Need insight please!

So I am working on some estate to sell, note that real estate is not my job, but story happened when I asked universe for money and universe delivered me that story to get my money.

The good news is that the owner is so cooperative that he allows me to add my commission and it could be doubled and that what I asked universe good deal with good conditions.

Things are going well but when it comes to customers and dealing with them struggle/resistance shown, when it comes to actions to be more specified. I am not able to filter my actions and identify if they are inspirational or not/act or not. Then I feel like I am not completing the final chapter of my manifestation and my outcomes are pending due to something outside me

To illustrate more is an example from what occurred with the last customer my actions were not directed from inside (as I am not able to identify) but from the need to act, so my calls, offers, meetings were happened as they should happened till the price decrease and the deal failed.

Now I have two other customers and I want to feel my actions inspired.

My mother who needs money suggested me to call which could be inspirational and could be not as it does not work before and things went bad when the owner stated to be impatient as he needs money so now I am working with time limits, note that when negative thought hits bad conditions doubled.

Now I know what to focus on: that the owner get some cash so he will not pushing me so I can work with ease and to filter my actions and know what is inspirational and what is not.

I am familiar with meditations, affirmations, process, so mentally I can work on the owner to be patient and get customers which I can but about actions and that is the discussion.

How can I filter actions?

When some actions appears how can I know that it is inspired from universe to act so the outcome is fruitful?

I am not minding false outcomes from non inspirational actions if I am acting when I should not but I am trying to avoid which creates bad conditions and steps me back?

So how to identify actions?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I use a simple, reliable rule:

If it doesn't feel like "Hell, Yeah!" then it's "Hell, No!"

See How do I differentiate between inspired action and things that I do because it came across my mind? for further information.

I've found in my own life that when an action is truly inspired, it feels obviously like the right thing to do at that time and it feels like you want to do it...regardless of what anyone else thinks about your action, and regardless of what would ordinarily be the most appropriate action.

You will almost not be able to stop yourself doing it.

An interesting side note to this is that what feels inspired is interpreted differently depending on where you are on the emotional scale.

Emotional scale

If you spend the majority of your time in the "higher" emotions like Optimism, Happiness etc, the inspiration will genuinely feel like inspiration. It will feel like positive nudging in a certain direction because you are interpreting the inspiration through a relatively clear personal vibrational filter.

But if you are lower down on the scale generally, for example in anger, depression, you can interpret those same inspirations as stern warnings or commands.

This explains why, for example, someone who might be about to step into the path of an out-of-control vehicle might hear a warning in their head like "Stop!" or "Don't Move!" or something similar, while a more generally positive person might simply gently feel like walking in a different direction without knowing why.

Non-physical inspiration is always positive in nature but our filtered interpretations are more reflective of our predominant attitudes of thought.

A side note to the side note :) ....if you keep yourself aligned with the Vortex then every action can be considered an inspired action :)


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Thank you for posting that chart!!

I am happy to report I am currently on Levels 1/2/3. So confident about (we will call it Manifestation CB) I had totally forgotten about it - I posted the last pieces of information off whilst on Level 4 and promptly rode up in the elevator to Level 3!! It's such a done deal in my LOA reality so I had already moved on**!!!!......will post update when it has caught up with me in my Vortex

insert huge grin here

(30 May '12, 20:17) smellingtheroses

My vortex! That is the point. I get your answer in a way that I should act from my feelings, feel good to feel really really inspired, and I was always working from inside so I should continue on that regarding what the outer condition might be or might require. Love your speech as usual, the link is so helpful. I should read this twice. Thank you

(31 May '12, 05:18) r0la

@Stingray I love the side notes! A very apt reminder for all of us! :)

(06 Jun '12, 11:35) MagicalUniverse

remove huge grin

manifestation CB fail

(09 Jul '12, 01:39) smellingtheroses
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If you feel you must, should, ought, have to, gotta, you are not working from Inspiration. In fact you are making so much noise with your internal chatter that you can not hear the Inspiration.

I love Stingrays analogy of trying to push a battered old clunker of a car to do things that only a sports car can easily do. There was a brilliant commercial a few years back, "This is NOT your father's Oldsmobile." In it they showed the marvelous ease and simplicity of a new Oldsmobile's ability to get you there, and get you there in style and safety!

Your limiting belief system is your battered old clunker. It resists taking the curves. It uses lots of gas. It is uncomfortable. It has no, or at best, a malfunctioning GPS. The ease, simplicity and harmony are not there.

When you run into the "MUSTS" the "GOTTAS", you are pushing that old car, beyond its capability!! Recognize that fact. Years ago I went to a seminar called, "If you can't, you MUST and if you must, you WILL." I thought that was the way to accomplish. Now, I think this is inefficient and hard.

Your manifestations will ALWAYS come to you through the Crack of Least Resistance. If you think it must come through struggle, guess what, it will!

So how do you know if it is inspired action or struggle? It is how you feel!!! If you are entering a situation with your stomach clenched. You are off path from your inspiration! If you are attacking obstacles head on, you are off path.

alt text

I don't have time for meditation or inspiration, I have a war to fight!

Look around the corner, your inspiration is there.

Strongly suggest you also have a look at better understanding how the little things add up to "battered old cars" and outmoded belief systems, here


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Dollar Bill

I admit that a noise is causing or I caused it. 'I don't have time for meditation or inspiration, I have a war to fight' that is what happening. Those outer conditions (the owner needs, customer, bad economic situation, real estate is not in its perfect state, my mother...) which is not my belief at all, I like to work on ease even if it will take 6 month or one year.

(31 May '12, 05:33) r0la

So the solution is not seeing these conditions go back to meditation and you are right! It is a great illustration.
I wanted to mark your answer too as the accpeted one but it seems against rule only one accpeted :) Your answer is great.

(31 May '12, 05:40) r0la

I am also in real estate. We are doing better than ever. Our world in prosperous and abundant. The only "depression" is in the mind, the mind with a small "m". The Mind with a big "M" is prosperous. The ONLY one that can limit your abundance is you. The only one who can pinch off your God-connection is you. This is Law, not just "nice thinking." It is actual hard fact.

(31 May '12, 06:19) Dollar Bill

When I was very young, my mother found me in the back yard with a pair of pliers on my left thumb. I was squeezing the pliers with my right hand, screaming and crying. The harder I squeezed, the louder I screamed. The louder I screamed, the harder I squeezed. I was so stuck in this loop that I could not hear my mother telling me to stop! She finally grabbed the pliers and freed me from myself. God will do this if we shut up and LISTEN.

(31 May '12, 06:26) Dollar Bill

So let's just shut up and LISTEN! :) sometimes one single sentence illustrate large pages.. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.... that relief me :) :) And let God complete it.

(31 May '12, 12:28) r0la
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where comes the inspiration
it may not really matter,
human spiritual beings
have choice of action

why look to others
and forfiet your potency,
to erase responsibility
or to escape fear


answered 30 May '12, 18:11

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Love your sensibility and your quotes Fred :)

(31 May '12, 05:38) r0la
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