the good when things seem to go wrong in my life or when I get irritated by something or someone. Im also asking if the universe brings both good and bad moments into your life in order for you to reach your desires when you really let go and let the universe take over your life.

Basically I would like to know if i'm doing something wrong when things seem to go wrong or if it's all part of the manifestation occurring.


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Jacob Ford

I think it's all part of the manifestation and that actual wrong isn't plausible.

I think because we, or I, tend to bring some conflict to some of what is desired, the universe is, for lack of a better word, patient. As perceived wrong is part of that experience, and likely a symptom of the conflict, then universe is patient while that is worked through. Of course spirit guides are ready and willing to assist, if asked, in dealing with those conflicts and perceived wrongs.


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perhaps the overall plan has limits for how far personal desires be allowed to distort the momentum of where and how we fit

(23 Jul '13, 05:24) fred

yes, it does ! Jut two short personal experiences: A few years ago i met an amazing man. Through some what seemed to be contrary to my being in love with him, i had to live the country for a while. I was living in one of my friends house for a while; i love reading so i browsed through his library and found a book called "Five days in PARIS" a beautiful love story. It fired a very strong desire for me to be with this man in Paris and mostly not just be there but experience deep, sweet shared love. Time passed, events seemed so much contrary to my wish, in fact i even forgot about it. Anyway, to make my story short after a while, my strong deep wish came true: we went to Paris for five amazing days and have a great relationship. This year i kept on watching Adele's video "Someone like you" with the same deep longing of being with my man again in Paris. I was not even trying to attract, it just moved me very strongly. We did go to London, where from the taxi i could see somehow similar places, those bridges over the river and was thinking that again my wish came "almost true". However, after a few days, unexpectedly, honestly i never planned it, we flew to Paris and walked on the same streets i was watching in Adele's video. I had thought London was the manifestation of my desire, but NO, the real place i wanted to be and most importantly the blissful feeling of happiness i desired came true ! Mmmmmm, i just learnt a lesson in patience. There are a lot of other personal experiences in the manifestation of my desires, some of them long before i even knew about the Law of attraction. What i can say is that when i look back what i really remember is the powerful feeling within me, it was not anticipation, not even visualization, just a deep pure desire of experiencing that amazing feeling of being there, happy, free, so much in love, shared love, shopping, eating in the little restaurants, all this delicious mix of sensations and feelings. And i had those feelings when i read the book and watched the video ! I did not try to build them up, i did not force them... they were so honest so overwhelming... On the other hand there were other things that i tried to manifest when i became aware of the law of attraction and it did not work ! Really, i am not disappointed, i am sooooooo thankful for what i have been blessed with. The amazing thing is that when i started to shift my mental dynamics from frustration and sadness to being thankful a lot of other aspects of my life started to change for the better: 1. my physical appearance, my face took a different countenance 2. my finances improved. Real shift: instead of feeling guilty for spending money or fearful for not having enough, the first thing i did was to be grateful for having them, for spending them and actually in word and feelings bless everything i bought ! I know, it might sound a bit stupid to you readers of this forum but this is exactly what i did and i did not even know at that time about the LOA. I became financially better. 3. This feeling of money circulating freely created a much more interesting situation: i changed my work ( not without the anxiety and fear of the unknown, i have to admit that at certain moments it was difficult), in fact i was paid much better then before. I had realized that with the job i had before i wouldn't have been financially able to get the things and experiences i wanted. However, i want to make it very clear that i did my work as well as i possibly could. 4. The interesting thing is that part of my wonderful experiences of life were not according to how much i earned, while others were so wonderful because i prepared the personal background for them: took care of my health, my appearance and the kind of energy i put out in the world through my appearance and mental dynamics, behavior, joy of life. It was not always easy but that feeling of being a blessing for others and my own self, the feeling of physical and mental freshness, vitality, energy was like a fountain i wanted to drink from more and more. I am not always like this, i have my moments when i am fearful and anxious and doubtful but i do not allow it to overpower me. I learnt not to be afraid of my negative feelings but try to understand why i have them AND WORK ON ELIMINATING THE CAUSE THAT PRODUCED THEM, NOT JUST THE FEELINGS. I know this is a long answer. The question needs not a simplistic answer in my opinion and i hope i could inspire with it. It comes from my own personal, humble experience. Wish you all vibrant physical and psychological energy.


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I think that it does!

In 2004, my ex-husband got a new job. Unbeknownst to me, the company required him to live in his new territory- which presented a problem. Our daughter, Kimberly, was in a very important computer tech program for her A+ certification on computers. She was going into her senior year in High School, and was also very involved with band- and especially, with Josh, who was also in band, and later became her husband. I did not want to uproot her from her last year in school, so John decided to get an apartment in Texas, and commute between our home in Mississippi and there. The plan was to sell our home after Kim graduated, and move to Texas; at least, that was what John told me. Actually, he had found a very clever way to move out, and began sneaking his stuff to Texas.

I began praying hard for a resolution to the pain this change caused me. I felt all the time that I was living only when John was home, and just existing when he was not. Oh, how I prayed to be loved! But I stayed loyal to John, despite three men who all seemed interested in me. This was when I met Wade online- we were both students in a very advanced Reiki Program based in Germany, and a lot of our emails had to do with that. I thought Wade was sweet, but I never thought of him as a potential mate at all. We started exchanging spiritual and metaphysical emails to each other as well. God and the Universe were moving, only I could not see it at the time.

I journaled a lot at this time, prayed on paper constantly, begging God to help me.

John got to be friends with his neighbor,and then, more than friends... and I was oblivious. You have to know that my skill at denial was tremendous, and that I trusted John. Boy, was I dumb. Looking back, all the signs were there.

Then Katrina hit on August 29, 2005, and I went through it mostly alone, and the recovery period after, without John there to help. The storm destroyed my roof, and three holes were punched right through the roof- one in the office, one in the kitchen, and one in the master bathroom. John "let" me and Kim shelter in his apartment in Dallas until the power was restored in Mississippi in September. I should say that coping with the barrels under the holes, which filled with rainwater was very trying; coping with the destruction of Biloxi, which was only 15 minutes from my house was also hard, as I was commuting to work on the only bridge left into Biloxi every day, and the traffic and experience were horrible; and having to deal with a very damaged house, and a community blown to bits by Katrina was awful-my WalMart was damaged, and often was short on food and necessities until the trucks could get through.

All of it sucked. And where was John? Floating in the pool at his home in Dallas with his girlfriend. BTW, he never told his girl, Laura, that he was married- instead, he told her he was divorced. Nice guy, eh? Then I realized that I could not depend on John to bother getting the house fixed. I filed FEMA papers on my own, and when the money came fourteen months later, John showed up and sort of repaired the roof. (The ceiling to the office recently fell in...It was not done right.) He would not allow me to get professional roofers or interior repairmen- he wanted as much of that grant money as he could get his hands upon...

alt text

alt text

Aerial shot of Biloxi after Katrina

alt text

What was left of the bridge I was supposed to take to Work- between Ocean Springs and Biloxi

alt text

What I drove by in Biloxi on my way to work

Sorry about the digression- I have PTSD about this, and I wanted you to know that God was moving through all of this. Wade and I were becoming friends online, and it was so very nice to have a friend, especially a Christian one. (John thinks spirituality is a bunch of bunk.)

John finally asked for a divorce in 2007, and I thought my world had shattered. A lot of bad stuff happened after that- I was raped, bit by a copperhead- you name it, it went wrong. At this point, I expected everything to go wrong. Wade was trying to show me that I was getting what I expected. But the Universe was still moving. Wade told me about IQ in 2009, and I signed up. By this point, Wade and I had a lot to talk about, and we began communicating daily. After I joined IQ, sometime about 2010, I developed that bad infection in my right leg. I still was not divorced, so legally, John was called when they thought I was going to die. The doctors were shocked at his attitude, and that he only spent a day with me. The leg required 26 surgeries, and the bill was $750,000 for that...

alt text

My leg when about half the reconstruction was done.

But the Universe was very much still moving, and all my prayers had certainly been heard. IQ was getting to me, and helped me change my thinking. (Thank you, Stingray!) (And God Bless Wade's enormous patience with me- I was a pretty negative person, and he helped me change.)

Wade and I finally developed a romantic relationship online and then Skype, too. In 2011, I asked him if we had a romance going. He replied that we had not even met in person, so how could that be? Mind you, we were spending eight to ten hours a day on the phone...! I got pissed, and answer was to fly up to Pennsylvania to meet him (LOL), and the Universe moved to its final intention. I moved in permanently with Wade in May 2011, and now I am being loved the way I prayed to be loved for so many years. So, YES! Big things can start long before we even know we consciously even Intend them.

Love to you all,



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