This is a simple question, really.

It seems that there are two ways to approach feeling about the manifestation of a desire.

One is "giving up" on it, which at best puts one in a purely neutral state, but sometimes (often in my case), results in apathy towards the desire or even the process.

The other is to know that it is definitely manifested, which puts me in a nearly opposite state of mind. When I truly believe that "it has happened," I feel happy, even thrilled, that it has happened and am excited to continue on the journey and experience the additional fruits of that manifestation.

I had read a previous thread on IQ which explained how, on a metaphysical level, this is not both cases, ("knowing" it is going to happen, and "giving up" on it), resistance has been cleared---and this is why physical manifestation then occurs.

However, on a practical, emotional level, the two states "feel" very different when actually experiencing them.

From a practical standpoint, which route is better? From an emotionally selfish perspective, I enjoy being in the second zone much better (feeling that it has already happened). However, in my own life, previous manifestations always seemed to occur when I got completely dejected, apathetic, and kind of gave up on everything. It worked then in terms of manifestation, but it was not a happy place to be. I would not look forward to having to experience this time and time again for the sake of successful manifestation.

Does anyone out there have any insights or suggestions?

My hope is, I suppose, that with the resistance-clearing methods and techniques here, it won't be necessary to go back to the "apathetic" giving-up state.


EDIT 8/26/2011:

I thought I'd revisit this thread after having some success in manifesting over the past few months. What is interesting is that I have manifested things that were both small and "big" from a physical-material point of view, but the thing they all had in common--even with the really big things--was that I really didn't care that much about them. These "big" things were typically beneficial to other people, or they were things which were highly convenient to me, but which really didn't impact my overall life in a significant way.

Although I understand that the goal of both of the above approaches (giving up versus positive expectation) is to clear all resistance, I'm still having a bit of trouble reconciling them from a purely practical/emotional standpoint.

It seems that in a state of "pure expectation," where I absolutely know that thing is coming, I experience a kind of calm optimism...and I definitely feel good.

Conversely, it seems that in a state of "giving up," I experience a kind of apathy. I definitely hit a "neutral state" rather than a positive one.

So I guess the big dilemma here is that "positive expectation" puts me in the vortex, whereas "giving up" kind of takes me out of it. The only through-line in all of the successful manifestations which occurred for me, seems to be that I really didn't give that much of a darn as to the outcome.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

perhaps something inside seeks balance that self centeredness does not permit, though our purpose be to know thyself

(23 Jul '13, 05:13) fred


lozenge123 you probably have your own excellent answers by now but I want to clarify my own thoughts on this subject because I've experienced similar things. And maybe someone gets value out of it eventually :).

What I notice again and again is that deliberate manifestation is all about tiny subtleties. Those make the difference between successful manifestations and unsuccessful attempts.

In fact they are so subtle that I tend to ignore or forget them sometimes although I know they are the be all and end all of deliberate manifestation.

I've identified many many subtleties and made huge lists of them. I think my lists contain over 40 subtleties to keep in mind :). But lately considering my own successes I've realized that they all may be summarized into one "major subtlety".

Give up all manifestational efforts and make feeling happy/finding the feeling place in the now your highest priority!

So I guess the big dilemma here is that "positive expectation" puts me in the vortex, whereas "giving up" kind of takes me out of it.

I guess what may (or may not) be happening here is that you are in the state of "positive expectation" but you also regularly switch back and forth between this state and a state of "where is it now that I'm in this expecting state? I should see at least some vibrational matches, right? Where are they?"

So then it's a back and forth between positive expectation and doubt/impatience. And this isn't a pure, continous state. So manifestations cannot occur. The solution to this is just this

Give up all manifestational efforts and make feeling happy/finding the feeling place in the now your highest priority!

Because when you give up wanting to successfully manifest things, you care more about being happy/enjoying the feeling place.

I realized that feeling happy must be so highest priority that you wouldn't be annoyed/frustrated etc even slightly even if all those things you want would never manifest in physical reality.

Of course you read this sometimes or you hear this when you listen to Abraham or Bashar. But you don't make it your highest priority because it feels so subtle and unimportant.

It feels like a mundane tip like when someone says "go to the gym, it's good for you" or "floss your teeth, it's good for you" or "eat healthy, it's good for you".

And you say "yeah, right. I know this, thanks. But first I want to think about more important things in my life. I'm gonna remind myself later, tomorrow or in 10 years...once I have what I want and feel happy".

But one's highest priority should be enjoying the feeling place of the manifestation...not trying to manipulate the vibration in order to manifest.

So everytime you catch yourself saying to yourself something like

  • "Yes, this is a good Focus Blocks topic. But is this going to help with my manifestations?"
  • "Yes, this scenario that I want to visualize would be nice, but it's too unrealistic!"

just remind yourself that it doesn't matter. Because what really matters is that that FB topic or that visual scenario makes you feel good. Enjoy the feeling of having the car you want. It doesn't matter if you ever get it. Because enjoying it is fun and is sufficient.

It's like with drug addicts. They don't care about any manifestation when they have their drug and this ecstatic state. Ask a heroin addict if he would rather have a dream house, car or whatever or heroin. Of course he would prefer the drug. Because it's his highest priority and makes him feel good enough to don't care about anything else. Of course he has no choice because he is an addict. But you get the point.

Would you rather manifest the things you want in let's say 3 days or would you rather enjoy the feeling place of them now?

If the answer is "manifest the things in 3 days", you have to work on your priorities. Because it's essential. It's probably the most important aspect of deliberate manifestation.

Give up all manifestational efforts and make feeling happy/finding the feeling place in the now your highest priority!


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Brilliant answer Releaser.

(23 Jul '13, 03:46) Monty Riviera

Bravo!!! @releaser99, What a great way to put it, well said & VERY TRUE in my experiences too. Have a fantastic day, as you've added joy to mine.

(23 Jul '13, 09:30) figure8shape

@releaser99 - Very well said. And subtlety is only subtle at the start when you are still figuring out what is important and what isn't. There is so much (often contradictory) information around that it can be hard initially to even see these "inner hints" for what they are. When you realize the importance of the subtleties (often through your own experiences), they start to become your main focus and thereby so blindingly obvious that you wonder why anyone thinks they are subtle :)

(23 Jul '13, 09:33) Stingray

Thanks for this. I'm learning so much around here. It's awesome. :)

(23 Jul '13, 12:21) corduroypower

@all You are welcome :)

(24 Jul '13, 12:15) releaser99

@Stingray "And subtlety is only subtle at the start when you are still figuring out what is important and what isn't" Thank you for this. It's always nice to hear your insights, though it's not always possible to really "hear" what you exactly mean at first glance :). But I believe that there is still value in advice, no matter what the vibrational standpoint of the student is. The perceived meaning of the message just changes in time, but it has value in all stages.

(24 Jul '13, 12:52) releaser99

@releaser99 It would be awesome if you could share your 40+ subtleties in a community wiki on IQ :)

(08 Jan '14, 16:39) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty I see why you think it would be interesting. However I don't think they would be useful for anyone here on IQ. Firstly because they are written in german :). But more importantly, they are overcomplicated ideas which come from a premise that life has to be hard. And the truth is, reality creation is very simple. Just get happy anyway you can, either using tools or just being happy for no reason.

(09 Jan '14, 08:31) releaser99

But if you like it complicated and stressful, I can recommend one of the most complicated books (but definitely less time efficient than just "feeling good for no reason" or the ideas on IQ) on the topic of reality creation

(09 Jan '14, 08:32) releaser99

@releaser99 Ah! I've skimmed through that one, applied it for something I felt the difficulty was 2/10 for... and failed (however, I now understand why I failed b/c before I didn't know how to spot and clear my emotional "blocks").

Looks like I'm going to stick to the IQ way for the most part... but sometimes you feel like you need to do something complicated to bring about some seemingly-impossible manifestations.

(10 Jan '14, 00:20) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty "sometimes you feel like you need to do something complicated to bring about some seemingly-impossible manifestations" Yes, this sounds very familiar to me. If you feel like you must do those things, then you must do them. And sticking to your own personal decision and making it the right thing, no matter what others think or say, is the best thing you can ever do anyway. This way you can find even better ways than others might suggest. "Follow your heart"

(12 Jan '14, 18:25) releaser99
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See the process in a wholistic way. Your Life.... Have a vision of what you want your life to be like and then let go and let God. In other words, know that Your Life, with all it's bells and whistles, will happen and then have fun. Also know that your desires change all the time so go for the big picture like love, joy, peace, strength, and harmony. Then allow for your highest and best and watch Your Life unfold.

We like to be adults with our lives, but adults can make things more complex than they need to be. Be like a big kid. Think about when you were a child, and all you wanted to do was have fun. You would grab a toy, play with it and then put it on the floor and go for the next toy. Thank You


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@Brian, Thanks, this is great advice. It's what I've been trying to do. Trying to match my practice to the perfection of the theory, so to speak. Thanks again.

(27 Aug '12, 18:38) lozenge123

Whenever you summon a desire, is because you find a 'hole' in your soul and feel the need to fill it. And taking into consideration all your knowledge and options, you think of the first logical thing that would fit the role.

Now why the 'holes' get created in your life. Imagine your reality in linear perspective, for sake of easy understanding, there is right and left side, if you add a little bit to the right side, it may (not neccessarily have to) feel a little bit empty/short on the left side.

So you are ever seeking the balance. Actually, manifesting one desire might create BIG hole elsewhere in your reality.

Now point of desiring and forgeting is not really valid if you desire something from being needy state of mind. Because you can't forget it. You may try to ignore it, but your need to have it is too big and it will interfere your everyday's thinking.

The point is to want something, or better to say - to decide to want to experience something new - but not need it. Then you are in perfect emotional state, because it doesn't bother you whether it manifests or not, it's merely another experience WHICH DOES NOT SERVE TO FILL WHATEVER EMPTINESS WITHIN YOU.

For example. A motorcycle.

Why would you buy it? 1 - to get attention of girls 2 - to impress people 3 - to feel better about myself 4 - to become a road pirate 5 - to experience fun of riding

See, if you 1 - feel overlooked, 2 - feel alone, 3 - have low self-esteem, or 4 - want to escape reality of your boring 9-5 administrative job... you are just filling the empty space within yourself.

But if you do it to simply find out what it is like, you are not hooked for no specific reason to it. And should your money get stolen, you won't get the driving licence or something else, you just shrug your soulders and move onto the next thing that might interest you for the sake of experiencing it.

I got a simple rule in my life - if you do something and you don't feel the need to brag about it or tell anyone about it at all. Then you know it's who you are. But if you do something and suddenly you want the whole world to know you did it, that's not who you are, you're trying too hard.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, just how to recognize yourself better. That's where I think you ought to be, where you feel just fine with what you have and who you are, and making no big deal out of anything you want to additionally enter your reality and enrich the meaning and nature of who you are.

Re update

@lozenge123, If your happiness was attached to the state of non-attachment, wouldn't that hit a homerun? Any paradox you come across reminds you of dualities and understanding it leaves you with oneness. I know I'm repeating myself, but Buddha said that to free yourself, you must not depend on anyone, or anything for that matter. Which means to free yourself from sides of duality.

Running towards happiness is in other words running away from unhappiness. The moment you stand still the happiness/unhappiness duality will stop underlying all your choices. The more dualities you are able to recognize in life, and the more of them you are able to understand and how they affect your way of living, the more free you'll become.

"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled."--The Kybalion.

I believe there's a saying "If you know the end, you will know the beginning". Why? Because the end is the same as the beginning. It is a circle that has, in fact, no end and no beginning.

In the world of our own preferences and priorities. In the end of our life, nothing really matters. And just as well, when we were born nothing really mattered to us either.

So where exactly did all those things we treasure today start to matter to us? And more importantly, why do they matter at all? If we're neutral about them. They don't matter to us. And we are freed of their attachments.


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@CalonLan - I never thanked you for thanks! Some really interesting insights here.

(26 Aug '12, 17:01) lozenge123

Hi lozenge123. I'll address that this answer is for a much more general public :)

Warning. This answer may go against everything ever written on IQ


"Giving up" is precisly a great expression.

People are desperate and impatient to get things they want. They always want something else, someone else, a new situation, they are constantly just not happy where they are. They constantly imagine that the grass is greener on the other side, until they get to the other side and now have the desire to go back to where they were!! Isn't that mad!

Now why does giving up a desire, or (I'm sure we would phrase it here as), "giving up the resistance" to a desire make it come to you?

Actually I don't know. I'm not a reality creation teacher, these days I'm not a fan of the terms "reality creation" whatsoever. I believe many want to understand the physics behind reality creation and, I'm sorry, I cannot answer that nor am interested.

But if you are still keen dear ones, then please read on. Because I will enlighten why giving up on your desires, especially the ones you want the most, will serve your entire life and state of being forever.

Giving things up/ letting go of the raw, desperate, longing need for something that you want is such a healthy choice.

For months, YEARS, there are some individuals who will simply never give up on something. There is nothing wrong with persitance or being a 'high achiever,' yet these people and their desires come from such a place of non-enjoyment. They won't live their present lives in a fun or happy way because they are just trying to get to the other side where the grass is greener.

For years they may constantly think that when, if only, finally, one day, "when I get the house, when I get the promotion, when my family treats me better, when I find my soulmate, when I recover from this illness, I will live happily ever after..." If you take a look inside their brain, you will be blown away how much stimulation and stress and fretting is going on over something as significant as __ or whatever.

Notice my choice of language, as something significant!

And I'm sure you've heard many of your older ones say, from time to time, "why are you worrying about something as INSIGNIFCANT as __ or whatever?"

Significant/important vs insignificant/unimportant.

There is zero difference. It's all just eating away your psychological space. It is robbing you of enjoying your life and stressing you out. Even pleasurable things to think about, to an extent, drain your mind of its spirituality.

If you go to a restaurant and order dinner, imagine the insanity of constantly adding wasabi (a hot chilli paste) to your dish of choice. You keep putting it in, but you still eat your dinner. Every bite is just totally spoiled, and it doesn't matter who cooked the meal or what you ordered- because you are just persisting with ruining the meal by adding wasabi.

You can take the wasabi to every meal if you want.

Or, you can give it up.

Your desires, all of them, are just ruining your enjoyment of living.

Do you fear going to prison? I'm sure many would, because once they are instituded they think, "I can't do this...I can't do that...I can't see them...I can't do xyz." Imagine, and this is very possible, if you WANTED to be in prison!! Think about it! You have time to contemplate the world and make sense of things, you can bond with other people, you can still be part of a society, you sure won't feel lonely, you still get meals every day, there is peace and quiet at night time. You'd have no worries, no pressures. There are still things to do, it's an entire holiday!

But where is the prison? The prison is your mind, the prison is formed with the wanting/desiring of wanting to be elsewhere, or wanting something else, because you don't want or appreciate where you are at the moment or what you have.

Giving things up is the best thing you can do. Drop your desires, or, at the very least drop your biggest wants. You will free so much space up in your mind that will allow you to be blessed with what you have. There are always so many positives with where you are at the moment.

It may be pleasruable to imagine, to visualise, to 'allow', new desires to come in and fruition. "Oh, look, a vibrational match!," you may say see yourself saying. But oh how you cant see how much pressure and stress is rotting you away.

And before you know it, oh ****, your desires have arrived. But you don't even label them as desires. Instead, it's just a change in playground, and oh how you wish things were the way things were before this 'desire.'

So please, just try it and see for yourself the wonder in freeing up your mind and of simplicity. Please do yourself a favour, and give things up.

Perhaps, even, give up IQ and reading philosophical material? Is it stressing you out, to figure out the answers to life?


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@Nikulas- I don't see how this answer contradicts IQ:)

Feeling good now are really what of all these ideas are about anyway. But that doesn't mean you have to be feel good through "spiritual" teachings or manifesting processes. By the way manifesting processes are really all about manifesting a good feeling and nothing else:)

Whatever makes you feel good is good:) Good answer:)

(09 Jan '14, 06:37) Satori

@Satori- I should add that I feel, through all the answers that do promote the message of "feel good now" (nothing wrong with that), that there seems to be subtle pressures and efforts into actually doing that. I've noticed the more I read "don't worry about manifesting, just do whatever to feel good" that ironically places more stresses to find ways to feel good.

(09 Jan '14, 06:58) Nikulas

The essence of my answer is to give up all efforts and free up space in the mind. As a result of dropping many things, materialistically and thought processes (for example I have reduced my thoughts of the past and future), I have touched on an inner peace that was awaiting all along...It doesn't require anything to experience apart from a reduction in thought.

Hmm, I guess another way to put my answer- stop trying to manifest anything or even efforts to attain things.

(09 Jan '14, 07:04) Nikulas

But thankyou for the add. I hope many people benefit and find teachings through our interaction that can help them lead a more peaceful life.

(09 Jan '14, 07:05) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You never know, this giving up and "feeling-good-for-no-reason" stuff might actually catch on ;) Why do we choose to use manifestation techniques as opposed to getting in the vortex?

(09 Jan '14, 07:14) Stingray

@Nikulas - It just feel so darn good to let go, doesn't it? Good to see you here in Easy World lol! :)

(09 Jan '14, 11:55) Grace
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I've noticed quite a few experiences where I have a desire , focus for a little then go into a place of ok , if it comes great and if not, ok . these instances seem to bear fruit . Have a desire that went pearshaped recently and wondering , can i still manifest the thing I want , now the feared outcome has happened and so no long holds power ?


answered 24 Jul '13, 03:59

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