Bashar says that one should always and in every moment do what excites him the most. So far, so good.

Now he also says that anxiety is excitement too, but excitement with judgement.

So does that mean that one should always do that thing that he is most afraid of? I don't get the idea.

Let's say i think about taking a walk, because it excites me the most at the moment. While walking I come to a bridge that looks very unstable. It seems as if one could probably die if he risks walking across that bridge.

Does that according to Bashar mean that one should do what excites him (with judgement) the most and walk over the bridge?

Bashar - Acting on Your Excitement

Anxiety and Excitement (are the same energy) ~Bashar

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Why anyone would take the advice of a guy claiming to speak for what sounds like a Scottish alien from the future is beyond me. Bashar says "have no expectations". So it doesn't matter if the bridge collapses and you drown because that is what your "oversoul" wanted you to do. Bashar's philosophy is not in any way shape or form a practical guide to life. He never claims that you will generate any result from his recommendations, he explicitly says you shouldn't care what happens.

(31 Jan '13, 00:17) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer- Whilst many may immediatly critisise your comments, observationally you seem to be very correct- he doesn't care what happens to you physically, it's all about being in the state of being.

Ironically, being in the happy state of being, doing whatever you can to get happy, manifests what you want.

(31 Jan '13, 01:35) Nikulas

@Nikulas Exactly.

(31 Jan '13, 02:08) releaser99

Does it? Or does it just manifest the "state of being"? Because the "state of being" is all that matters... and it's what you really wanted anyway... and don't forget not to have any expectations! I'm sorry but I cannot take him at all seriously. Next to him, Abraham sounds like the most down to earth, practical cloud of ancient spirits downloading ideas into a woman's mind there is.

(31 Jan '13, 02:51) flowsurfer

@Cory @Stingray Do you have an opinion on that?

(31 Jan '13, 17:13) releaser99

I wonder why people bother to offer their negative comments on subjects they know nothing about and have no interest in?

(01 Feb '13, 02:55) Eddie

@Eddie I believe it is a form of insecurity. They justify why it is safe to NOT believe in something or to NOT learn about something. But at the same time they are not really sure (insecure). So posting negative commments allows them to sometimes get validation for their comments/belief (if nobody argues or if one validates negative comment directly), so insecurity becomes solved. Thus they feel relief. But if someone argues... it is a new opportunity to find more ways to defend their belief. :)

(01 Feb '13, 08:31) releaser99

@Releaser99 - The mind can attach a negative outcome (anxiety) to actions taken out of the Vortex. When your in the Vortex you can do no wrong. Following your highest excitement works best when your in the Vortex because those actions have to serve you. If I'm not feeling good I wont take any action. I would use a process to feel better first. For instance if some pisses you off and your not feeling good following your highest excitement might be to punch them. Lol.

(01 Feb '13, 12:18) Satori

@Releaser99 - I could be wrong but this is what seems to work for me. Hope this helps:) Vortex first, then everything else :)

(01 Feb '13, 12:19) Satori

@Satori The question that bothers me is, how do you know how to interpret something as being a limiting belief that kicked you out of the vortex or a "tug" from your higher self? Is the tug weaker than the limiting belief? Doesn't the tug kick you out of the vortex?Does it feel like just a slight form of anxiety? How would you describe the feeling? But i think you are right. I will now first get into the vortex. I'm currently experimenting with new techniques so i forget to get into the vortex:)

(01 Feb '13, 12:33) releaser99

@Releaser99- Years ago I was driving my brother to a nightclub to meet up with a friend. We were almost there and then he suddenly changed his mind. "Take me home he said". When I quizzed him about later it, he said he got a strong uneasy feeling about going out. He said he just knew with certainty that was the action to take.We found out next day that the friend he was going to meet up with was badly beaten up by a gang and was in hospital...

(01 Feb '13, 13:00) Satori

@Releaser99 - If my brother had been there he would have been hurt also. Although this action didn't feel good it still served him. Is this the Tug you refer to? If it is then you will just know it :) As Bashar says forget what you think you need to know. You will know it when you need to. Hope this helps Releaser:)

(01 Feb '13, 13:02) Satori

@Satori Interesting story. You are right. I'm just too much in thinking mode. This is all too analytical. But higher self isn't analytical. It probably has gazillion emotional and intuitive facets to offer. Thanks!

(01 Feb '13, 13:07) releaser99

@Releaser99 - Glad to have helped in some way:)

(01 Feb '13, 13:22) Satori

@Satori - yes, prior to the word Vortex, Abraham simply used the term Good-Feeling place. I agree regardless of the words/terms used :)

(01 Feb '13, 20:37) Eddie
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I have also found this concept from Bashar confusing. The way I eventually managed to understand it for myself was to consider Abraham's viewpoint of the same idea.

Abraham state that how you interpret the "call of Source" varies depending on where you currently are on the emotional scale regarding that subject. Take a look at How can you identify if your actions are inspired from the universe or not? for an explanation of this idea.

This means to me that you cannot really compare an "excitement-with-judgement" activity and "excitement" activity directly. It would be like comparing apples with oranges.

So what you need to do to see how much "excitement" there really is within an "excitement with judgement" activity is to unpack the judgement first.

By doing this unpacking, the activity just becomes an excitement-only activity...or, in Abraham terminology, you take the resistance out of the activity i.e. move it to neutral or above on the vibrational scale.

For example, I might feel really anxious because I need to file my taxes because I'm really worried the tax authorities might come after me if I'm late (excitement with judgement). But also, I might really want to go out to a party that night and socialize with friends (excitement).

At that exact moment, my anxiety about my taxes might be "greater" than my excitement about going to the party.

So, if I was following Bashar's methodology, what I would do would be to first unpack the judgement about filing my taxes (i.e. feel better about the subject using, say, a Focus Block). From that non-resistant place, I might then find that I can now clearly see that doing my taxes will take me less time than I originally party time now feels more exciting...and off out I go :)

With Abraham's metaphysical paradigm, this comparison of excitement against excitement-with-judgement tasks doesn't occur because Abraham's philosophy is 'Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else'.

And when you are Vortex-aligned, any action you feel like doing is the right action :)


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Thank you very much @Stingray.

(08 Feb '13, 23:06) releaser99

Speaking from a practical standpoint, in which I actually do live my life based upon doing what excites me the most in every moment. I’ll simply say: when you keep it simple it does work in the way Bashar explains.

Bashar says something like:

‘Act upon your excitement to the best of your ability in every moment, taking it as far as you can; and then act on the next thing that excites you...'

Whatever you write as an example is hypothetical, so no actual choice really exists from that perspective. At the time that an actual situation arises, then, in that moment, a choice becomes available to you and not before. Endless details about something will stop you from actually doing it.

Using the bridge analogy: at the actual moment of encountering the choice, then, in that moment, how you feel (discernment) will guide you in either choosing to cross the bridge or finding an alternative route. It’s that simple; bearing in mind that had you been following your excitement, and listening to your guidance, then a different route would probably have been taken prior to reaching a dodgy bridge.

The energy you’re experiencing at all times is the same energy. As a physical being you’re constantly filtering that energy through your definitions and beliefs; without them you’d feel nothing!

When you feel excited about something it’s because you love it. You love it because at some level of your being it represents who you are. When you feel anxiety (which is fear) about something, it’s because you’ve defined it through a negative belief. And now each time that kind of thing pops into your life you experience anxiety.

That tells you that by redefining it and thus believing something else, you’ll feel better about it.

That’s why Bashar talks about Excitement and Anxiety being of the same energy, like Positive and Negative, like Fear and Love. The only difference is how you define it and that’s the reflection you’ll get.

Why would anyone want to do what they’re afraid of unless it is a life threatening situation?


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Thank you @Eddie I understand that my example is hypothetical and that intuition (listening to higher self) is a "moment to moment" thing. However does this in practical terms mean 1. Anxiety is fear/negative belief. Remove negative belief first and then listen to your intuition? 2. Or listen to your intuition first? Try to distinguish between the fear you feel (because of negative belief) and your intuitions message?

(01 Feb '13, 08:09) releaser99

@Eddie Also Bashar says that you feel a tug when you shouldn't do something or go along a specific path. I'm still testing these ideas and i'm not sure if i can distinguish between my intuitions tug and my anxiety because of a limiting belief that i have. What is your practical experience? Does one get sensitized by time so he is able to feel the difference?.... (Btw i've checked out your site. You have a great blog!)

(01 Feb '13, 08:11) releaser99

@release99 - I believe you're being far too detail oriented :) All that we write are merely words that can point towards a certain direction. However, it's action in living what's being said that brings you to the point of knowing, absent any descriptive word.

In general, do what it takes to get yourself to a good-feeling place, and from there simply do what you love doing. This leads to the next thing and so on. Feeling good and living your excitement Now brings all good things, SURE ♥

(01 Feb '13, 20:31) Eddie

The feeling of anxiety you get is when you’re doing something that society or you believe is wrong and you’re about to get caught doing it, say by a policeman. Like speeding in your vehicle or smoking a joint. Or when things are not going well in your relationship and your partner is about to dump you and you define and believe that that is somehow bad.

(01 Feb '13, 20:32) Eddie

Personally, I practice present moment awareness. There are no challenges Now, challenges only exist in time and that’s created by your mind. By staying focused in the present, all answers and solutions will naturally flow into your awareness from or via your higher self. Therefore, ask your question to yourself, stay present Now, and the answer that’s already in the Now will enter your conscious awareness :)

(01 Feb '13, 20:32) Eddie

@Eddie Great tips! Thank you very much.

(01 Feb '13, 21:25) releaser99

@Eddie- Warm pleasure to see you again!

Regards to your last comment here; really? If I have a question (about anything), and I need my Higher self to assist, is a practical way to do that to get into a calm, clear head space and wait for the answer to flow in? You've also used 'being in the NOW.' Do you reckon Ekhart Tolle would be, if he desired, a master manifester in that case?

(06 Feb '13, 07:55) Nikulas

Hi Nikulas, warm regards to you as well my friend.

To really get this it's helpful to understand the nature of reality creation, manifesting, time, excitement, vibration etcetera. I clarify these things using as few details as I can get away with on my website :)

Do you really believe that Ekhart Tolle is any less of a master manifester than you are?

(06 Feb '13, 08:38) Eddie

@Eddie- Thankyou. All my love to you, your website keeps sucking me in hehe

(06 Feb '13, 09:58) Nikulas

@Nikulas, @Eddie - Just wanted you to know I watched an Eckhart video from the library a few days ago, and he made some comments that showed he definitely knows about manifesting. Something to the effect of "Once you are happy and joyous in the now, great things will start happening in your material reality, because the external is merely/always a reflection of the internal." First time I have ever heard him say something like that, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

(07 Feb '13, 01:11) lozenge123
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It is very interesting that I get very deeply insightful answers from my higher self a few days after I ask a question on IQ.

I think I know how this all works now. But it came to me on such a deep level of emotional understanding that I must decode the emotional message first into human language. So I can tell it others properly and without coming across too boring or too much like Abraham or Bashar. I don't know if I'm able to do it, but I'll try. It is very similar to your answer @Stingray. The day before you wrote your answer the following insight came to me at a party (I was sober:).

The first basic insight is the following.

The only job of higher self is to get you in the direction of full alignment (vortex/best feeling place) in every moment in time no matter what negative judgments/beliefs you have.

Higher self is always helping in e-v-e-r-y single situation in every moment and in every second in life. Higher self doesn't care how you feel. He doesn't care if you are in the vortex or not. He helps always, no matter what.

Higher self doesn't care which limiting beliefs you have.

ffalt textff

However having that said higher self prefers that you "unpack" or remove your negative judgement/limiting belief/negative feeling first.

The reason is that the process of removing the negative first before doing something gives higher self more options to guide you so you can move on into alignment faster. Otherwise higher self would only detour a little bit (more minutes, hours, days, weeks or years) to bring you into alignment.

So i would rephrase Bashar's sentence. I would say "Anxiety = excitement with negative judgements or beliefs that slow down good stuff from higher self." But negative judgments never stop your higher self recommending to you the best possible options in every situation.

The only job of higher self is to get you in the direction of full alignment in every moment in time no matter what negative judgments/beliefs you have.

He always takes what he has (negative and positive beliefs) and gives you the best he can in every situation.

I would say it is similar to a job of a hairdresser. He takes what he gets and tries to do the best with the material he gets. If someone has a deformed head, he tries to form a hair cut that suits the person best. If someone has a high forehead he tries to create a haircut that suits the person best.

Another analogy would be that of a cook (higher self). You want to have a tasty meal? Give your cook high quality ingredients (beliefs) and he will do great things with it very fast. Your cook (higher self) is the best cook in the whole universe.

ffalt textff

But if you give him a limited amount of ingredients, he has only limited possiblities to give you what you want or even more. If you give him good ingredients he will give you more than you expect. However while serving you the lesser great meals he will always try to seduce and talk you into giving him better ingredients. Because he knows how to cook good meals. And you only know how good meals taste. Therefore you have a more limited imagination of how fantastic meals could taste.

You don't know how how to cook them. You can imagine how a tasty meal would probably taste. But you don't know the whole range of millions of different combined tastes and spices. So the cook will balance and mix those ingredients in a way that will blow your mind if you eat the meal/the end result of his cooking.

Even if you were in a state of grief or desperation, your higher self would provide you with the best possible options considering all your limiting beliefs.

(Btw my higher self gave me the message that he loves it that I belief that higher self exists at all. This belief makes his job a lot easier.)

How do you know which options your higher self gives you? Or how do you know what your higher self tells you?

You know it simply by taking the path of least resistance. You take the path that feels best (or less negative) in every situation.

ffalt textff

Let's look at two possible scenarios now.

First I will take my example of my initial question.

If I would come to a bridge that looked unstable and if I were afraid of walking across, I would just... turn back.:)

There is a turkish proverb that I like very much and that suits very well here.

“No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road... turn back”

But if I came to the unstable bridge and I would feel good or better than considering the option of turning back...I would walk across that bridge. So I would know that it would be the right road or way.

How do you know which way is wrong and which way is right? Do you ask your logic or common sense? Do you make a list of advantages and disadvantages first? Do you ask a wise man? Do you ask the Wizard of Oz or do you ask a question on IQ? Or do you call someone that you trust, probably a friend, lover, a family member or some so called expert?


You just feel into your solar plexus/chest and stomach area and choose the option that feels best (or less negative). It's simple as that.

The thing that is called "common sense" is just bs. Forget completely about it. It is idiocy. It is worthless.

There is no reason to over-analyze something or to think rational. Just feel into your body and choose what feels better from all options you have (or less negative) in every moment in time.

So let's say you are depressed and suicidal. If your emotions (guidance from higher self) tell you to kill yourself, it is absolutely OK to do it. Just do it, as Nike says :).

alt text

Because your higher self knows that you have huge limiting beliefs and that it is impossible to guide you otherwise. Death means full alignment the easy way in a state of deep depression. (If I sound to harsh for you, remember that everything in this world is neutral and that this is only your judgement that makes those words harsh.)

The second huge insight for me is... that your higher self knows that you know that your limiting beliefs are limiting you.

And higher self also knows that on a logical level you know that other options than recommended from higher self could be more beneficial. However he recommends only the options that are available considering your current limiting beliefs.

So let's say you were suicidal, depressed and you knew on a logical level that it would be beneficial to you to find a job, find a loving partner and so on. However your higher self would know that seeking a job in your local newspaper would be more than you and your current limiting beliefs could handle. You would move out of alignment even more if you would take action this way.

Higher self doesn't like that. Higher self likes feeling good. Higher self likes taking easy steps that feel better in every moment.

So for you in this depressive state it could feel better just to do nothing or badmouth other people that have a job. "I hate these capitalist mofos that work 9 to 5 every day!":).

Higher self likes easy steps that lead you more in the direction of alignment. There is no need to struggle. But if you want to make the job of higher self easier you must connect to your feelings first before doing anything at all.

Just ingore your logical mind and don't try to reason it with reasonal, logical, common sense thinking. This is bullshit. Period.

Feeling is your higher selfs only language. Logic and common sense is your higher selfs obstacle.


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Excitement with judgement ... for me this means judging the consequences of our actions which is always relative to the situation ... for example, no one in their right mind would jump out of a window 6 stories up, however in a life threatening situation people instinctively jump out of windows at such a height to escape certain death from fire ... let's face it, in reality we all live on a knife edge, whether we realize it or not, our life is at risk every second, no one can guarantee to be still physically present tomorrow ... having said that, all is possible in the imagination, we can die, be born, be reincarnated, be superman if we choose, so long as we keep a level head ... in between these two extremes it is a matter of personal judgement and choice ... some enjoy the excitement of being a military in an intensive combat zone others prefer the excitement of working in an insurance office ... both have free will to choose.


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blubird two


Thanks @blubird two How do i know if my judgement is right? Aren't our feelings our guides? How can one distinguish between a valid anxiety and a non-valid anxiety if they both feel the same?

(31 Jan '13, 07:02) releaser99

the answer by don just about sums it up, that is, judgement is soul based :)

(31 Jan '13, 09:04) blubird two

Hi Releaser,

To be frank, I have not read about Bashar's teaching yet. But let me put here my thoughts on the points you raised.

Bashar says that one should always and in every moment do what excites him the most. So far, so good

I can recall one saying from Abraham, that every subject is a matter of two subjects. If you think the subject as a stick, then right now to which end you are holding ??

When we start applying LOA in our life, we try to say good things, think good things, but if deep with in we feel fear, lack, then we are offering a difference vibration to what we think or say. We can not be simultaneously aligned and again not aligned to the goal. Either we are moving upstream or downstream.

When our sub conscious, mind and heart gets aligned to what we desire, then every steps we take, every action will fell like the "Next logical Steps" or Inspired action. That is where excitement comes. And Mr. Bashar is absolutely right in this context, An excited soul is an aligned soul.

We should not make things happen in our way, rather we should go with the flow, uplifting our vibration. Then every moment will be a moment of treasure.

Now coming to your point of walking on an unstable bridge, When you think that taking that kind of risk may cost you your own life, then deep with in you, you sense fear, which is a complete different vibration from excitement. Like you can not go upstream and downstream at the same time, you can not offer excitement and fear at the same time too. This will be like, "I love and enjoy walking, it excites me a lot, But where the hell this unstable bridge came from ??? I have not imagined this" . Well if that is not in your script, why to think about that.

Every things that comes to your life, is a matter of two subjects, and it is up to you how you will look at them. Like i believe "Paths can be different, but the goal is same", Abraham, Bashar, may be offering different ways of teaching, but ultimately the goal is same, and that will lead you to your self transformation. :)

With Love


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Thanks @EuDave. "When you think that taking that kind of risk may cost you your own life, then deep with in you, you sense fear, which is a complete different vibration from excitement." According to Bashar it's the same, but plus negative judgement.

(31 Jan '13, 02:15) releaser99
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I do not agree with that.You cannot always do what excite you. And you should not for your unstable should have faith,understanding and truth and not fear,that is how you will cross it. If you understand that the bridge might collapse you will understand it in truth find the solution to make the bridge more stable or find the solution to get on the other side.But if you fear you will not cross it.Then you need to have faith and wisdom.Example: the bridge have old wood if you walk in the center it will collapse.What do you do? you walk on the side where the wood overlap and is more strong. Or you hold on to the rope that support the bridge on the side. but if you are afraid with no faith and wisdom,with no understanding and truth you will not cross the bridge.

As for doing the thing that you are more afraid of it will help you gain experience, faith,wisdom,understanding and truth.Does it mean that you should always do what you are afraid about? Of course not. Fear tell you that there is a danger or something not know. You can grow from the experience if it does not kill you.And sometime it does not even have to kill you but just harm you and you will be more afraid of it and not go there anny more. Getting to know and understand why you are afraid is the right step to do.Does it mean that you should throw your self blindly at it? Of course not.

If a blind leads a blind booth will fall in a pit.


answered 31 Jan '13, 02:33

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white tiger


@white tiger Thanks. "You cannot always do what excite you". Why not?

(31 Jan '13, 03:15) releaser99

@releaser99 You cannot always do what excite you". Why not? very simple because in this world duality exist men made rule law and regulation and the monopoly game and you have to work to get money so you cannot always do what excite you the most. sometime you have to do what you must need to do even if it does not excite you much.But after the work is finish then you can go enjoy what you like to do. even if you find a job that you like there is always some part of the job that you like less.

(01 Feb '13, 20:58) white tiger

I want to offer you a different perspective. Follow your excitement does not mean "do what feels has the most energy (excitement)". It means "be what has the most energy (excitement)". Doing is a natural consequence of being, it is automatic.

Having mortal bodies, it is natural for us to feel the urge to test that mortality; because either it is real, in which case it doesn't matter because it's coming anyway, or it's not real, in which case our fear of death holds us back from following our highest joy.

You are judging the action of going through the dangerous bridge from the perspective of a man trying to get the most out of a limited life, while your higher self, if there is such a thing, doesn't have that limited perspective. Your higher self will urge you to go into battle and get your head blown up, just for the experience of it, because why wouldn't it? Life is not a game that you win by living the most number of years.

There is a book by this italian guy, The School for Gods. He apparently had a series of mystical experiences where he met someone he calls "The Dreamer". You could also interpret them as psychotic episodes from someone with an untreated bipolar disorder; I'm just saying because I don't take anything anyone tells me as necessarily being true, he could just be delusional, as could Daryl. The point is that in the book he goes into the necessity of facing death to overcome it. He speaks of warrior monks going into conflicts and fighting in them as mercenaries, not for any cause, just to strengthen their own belief in their own immortality.


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@flowsurfer - Thanks for offering your perspective, perhaps someone will benefit from your words. I don't doubt that people have lived as you say. However, it's prudent to define and clarify meanings, yes?

For me, following my excitement simply means to do what I'm most passionate about, what I love to do, in every moment that I remember to do so (to the best of my ability). I’ve found that doing this leads me to other things that I love and am passionate about.

(06 Feb '13, 22:49) Eddie

You doubt the existence of your own higher self and that’s fine. However, the nature of belief is to bring evidence of whatever you believe to you, so in your world there is no guidance from your higher self.

The likes of Abraham, Bashar and others state that higher self exists. That idea resonated with me, so I believed it. And the nature of belief was to bring evidence of higher self to me. Now I know beyond belief and beyond doubt that, for me my higher self exists and guides me.

(06 Feb '13, 22:50) Eddie

@Eddie I am not passionate about "doing" anything. So how do I live like that?

(08 Feb '13, 14:19) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - well, like I was saying it really is an in the moment thing, so to catch it you have to become keenly aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

For instance, of all the choices before you, you came to IQ and asked this question, right? So obviously, for you, in that moment, asking this question excited you more than anything else. If it didn't then you'd have done something else, do you see?

(08 Feb '13, 19:28) Eddie

You can’t fail to make a choice in every moment, so simply choose whatever feels best to you, rather than choosing something that doesn’t feel as good. Keep on doing that, simply because that’s the most (best feeling) exciting thing and that will lead you to other things that represent (good feeling) excitement to you.

(08 Feb '13, 19:28) Eddie

In other words, continuing along the path of most joy leads to more joy within the holographic matrix of All That Is. Keep on doing whatever brings you the most joy, no matter how small the difference is and that which you’re passionate about must become one of the choices available to you. It’s your path, so your passion is contained upon it, although it might be concealed by negative beliefs and definitions.

(08 Feb '13, 19:30) Eddie
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judgement in this sense is wisdom, intuition, inner knowing or spiritual discernment. the ego's chatter must be still and one's awareness must be sharp to catch this.

practicing mindfulness and stillness described in various scriptures and by Tolle, Chopra, etc., develop this faculty. Abraham's exposition on "Great Awakening & Blending" is excellent. partial transcript:

my ego-based judgements are usually established on dualities: good/bad, right/wrong, true/false, success/failure, gain/loss, victory/defeat, weakness/strength, merit/demerit, pleasure/pain, youth, beauty, fame, fortune, worthiness and luck. paradoxically to have what i value or want, i have to release my attachment/aversion and judgement based upon them; thereby allowing them to manifest in time and space.

ego judgement has a sense of musts, shoulds and have tos. in contrast, inner knowing has the following flavors: peace, joy, rightness, certainty, spontaneity and vitality.


answered 31 Jan '13, 07:10

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