Before I ask my question I need to give a bit of background. I started doing my inner work from a very dark place and it has taken me quite a while to dig out of the hole. I have not yet managed to shift enough resistance to get to the upper end of the emotional scale consistently. I am using various methods to clear stuff, including EFT and better feeling thoughts, but I did need to initially go through a phase of allowing emotions to surface and that has been pretty rough. I am now pushing through frustration - which is better than helplessness, but still not great.

I realise that once I can hold steady for longer and longer periods in the higher levels of the emotional scale, understanding things and knowing when my intuition is speaking to me will become a lot easier and clearer, but I am not there yet. So in the meantime, I am finding it very difficult to know when my resistance to something is my intuition saying not to go there or when it is just the inner resistance holding me back. I listened to Bashar on the subject of resistant beliefs and thoughts and how they fight for their survival and it really resonated with me. That is how it feels to me.

Anyway, I will give a practical example as I find it easier to work with examples. I was steered towards a Chi Gong follow-along set of moves by a friend of mine. I have always felt drawn to Tai Chi and this incorporates some of those moves, but focuses on building energy in the morning and calming down in the evening. It takes about 10 minutes, is not taxing or difficult and is actually quite nice. I just can't get myself to do it consistently. And even when I start I get irritated and want to stop. The thing is, I know this is a good little set of moves to do. It is easy and doesn't take too long. I have long been drawn to this. So why can I not get to do it? I forget, or I can't find the time (10 mins!), or I just don't want to. I can't learn the moves so I have to keep checking the video (I used to dance and learn long and involved routines, so this should be a doddle).

My question is, is this an intuitive 'knowing' that this is not the right thing for me now and I should stop trying to do it, or is it my resistance blocking me from doing something that would be of great benefit in clearing my energy body? The wider question is that this sort of thing happens with all sorts of circumstances, where I just can't work out if I am starting to hear the soft voice of my inner knowing or if my old unhelpful thoughts are jumping up and down again. I know someone will say that it depends how you feel, but I am only starting to learn that. So what do I do in the meantime?

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Hi there, I hope that is OK. I wasn't sure how else to phrase the question.

(25 Dec '14, 08:48) Antheia
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The Law of Attraction is such that wherever you are right now is where it's going to make it easiest for you to stay. There's a momentum of thought involved.

  • If you are currently holding predominant attitudes and thoughts that don't make you feel good, it's going to be easy for you to continue holding them...and difficult to do things that make you feel good.

  • If you are currently holding predominant attitudes and thoughts that make you feel great, it's going to be easy for you to continue holding them...and difficult to do things that make you feel bad

Since most people who come onto this website have some bad-feeling "issues" to resolve (otherwise they wouldn't be here), sometimes it can give the impression there are continuous obstacles set up by "The Universe" to prevent people doing things that make them feel good about their "issues".

But it works the other way too.

If we had influx of great-feeling people on this website who (for some bizarre reason) wanted to experience long bouts of depression, fear, guilt etc, they would struggle to do things that made them feel bad.

Inward Quest would be full of people claiming that it's just sooooooooo difficult to feel miserable about anything for long periods :) Someone would need to set up to help them reach their goals :)

In both cases, it's just the Law of Attraction providing momentum to existing predominant attitudes of thought.

alt text

The way I get around this is to bully my way into creating good-feeling habits of thought on a subject and then let the Law of Attraction take over and keep them running automatically for me. Then I'm coasting along seemingly effortlessly :) For those who use the method, Focus Blocks/Wheels is just systematic vibrational self-bullying :)

That's also what the 30-Day Vortex Challenge is matter where you are, you bully your way towards better-feeling attitudes until they become habits and then the momentum of the Law of Attraction works for you instead of against you.

Dealing with your do you know whether doing the exercise moves in your question is actually something inspired (that is going to benefit you long-term) or is just something that is a distraction from bad-feeling attitudes that isn't going to be of more significant benefit?

There are different approaches but, for me, the most efficient method lies in Abraham's great quote...

"Vortex first, any way you can...then everything else"

In other words, set up a daily habit of feeling-good alignment first and then (from that aligned state), see what activities you feel naturally drawn into doing.

If, from that predominantly aligned state, the exercise moves still feel like something you want to master then bully your way into setting up habits for doing them (do it for 30 days in a row) and after that, you can just coast effortlessly thanks to your natural habit-maintaining nature.


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@Stingray, thank you so much. I do need to ask, though, as I said in my question, I am nowhere near the vortex yet. So are you saying that I should put my whole life on hold until I can consistently get into the vortex and then make my decisions from there? What do I do in the meantime with every decision I need to make or situation I face?

(26 Dec '14, 05:58) Antheia

@Antheia - Even in the Vortex Challenge, the Challenge is only to touch the Vortex once a day deliberately. No-one is expected to stay in the Vortex for every action they take in life. It's just the drip-drip effect of daily alignment that gradually shifts your life into better and better places. Even if you've never touched the Vortex ever, I'm sure you know the difference between a good mood and a bad mood. Saving important decisions for when you are in a good mood is a valuable tool :)

(26 Dec '14, 06:49) Stingray

@Stingray, thank you so much for the patient answers! I do understand that making decisions from that better feeling place is always better, hence my question above. If I am not managing to get to that better feeling place yet, do I then make no decisions? What about stuff I have to decide about? And I haven't tried for something like the 30 day challenge, because I am not getting close to the vortex yet. Not even for short periods.

(26 Dec '14, 14:31) Antheia

@Antheia - "If I am not managing to get to that better feeling place" - Okay, well let's assume you really do have a superhuman ability to be in a permanently bad mood :) There will still be times when you are in a very bad mood and other times when you are in a less bad mood. You would be better off making your decisions when you are in that less bad mood :) Also, take a look at Bashar's Excitement-Based Approach

(26 Dec '14, 15:15) Stingray

@Stingray, I hope you don't mind me clarifying further. If I am understanding this correctly, I should do the things that bring relief or joy or fill me with more excitement than the alternative. Which would mean not doing the Chi Gong exercises because I really don't want to. But, right now, I am in a place where the momentum is pulling me down, down, down all the time. And my understanding is that in those circumstances it is best to 'bully' myself into doing the vibrational work,

(27 Dec '14, 10:58) Antheia

@Stingray ... whether I feel drawn to it or not, because the vibrational work is that important. Which leaves me with the decision about the Chi Gong exercises, do I honour my inner voice saying 'I don't want to!' or do I bully myself to do it because it is beneficial. Neither of those options are my highest excitement, but I have to choose one, either do it or don't, but without then worrying about it, which I do.

(27 Dec '14, 10:59) Antheia

@Antheia - The truth is that no decision you make matters because you can, with enough directed focus (i.e. "vibrational work") , make any decision the right decision for you, which then makes your statement... "but I have to choose one, either do it or don't, but without then worrying about it"...particularly accurate :) It's the worrying that the decision you've made is the wrong one that sabotages the choice you've made. If you change your mind later, fine, but don't worry now :)

(01 Jan '15, 05:47) Stingray

"The truth is that no decision you make matters because you can, with enough directed focus .. make any decision the right decision for you" - that felt like such a relief @Stingray. But now I'm thinking wouldn't one decision necessarily give you an easier path than another or would you say in the end it's all the same?

(01 Jan '15, 19:49) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "wouldn't one decision necessarily give you an easier path than another" - Maybe. That's where your freewill comes in. You can choose any kind of path you like. Some people like easy paths, some like difficult paths. No right or wrong way to live. But, really, the path is only relevant if you have somewhere to get to...and where are infinite, eternal beings supposed to get to? :) If you're not in a rush to get anywhere, you might as well enjoy each step of the journey :)

(03 Jan '15, 14:43) Stingray

Thanks @Stingray good question to ponder! :-)

(03 Jan '15, 17:04) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty- "easy" and "difficult" are also only relative terms to what you would define them to be. While it may be subtly implied, don't assume and glue the term "easy" with "weak", they are both very different meanings and are not what is being discussed, I am hoping.

(03 Jan '15, 21:35) Nikulas
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though all human each is one
of a kind, their own note and
reason for being here now,
the inner voice knows the

fabric of your heart and mind
and is there to guide towards
a true vision of life


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