I'm struggling to understand something. Although this question is obviously open to everyone, I wonder if input from @Stingray (thank you in advance, Stingray! :) ) would be helpful as my assumptions are based on his answers to posts.

From what I understand, I can draw the following conclusions about manifesting:

  1. If you request something and feel bad from noticing that it is still not there, it is a manifestation killer.
  2. However, you cannot live in two realities in the same time: the physical plane and the world where you have what you want.
  3. So you should just visualize what you want for the fun of having it, not caring if it will show up. The idea is that universe will match your vibration.
  4. You can also "play" with reality, and see what manifestations show up.

Before I get to the question, here's some information that might be help: I have abuse in my background, and survived it by "escaping" and living in a world of my own creation. While that helped me survive, when I left the bad situation things were hard because I would miss real life cues. Things got better when I stopped creating in my head and lived in the Now. Here's an example: I used to feel I could not trust my own senses. When I was in the bad situation, I numbed out what was happening in front of me by believing I was in a spaceship, etc., etc. Anywhere but there. However, when I finally out of the bad situation, I had a hard time believing my eyes that if I saw no one behind me, I could relax a bit and the likelihood something bad would happen would be pretty low. It took a long time to live in the Now and realized that the physical plane could be trusted a bit and wasn't so bad.

I only somewhat recently discovered manifesting and it's been exciting to see things show up in real life. I'd like to exercise my skills and "play" with reality and test to see if it works. However, when I don't recieve something and feel bad about it, I am concerned that visualizing will send me back into my "escape mechanism" world. On the other hand, when I am in the Now, I do feel the pain of the stuff I want not having shown up yet.

So here's my question: If I feel the gap from not having received stuff living on the physical plane, should I just not release the bad feeling until I don't care using the Sedona Method (reaching "hootlessness"), EFT, and the like?

Or should I ignore the bad feeling and visualize? (with or without Focus Blocks?)

Or should I do both?

Or is there something to visualization I am missing? That what visualizing is is actually different from what I used to get out of the abusive situation?

Or am I completely off the mark and there's a part of the process that I just missed?

Eager to hear everyone's answers and thank you all again in advance!

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Well, I am not 100% sure about this but from my understanding your end-goal is still to just feel better at the end. When you visualize, you are actually trying to make yourself feel better. Did you miss out on this question on visualization also? Maybe it will make it clearer: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1269/is-visualization-a-key-component-in-the-manifesting-process

(04 Dec '12, 07:41) kakaboo

Oh! I did! But it was a great post, thank you! Would it be all right to ask a confirming question?

I'd like to be financially independent and imagined it. However, it hurts that the money isn't here yet, I'm scared to check the bank account & I'm here eating ramen. If I was financially independent, I wouldn't be scared to check the account and I'd be eating a restaurant.

It sounds from the post that I should just focus on feeling good in other areas, and ignore the feelings about the ramen?

(04 Dec '12, 12:26) searcher

@searcher I didn't write that answer so I am not sure about that. @Stingray would be better to answer that. From what I understand, even if you have no money in the bank and you feel scared at the moment, you just have to find some way to feel better(positive emotions) about this particular situation. Only then will your situation change. Sounds easy yet difficult at the same time :)

(04 Dec '12, 19:44) kakaboo
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I've been mulling over the intent behind your question and I think you might be being a little unfair to yourself by describing your past approach of "living in a world of my own creation" as though it was a bad thing.

There's nothing particularly real about reality anyway...it's all just a vibrational snapshot in time...so all realities are valid :)

You've already discovered a method for yourself that has worked for you in the past when dealing with painful issues, and I wouldn't dismiss it as an "escape mechanism" just because others here, such as me, use different approaches.

There's a great little phrase (based on a biblical quote, I believe) that sums up nicely an excellent vibrational stance to live your life from...

"Be in the world, but not of it"

In other words, allow the physical world around you to inspire desires to focus upon (because that's the ultimate value of having desire) but then take those new desires and play with them in your own reality in your own unique way.

I don't see it as a bad thing at all that you have been able to shut out the physical world and retreat to your better-feeling world because, really, isn't that what deliberate creating is mostly about? ...making a different reality more dominant vibrationally than your current one, until the current one morphs into something else.

To answer your question in a nutshell, there are two essential requirements to living a continuously joyful/happy life...and it's nothing really to do with the physical "stuff" you have accumulated...

1. Be happy where you are

2. Be eager for more

How you fulfill those two requirements is entirely up to you...there's a gazillion different approaches out there in the world you could utilize.

But if you want to deliberately use the approach of visualization then, as @kakaboo has already said, you've got to enjoy your visualizing. If you're not enjoying it then there is no point doing it because visualizing doesn't create what you want anyway.

In that case, you are better off just finding something else, anything, in your life to be happy about and the physical manifestations will take care of themselves.


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@stingray, @kakaboo, @Bedazzled & @LeeAnn, thank you all so much! I don't know how or what but I was going over all your answers and suddenly, something just clicked. Like, I get it. I don't really know how I got it, but I just do. Like somehow I just...need to be in the world but not of it. :) I don't know if I can explain it to someone else, but I somehow just get it. Least I think I do. I guess this is the way the Universe works...? :)? In any case, thank you all so very, very much!

(09 Dec '12, 08:11) searcher

BTW, @stingray, I get what you mean by not poo-poohing the "escape mechanism thing" but it seemed to be diametrically opposed to "being in the world." Like, I would walk into oncoming traffic because I didn't trust my senses. Somehow, though, it all came together recently: if I don't like something, I just use that to fuel the next desire rocket and make sure I'm mostly happy other times. Material stuff is just a focus for happy. That sound right? :)?

(09 Dec '12, 08:15) searcher

@searcher - It sounds about right to me :) Something to bear in mind is that the only "sense" worth cultivating is your emotional "sense" - the five traditional senses will take care of themselves - because in having a well-developed emotional sense, it doesn't matter what you do in a "real" reality or an "escape" reality, it will simply not feel right if it is not in your best interests. For most, walking into oncoming traffic would probably not feel too good and so they wouldn't do it :)

(10 Dec '12, 03:56) Stingray

@stingray - Good point. I think I'm still learning, but getting there. :) Thank you again! :)

(13 Dec '12, 03:33) searcher
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Ignoring the bad feelings regarding a manifestation and using visualization to feel better only invites those bad feelings [resistance] to re-surface at another time until they are cleaned up, this is counter-productive because resistance must always be cleared first and foremost, before any visualization exercise is implemented, when a person is engaged in a visualization without having cleared up any or all resistance around a given subject or intention, the visualization is at most ineffective, this is because during the visualization they are consciously aware of the absence of their desire, or they are looking at their desire from a ''future'' perspective which keeps it in a future reality in which it doesn't manifest. Another mistake is believing visualization is the creation process, which causes a person to force themselves to visualize as often as possible believing the manifestation will happen faster, resulting in attachment to a certain outcome, thus ''checking'' and always noticing that the ''stuff'' is not there yet. I've gone through all of this personally a few years ago and the simplest method was under my nose the whole time, dissolving all resistance through practicing the art of letting go and allowing. The biggest impediment with visualization is resistance, as long as it's there the focus cannot be pure, fully felt, or held for long periods of time, there is no pure energy or a positive vibrational match, just mixed signals which are ineffective. After resistance around any given subject is dissolved from the practice of letting go and allowing, a visualization will have more powerful positive momentum behind it, adding more clarity, as well as a pure vibrational match, this is way more effective. Since the desire is created during it's first launch, visualization really isn't necessary, just letting go [releasing] and allowing a desire will bring it's manifestation, however, if you want to truly be engaged and enjoy your visualizations, it is best to clear all resistance first to reap the full benefits of the practice.


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Well, I care about what I'm requesting. I don't agree that you can't care whether it comes or not. It's disingenuous. Of course you care! If you didn't, you wouldn't be putting in the request to begin with! I don't believe you have to be coy with the Universe. Put your request in and sit back and watch and wait for it to show up. Have faith that the Universe will deliver it in its own time. Be patient, but keep watching and waiting for it to show up, because if you do, it will!


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Bedazzled, I completely agree, and that method has worked so well with me all these years.

(04 Dec '12, 08:29) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn, yes! I have told my kids to look at it like you're getting a delivery from UPS. You don't know when it's coming, but you're secure in the knowledge that it IS coming, so you're watching and waiting for it to arrive.

(04 Dec '12, 09:12) Bedazzled

Hi, @Bedazzled & @LeeAnn! Thank you for your responses. I sort of feel the same way as you do, so I got confused about what I was reading about "wanting"/"needing" killing the manifestation, hence my post. How do you guys personally then deal with the doubt that it might not come/increase the trust that it will come? So sick of student loans, this recession and $.30 ramen...

(04 Dec '12, 12:34) searcher
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I think number 2 is causing confusion.

Yes, you cannot live in two realities at once, but ALL realities are just ENERGY.

Be in the Energy you like (Appreciation, Joy, Laughter - NOW) and that will be the reality you keep choosing Now. The external world (physical), will keep reflecting that internal vibe/frequency/energy, giving you the things you want.

You don't even have to worry about the specifics. Relax, let Law of Attraction/God/Source be your Manager.

The Vibe comes first then the physical - find any reason to feel Appreciation, Abundance Now, so that you stay in that energy creating a reality of that energy.


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Hi! This is a very late reply but I just found this topic and it is what exactly I am (or I was)! I have been looked up for the solution for a few weeks and I can sum up into these things. I don't know whether these are correct / effective or not but I can feel the power of them that change my thought and my feeling. So I would like to share to you and questers.

For me, i think the reason that you can visualize vividly but you don't get it in reality is because..

  1. You don't accept yourself enough - You have to love and accept both good and bad in you. (maybe it is better to use the term 'something that you are not' instead of the term 'bad') You don't realize how good you are and how far you have come yet. You have to love yourself and you situation right now more. If now it is not good as you expect, it is not the end yet.
  2. You don't believe in the power within you enough - Maybe you are very happy during the visualization but sad when you come back to reality. This is maybe because you don't believe the power within you right now to link between what you are now and what you want.
  3. You have some detachment from what you visualize - I have been visualized for a long time and it happened automatically even before I know that it is called 'visualization' in the law of attraction. But I just found that there is a detachment between the reality and the world I am created. This is maybe because I study acting and all actors know that that is the imagination. - I think visualize is good but you have to feel like you, the real you right now, is in that world. If you think about it separately from the reality like actors, your subconscious won't believe it and then your vibration is still the same as what you are now.

I am just a newbie and this is just what I get from looking around this website for my own solution (Thanks all questers :D) and I am trying applying them. Please comment if there is something needed to be corrected.

Also this topic is posted long time ago, so please share how you are now and what you have discovered along the way :D


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