2 flights took off this morning from the same airport 10 minutes apart, 1 crashed I was on the one that didn't. Last night I couldn't sleep at all no matter how hard I tried even though I was sleepy. I managed to catch 45 mins of shut eye and then went to the airport. I am a seasoned traveller but for some reason as the plane took off I had a thought what if we crashed due to bad weather? I replaced the thought with the image of a golden protective light enveloping the plane. I spent the entire flight repeating affirmations of happiness and success and soon I had a slight smile on my face and I felt very peaceful. I reached my destination, checked into the hotel and switched om the TV to find that the other flight had crashed! The people on that flight were with me at the airport, I saw a family mom, dad and kids going through the security before me, I can't forget the face of the dad who was taking care of the 2 toddlers while mom had gone to retrive a bag that they had forgotten at the gate.

I can't seem to shrug off the feeling that perhaps that crash was meant for me but somehow I deflected it on to the other flight. Is that possible? If so does that mean that events are destined to happen and if they don't happen to the people they were meant for they still occur anyway? If so then are certain things predestined to occur with humanity?

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I Think Therefore I Am

Just because two things happen at the same time (in your case, two airplanes taking off from the same airport at the same time) does not mean they are causally related.

This is a common, frequently misunderstood trait of human beings. Our brains are designed to associate things that happen simultaneously. People often misinterpret that association as meaning those two things are causally related when they are not.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation

Had the crash of the other airplane not occurred, you wouldn't have given your doubts about weather a second thought. But since the crash did occur, those thoughts were highlighted in sharp relief. That doesn't mean your thoughts had anything to do with the crash, only that they happened to occur in close proximity to an airplane crash.


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Personally I don't believe in predestination because to do so means we don't really have free will and we are in fact giving away our power.

I don't think the other crash was meant for you - otherwise you would have been on the other plane. For whatever reason all those who were on the other plane were a vibrational match to the tragedy. Don't do yourself the disfavour of beating up on yourself with guilty thoughts - this will not help your own point of attraction and will in no way change what happened. It was an unfortunate tragedy that happened and the only positve thing you can do is to offer prayers or positive thoughts for the families of those who passed and let go of any guilty thoughts of being responsible or contributing in any way to the tragedy.


answered 28 Jul '10, 19:30

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My thoughts and prayers to all effected by the crash today.

but somehow I deflected it on to the other flight. Is that possible?

Please do not entertain the thought of even taking on such a thing.

You did not cause a plane crash. It would have happened if you were on the other side of the earth.

This is where the LOA can become very dangerous and self defeating. There was no physical action involved on your behalf.

Please do seek professional help if needed.

Again, very sorry to hear of the tragedy.


answered 28 Jul '10, 17:00

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I think you might have foreseen the crash of the other plane, on some level, ahead of time. You were worried, because you had already picked up on this happening, although maybe you were not conscious of that.

The seer Edgar Cayce once was about to get on an elevator, but when the door opened and he saw the people inside, and there was something about them that seemed tragic. He noticed their auras were unusual and stepped back due to a foreboding feeling, not getting inside. A moment later the elevator free-fell many stories down and everyone was crushed.

Of course you had nothing to do with the crash. You are in no way responsible, although your feelings are understandable. Perhaps you sensed it ahead, but even if not, you did nothing wrong! I'm sure this was very unsettling and I hope you feel peace soon. Best wishes.


answered 28 Jul '10, 17:15

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LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn: My only problem with this is that many people think this way before they get on an airplane; "it might go down", "i don't want to get on", etc. Why are all those though void and his is just the one that happened..to happen.

(29 Jul '10, 00:22) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics. But not many people, worrying about a major risk, can so successfuly change the own negative thoughts inte the reversal, even if it is a pure coincidence the good end of event. I cannot prove my supposition, but can you prove the absence of any correlation within the happy end of flight and the inner "work" of I Think T.I Am? I KNOW by experience THE IMPOSSIBLE IS INVINCIBLE sometimes, I saw it no once, but I cannot put this truth on the table. You can believe or not.

(29 Jul '10, 21:40) Gleam

A moving narrative...

I agree especialy with LeeAnn as viewpoint and also with the cold analysis of Wikipedia, presented by Vesuvius.

Probably you are a more sensitive individual and you had a foreboding of danger, but not of predestinated tragedy, probably determined by some changes of ambiental energies preceding the bad weather which you mentioned. It is well known that many beings possess this ability and change their behaviour much hours befire events (birds for storms, horses and rodents for earthquaqes, etc).

Surely you not caused the crash of the other flights, but it is possible that you saved your airplane from crashing, by your intense mental work and emotional investment generated by the vital stake. More than: you was not alone in the imperiled plane; it is more than likely other passengers also realized the risking flight and prayed or wanted strongly and warmly, and hoped in a happy end of the periculous adventure. Than all you, spontaneously created together a powerful 'ad hoc' collective consciousness, convergent to the same purpose. Try remembering: surely you looked around to their attitude and faces and you will succeed letting go the inadequate culpability feeling.


answered 28 Jul '10, 23:17

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@Gleam this is an interesting point of view. Reading and thinking about this story, it did occur to me that he seemed to have forseen the other plane crash, as our @LeeAnn said, but I had not considered the idea that all that good vibrational work may have prevented a tragedy on his own plane. Love that idea.

(15 Dec '12, 13:17) Grace
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