After mediation I find it hard to sleep, I kept on thingking about my dreams or things that I wanted to achieve.

asked 04 Aug '10, 15:04

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When I first began to meditate, I found that my incessant mind chatter seemed to get worse but the more I stuck with the practice and just watched my thoughts, my busy mind seemed to quieten down.

I would suggest maybe changing the time of day that you meditate - don't do it just before bedtime until you become more practiced at quietening your mind.

Anything that stimulates your thought processes is best not done right before bedtime. I love to read at night but I have found that I can only read lighthearted material just before bedtime as any of the more meaningful or learning material does not allow my mind to relax enough for sleep.

Stick with the meditation practice as you will find it to be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, but maybe switch it to earlier in the day until you realize complete stillness during your meditation.


answered 04 Aug '10, 16:22

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3 days ago!?

OK, I got this one.....

Being so new to this, I can see why your mind is so active.


Of course you can't sleep. It's like wondering how you are going to spend a billion dollars, that would keep me up forever too.

When meditation starts to become a PART OF YOU, your mind will calm down and it will be more natural. That's when it won't effect your sleep.

I would give it at least 3 months.

If it is really keeping you up, wake up earlier. PUSH YOURSELF WHEN MEDITATION IS NEW.

If you usually get up at 7:30am, get up at 6:00, excersize for 30 minutes and start meditation for 40.

This will probably help you sleep better at night too.

All in all, this is a good place to be =)


answered 04 Aug '10, 23:25

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