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About a month ago I told my wife that I wanted to find people I could talk to about the subjects of the Inward Quest. Thank You all for being here, I feel love. A couple friends and I also started meeting at the coffee shop for "spiritual talk" Monday mornings at 5:30 am. Thanks again for all your heart felt and wise vibrations.

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Me, I didn't actually mean to become involved with this website. I tend to be a very private person in real life and keep most of my views and opinions to myself - and I never take part in spiritually-based internet groups (apart from this one).

You could be talking to me all day long and still have no idea at all that I am interested in these kinds of subjects.

Occasionally, I feel an inner urging to share knowledge with people that I come across in everyday life and then they get a deluge of information. :) Otherwise, I have learned the hard way that giving answers to people who are not asking questions yet is a painful and frustrating activity for both parties.

That's what I really like about Inward Quest. You only deal with people who are asking questions. Asking a question tends to provide a powerful point of focus which opens a vibrational doorway to allow a powerful answer...much more so than a broad discussion does, which is how many internet forums operate.

I knew about the site from the beginning but I was just a casual observer and, a few weeks after it started, I noticed someone asking a question that no-one actually seemed to be answering in the way that the questioner wanted.

So I created an account just to give the questioner the short and specific answer that I felt needed to be said. The name Stingray was just the name of a guy in a TV detective series I was watching around that time. It's a good job that I wasn't watching Miss Marple, I guess :)

Then I noticed another question that I thought needed an answer that wasn't currently there, so I threw in an answer to that one too...and it just went on and on...Inward Quest has an addictive way of drawing you in if you are not careful :)


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@Stingray- I thought your avatar picture was your secret motto of, "My life's so bright that I need to wear sunglasses!"

(10 Jul '12, 18:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Very impressive guess - and you're also right, it's that too :) It's actually "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" :

(10 Jul '12, 18:30) Stingray
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Funnily enough a couple of months prior to Inward Quest,I had mentioned to my hubby that it would be great to have a site to interact with spiritually minded people and Voila! an invitation to Inward Quest appeared from Simon - We were members on PsiTek. I guess we asked and received, and thanks for all your words of wisdom.


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I was in psi-tek I think a second time and saw the inward quest button. Clicked . and here I am. I like the feel of this place.laid back coffee house with comfy chairs feeling...I think you find the best spots when your not really lookin.. they just show was never a direct manifestation for me but I'm glad I'm here


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I believe I was looking at a video on YouTube and someone mentioned this site. So I came here and read a bit and was like "I must be more sleepy than I thought" because I couldn't understand a word of what anyone here was talking about really. My friend had mentioned a bit about the law of attraction to me, and because of that, I bookmarked this site to look at when I wasn't as sleepy.

The next day I woke up and still didn't get it at this site has been in the "random" folder in my favorites for quite a while. I usually dont delete sites i think may be usefull later I just move them to "random"

Then the other day on YouTube I came across the movie "what the bleep do we know" and it I was able to understand the movie and I really liked it. Because it seemed to relate a bit to the law of attraction as I understood it I asked my friend (the one who told me about the law of attaction originally) more about the law of attraction he guided me to abrahams videos as well as frank butterfield. I have watched a lot of vids by Abraham and a few by Frank.

Then after looking at those videos feeling I had a good understanding of them i remembered this site. I had already manifested a couple of really small things before I came back, and I wanted to learn more. The strange thing is, now that I am back, I don't find anything that anyone here is saying at all confusing. Its like a window in my mind just opened up...all in the course of 24 hrs!!

anyway, happy to be back and actually understand all of you....and not just feel like all of this was over my head.


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@rar3kain - Great little story :) Welcome to IQ

(11 Jul '12, 05:06) Stingray

@stingray Thanks for the welcome.

(11 Jul '12, 05:12) rar3kain

I am always looking for others who share similar spiritual beliefs as myself. I am not able to find many persons in my community to share with and have to be careful with whom I share as I maybe considered crazy where I come from. I did not really explore the website until about three months ago when I was confronted with a very challenging experience in my life and I started downloading some of the ebooks off the site. Then I got an email a few weeks ago about the manifesting experiment and thats when I really started exploring this website. It is extremely helpful to me to be able to ask questions, get feedback and share experiences. As a result I dont feel so isolated with my beliefs.


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I had been on Yahoo Answers just answering silly questions, I was also on and a moderator of SDDLightworkers yahoo group. I thought to my self wouldn't it be something if a had a spiritual site like SDDLightworkers with a layout like yahoo answers so it is just questions and answers about spiritual and mental things? SDDLightworkers is great but it being a group turns into discussions and post about articles and this guru said this and that one said that and 2012 and ufos ghost you name it all lumped together in one place.

Not as much questions as everyone trying to tell everyone else something, it is interesting but what really makes my writing spark are questions that get me interested in pondering on "what could this be about?"


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Wade Casaldi

I had wanted to interact with like minded people for some time before I got involved with the site.

When I first came across the site, I thought it was an incredible way of discusing spiritual beliefs and of helping others who were looking for answers.

I think it is a brilliant site and I hope we get even more like minded people joining the site.


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Pink Diamond

From an early age I felt misunderstood. People were not getting what I was saying or wanted to talk about. The older I got, the "worse" it was. The invisible wall seemed to hold all people I met talking about cars, girls and beer all the time.

I met only 2 people in my life who were able to understand and give me some feedback, show more options etc.

So most of the time I resolved to asking questions on Google. I figured that there must be someone contemplating similar thoughts as I do and in majority of case there were some blogger who did. Once I asked a question which linked here. Upon seeing other questions posted here I felt like I found a place to really progress in my personal growth. And I certainly did.

Nowadays I have taken most of my focus away from constant thinking and doing nothing and I started focusing on practicing what I know instead. Putting it to the test.


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1. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to learn more about Reiki, and joined a site on the web that helped me achieve that goal.

2. I met a new friend on that website, and we began to email each other.

3. One thing led to another, and we started to cement our friendship on the phone. We discovered that we were very like-minded about spiritual subjects, and talked for hours about God, the Universe, prayer,manifesting- anything and everything.

4. He was invited to join Inward Quest, and would not stop talking about it. At first, I just listened as he described this great site and the questions...I didn't get it right away.

5. One day, I visited the site, and found it to be all he said and more, so I signed up.

6. The rest is history...If I hadn't wanted to learn to be a better healer, I perhaps would never have found this site.

7. Inward Quest is, for the most part, my most engaging "hobby"! I am hoping that the site grows and grows, and that the questions never stop!

Questing Blessings, Jai

ADDENDUM Of course, I wrote this answer before (March, 2010) I had gotten together with Wade. I just wanted to point out that I not only manifested this site, I manifested Wade into my life! I kind of giggled when I read this today {July 11, 2012), and how different my life has become since I first joined IQ. Life is very sweet sometimes, isn't it? Jai <3

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A few years ago I was google searching LOA concepts and came across Stingrays answer here :

I loved it and totally answered what was on my mind at the time. I continued to be a guest on the site and then finally joined IQ ask my own question

Good old Google ;) 


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I too had wished that I had people around me for what I call new thought spirituality. One day I went, as I am accustom to do often in the week to, Psi Tek and I don't know what or how it happened I found myself here and I immediately saved it to my favorite. I read for days before I had the nerve to submit and answer. I guess I need to register. Love unfolding G16


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I received an e-mail about the site, when it was new, from Psi-Tek. Ignoring it for quite awhile, I finally clicked the link one day and was so impressed with the many interesting topics and comments. Although I sometimes have nothing to contribute to a topic, I do read them all, and enjoy all the responses. This has been a good thing to have in my life; I enjoy it.


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LeeAnn 1

I was at a time in my life where I was yearning to talk to interact with like minded people. There was a lot of confusion in my mind and no one in my own circle who could clarify things for me. I certainly believe that my really intense desire to communicate and learn manifested this site in my life. It just happened that Simon from Psi-tek added started following me on Twitter and when I checked his profile there was Inwardquest. On a complete whim I clicked on the link and was instantly hooked - haven't left the place since :-)


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I Think Therefore I Am

I was googling some emotions I was feeling about work related relationships and of course manifested this site. Right away I found the question that dealt with what I was going through and I found immediate relief, along with continued relief and growth. IQ is a blessing to me.


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