Consider: Is precision the nature of the universe, or is it one with the law of the universe, and why should we use accuracy?

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The problem with precision is that we do not really know what we want, for example I could use a car as an example. Oh I will concentrate on receiving this car exactly this way way everything exact. I get the car then someone drives by in a car that is way better than the car I just finely bought and I feel like wow I wish I had worked on getting that car instead!

If we work on manifesting what would make us the most happy and generalize but say it has to have this or that with it we attract the car that would make us most happy.

If we limit ourselves to only exactly what we presently want then we cut out the possibility of getting something that we would like even more. In Dr. Joe Vitale's book "Spiritual Marketing" he says to write out "this or something even better." So he covers both bases he is specific but adds the generalization "wild card" something even better!


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Agreed. We're not that smart to the point we know what will make us happiest normally. Nice to see you posting again, Wade. :)

(15 Jan '11, 08:03) Liam

hi wade , your answer rings a bell in me , thanks

(15 Jan '11, 10:27) blubird two

You are all welcomed and thanks for the nice to see me posting again comment too.

(15 Jan '11, 16:04) Wade Casaldi

Brilliant answer! Thank you for sharing the quote from Dr. Joe Vitale’s book.

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Yes Vee that is actually thanks to the S.O.S. and my CD collection Your Wish Is Your Command but Joe Vitale is more recognized by most.

(19 Jan '11, 15:23) Wade Casaldi
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Vee, the powers that be, can't manifest what we desire, until we KNOW what we want... The process will always work, but how precisely and quickly it works is dependent on how much we truly know and love what we want to manifest.

But, be prepared to accept the grace of God, if He does even better!


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Your answer is full of wisdom, thank you!

(16 Jan '11, 06:02) Inactive User ♦♦
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