I don't believe in coaches who try to sell products that allegedly bring you luck, wealth, etc, without having a successful life. So I'd like to know the name of the coaches with the highest success rate out there, for eg. Kevin Trudeau became a millionaire (I know some think he took advantage of naive people to do this but still there are a lot of people out there scamming everyone and they're not millionaire) and then there is also Peter Keddie, who is banned from playing the lottery because he always wins. Do you know more people ?

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@Stingray. Read everything you can find here written by @Stingray. Guaranteed results, or your money back.

(10 Feb '13, 13:39) Grace
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I agree with Grace. Stingray is the best, and after that there is many channelers. Abraham, bashar, and my own work, hundreds of free videos on youtube if u take the time to look. manifesting 101 is a good one. http://www.youtube.com/user/TReBoryitNE/videos?view=0

Love n light,

rob gauthier.


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Rob, don't all the teachers still come back to the same thing over and over , the guts of it is , when you "feel good " whether it's deliberate or default mode , the stream of abundance flows easily , when you feel the crappy Emos, you've basically turned off the Tap

(05 Apr '13, 23:09) Starlight
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