Can some one tell me what guides are assigned to us. I know there are Angels and Spirit guides but are there others and if so what are their purpose?

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Tracy Jackson

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think we all have Guides or Angels available to us when we learn to become still and tap into that higher power.

Once again I don't think it matters what name or title we give to this guidance but just knowing that it comes from a higher source and we can trust and believe in it as a source of guidance in our life is what counts. Don't try putting names on it, just try becoming still and aware and trust what comes forth within your own being.


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You always need to be aware of who it is you are listening too or they,spirits, guides, angels or whom ever, in my opinion God and Jesus Christ and his Holy Angels communicates with us or they from something evil, demons and very negative. Who we chose to believe in or not is our own personal choice because God made us a free moral agent that has a free will to choose whom to serve or not. Who or what to believe in or not.

Please don't go blindly into not knowing who it you are talking to you or telling you what to do. The bible says you know that you can tell the tree by the fruit it bears. A apple tree will not bear a oranges unless scientists have genetically mess with it. Do you hear what I am saying. So be very CAREFUL with your SOUL.


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Angels are the agents of god on earth and they go forth carrying out his will whether its putting the smack down on Sodom an Gomorrah or helping grandma across the street or informing a young unassuming virgin of her impending delivery ; they are god's Blackwater or Haliburton, and sometimes Red Cross!


answered 14 Jun '17, 21:57

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