I know that Huna has a process similar to what we know and use as a Law of Attraction. It is more shrouded in mysticism, however it would be possible to enhance our understanding of Law of Attraction by studying Huna.

I have a book about Huna but it is really, really hard to swallow and after reading many pages the author still beats about the bush. I know there are three bodies in Huna, and manifestation is done by imagination (linked with prayer) and by using the power called Mana. That's all I know.

Now my question is "How do you manifest using Huna techniques?". If anyone knows something about Huna, please tell us. Because I am sure that Huna is the same process as LoA, but put in another words.

asked 30 Jul '10, 14:56

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Hello! At Sacred Text. com I read alot of Huna material. Here is a index but the site is loaded with stuff about The Huna methods including eyewitness accounts. Max Freedom Long is one of the authors. http://www.sacred-texts.com/nth/ssbm/index.htm
Enjoy searching the site.


answered 30 Jul '10, 15:11

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If Huna is the same process, but using different words, then perhaps the answer is finding material that resonates with you more, like the Abraham series.

In addition, there are a number of simple techniques on this website you can use, such as the Message in a Box and the Focus Blocks methods.


answered 30 Jul '10, 15:57

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answered 30 Jul '10, 17:13

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