There seems to be an obvious difference between feeling a certain energy and being or emitting a certain energy, however, I have not really seen it addressed.

For example:
At a modern music concert the crowd feels the energy of the music; the emotion, tension, the beat, the lyrics, etc. The crowd feels it and enjoys it.

On the other hand, it is the band that is actually creating this energy.

They ARE that energy.

How does this apply on the micro scale of our personal manifestations and feelings?

For example, is feeling as we have something before we have it the whole picture. HOw can we not just feel it (like the audience at the concert) and BE it (like the band)?

Thank You.

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11411 you could listen to this song i have heard it for the first time today in the car. see if you feel something.

(12 Feb '13, 17:02) white tiger

it is all energy of individual variation, yet without receptive capabilities it is not recognized

(13 Feb '13, 21:12) fred
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I would argue that you can be a member of the audience and still "BE" the energy.

You can do it with any event, any moment, any person, any thing, any doing. You know this is true, because you've done it before. That one timeless moment where you felt at one with everything around you. Where everything WAS you.

Just because you are not performing doesn't mean that you are not Be-ing. That is a condition, a belief which, if you remove from your thinking, will allow you to BE without performing.


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Thanks for the link

(14 Oct '10, 08:39) Brian

interesting, thank you....

(14 Oct '10, 17:40) Back2Basics

Vesuvius, I really didn't get the Youtube video?

(19 Oct '10, 16:35) figure8shape
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I remember a quote from Rumi that went something like this. "I want to taste an orange, I don't want to be an orange."

I think you are on to something similar with your question, yes so much of the newage is about being and little about experiencing. We need to feel, that is why we have five senses to experience life with.


This is the difference of the observer and the observed. They are two very different experiences, but they are simultaneously one. The movie and the observer are the same one. Anything that is observed has an observer without one the experience can not exist, they both need to exist to have the experience of existing.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes Wade... but it's only when we use our 'sixth sense' that we really begin to experience life :)

(07 May '11, 02:11) Michaela

What about experiencing being,at the place of observing the vessel and outside phenomena?

(11 Feb '13, 17:27) white tiger

Hi Back2Basics I don't have an answer for you, but I'm moved by the brilliance of your question.

The way you have asked the question, it almost seems like the answer is right there underneath the question "You feel it, but can't just put it to words"

Vesuvius has given us a great answer to ponder upon and experience for ourselves. Thanks for that, Vesuvius.

I just wanted to acknowledge that I love questions like this.


answered 16 Oct '10, 16:54

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The Traveller

thank you! It is a difference that I experienced at one time, so did not think anything of it.

(16 Oct '10, 18:24) Back2Basics

I find Gandhi's method is a useful example to illustrate the difference between feeling and being.

In Australia, where I live, we send soldiers to war and they kill people. We do this in the name of peace.

Gandhi acted how he wanted others to act.

Soldiers may feel peace, they may want peace, but are they peaceful?

I think the word "be" could be exchanged with "act" or "behave" to be more easily understood.

For example say you want to manifest a wonderful intimate relationship, a partner who cares for you and loves you.

I think that idea along with maybe a related affirmation / visualisations could make up the FEELING part.

And the BEING would be care and love for yourself and all people.

Acting out what you want.....

(If you haven't picked your clothes up off the floor for a few days then I'm not sure you love yourself too much.)

Wanta create money?


Money is coloured sheets of paper (and sorta dirty paper at that).

What is it you actually want and how can you BE that.

For me, money means possibilities, freedom, self-reliance. If I can find ways to act out these feelings without money, to BE the change I want to see, then vibrationaly speaking I should be seeing lotsa $$ coming through, no? Every time I create a possibility or behave freely or rely on myself, my vibration = cha-ching!

(I am 22, didn't finish high school, I earn $72,000 a year & my job = easy going, fun, 35 hour week.)


answered 14 Dec '10, 01:01

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Relying on yourself & your vibration is where it's at! Thank you!!

(14 Dec '10, 02:03) figure8shape

Louisa, thank you, I really liked you examples. I look forward to reading more of your answers! Good job on the $72/year w/o highschool.

(14 Dec '10, 02:11) Back2Basics

Being is you, feeling is also you,what you feel can be from you or from outside of you.Example: You can feel your self touch your body,you can feel the wind the sun the water the earth the heath the cold the static electricity on your skin etc... You also are energy do you produce heath?Do you absorb energy?You need energy to move?Do you feel your heart beat?Do you feel your lungh taking in air and expulsing carbone monoxide?do you feel your blood moving in your body? here is image of the heat in the physical body.

alt text

Here is a kirlian photo:

alt text

The brain consists of about 1.3 kg. of gray matter which is made up of hundreds of billions of specialized cells known as neurons which have electrical properties akin to those of transistor circuits in computers. Like in transistor circuits these cells are interconnected and there are trillions of such neuron-neuron connections in the brain. Like in transistor circuits electrical signals are transmitted through neurons by unidirectional electrical pulses which are excited, modulated, or inhibited by pulses in other neurons, and passed on to other neurons.

However, there are differences. In transistor circuits electrical pulses are transmitted across the circuits by the migration of electrons at an enormous velocity of half the speed of light, where as in neurons, electrical pulses are transmitted by the movement of ions which are much heavier than electrons, at a much slower maximum speed of 120 meters per second (mps). This speed is not fast enough to account for the speed of human actions. The interneuron links are established through biochemical junctions, through which signals are passed from one neuron to another by the release of ions. In transistor circuits, all connections are exclusively electrical. The brain interprets signals from the senses and creates images in the brain that are the individual’s perception of reality.

For example, when we see an object, our eyes take in light through the lens of the eye and invert the light image onto the back of the eyeball where the light is converted to electrical energy and transmitted to the visual centers of the brain by the optic nerve. If the optic nerve is severed, the image in the visual center of the brain disappears. Also, if the object makes a noise, our sense of hearing picks up the noise from vibrations in air and converts these vibrations into electrical impulses that are transmitted by the cochlear nerves to the brain. If the cochlear nerve is severed, the nerves ceases to transmit to the brain and the person will hear nothing from the object.

The brain is the most complex and most important organ in the human body, and it is a voracious consumer of energy, consuming ten times more energy per unit mass as compared to other body organs. Failure to supply energy to the brain for a few minutes can cause substantial brain damage and ultimate brain death. The variety of different proteins expressed in neurons is about 30,000. This is greater than in any other body organ.

The importance of understanding the structure and mechanisms of operation of the brain prompted President George Bush of the USA to proclaim the 1990′s as the decade of the brain. EEG (Electro Encephelo Graph) was the original technique used to study brain mechanisms. Three new techniques, PET (Positron Emission Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and Magneto Encephelography have come into use in studying brain mechanisms during the last decade. As a result, we understand the functioning of the brain much better today than a couple of decades ago.

The slow electrical pulses moving at a maximum speed of 120 mps may, perhaps, be adequate to account for some of the involuntary functions inside the human body. But they are certainly not adequate to account for the speed of human activities that involve computing and the mind. The similarities between the computer circuits and the brain cells have driven brain researchers to construct computer models for the brain. Initially, they tried serial computers, and then to account for the speed, parallel computers came into play. Today, computer models dominate most brain research, but are still no match for the human brain.

However, computer models are many orders of magnitude slower than needed to account for the speed of thought. A Neurologist has calculated that if the brain was a standard serial or a parallel computer, it would take more time than the age of the universe to perform all the necessary calculations associated with just one perceptual event. But if the brain were a quantum computer, it would try out all the various possible combinations of data arrangement at once, and thus, unify its experience. So, in essence, the brain operates very similar to how science theorizes a quantum computer to work even though quantum computers do not yet exist.

Many who research on the brain-mind problem proceed with a prior assumption that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain, but quantum physics indicates that consciousness is related to the awareness that an electron appears to show in the wave/particle duality (double slit experiment). Quantum physicists have shown that the electron behaves differently when being observed by a human.

When the electron is not being observed, the electron behaves like a wave, but when an observing instrument is placed in the experiment, the electron behaves like a particle. This experience indicates that the electron will change its behavior/reality depending on whether or not the electron is being observed as if the electron is aware that it is being observed. This awareness is very similar, if not the same, as human awareness and may be related to the same consciousness.

Some researchers consider consciousness as another property, emerging as a result of trillions of electrical pulses shuttling across the brain. According to this, consciousness is only a property and not an entity. John Searle introduces consciousness as a natural biological phenomenon that does not fit comfortably into either of the traditional categories of mental and physical, caused by lower level micro processors in the brain. However, on the basis of practical observations made by cutting edge scientists, these assumptions have been rejected and now consciousness is regarded as a non-material entity capable of independent eternal existence similar to the electron in the double slit experiment. Hence, consciousness can change reality just by being aware.


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