Has anyone studied any of Vadim Zelands work? Im starting a few months of study into his Transurfing book. Its quite illuminating. Would be interested if anyone has any feedback on this. I suppose my question would be " does this resonate with you "

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

(21 Feb '13, 09:51) ursixx

Thanks ursixx, will check these out

(23 Feb '13, 10:00) Monty Riviera

You're one of the few people to have mentioned Reality Transurfing. The books were very popular when they first came out.

For people who like their books read to them, here is Reality Transurfing - The Space of Variations volume I in English ~


(06 Feb '17, 15:05) ele

Volume II

Reality Transurfing 2 - A Rustle of Morning Stars ~


(06 Feb '17, 15:08) ele

Reality Transurfing - Apples Fall to the Sky is also available in English via youtube, but the quality isn't very good.


(06 Feb '17, 15:14) ele
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Well i've just been reading an internet article on the subject


and yes it certainly resonates with me ... in short it's another way of describing how the law of attraction works and how we can become progressively conscious of it thus how to become a conscious creator. I would like to add that it resonates with me because it fits in with my actual belief systems, as bashar so clearly states in this video


it's all to do with resonance, any tool, any technique is just a permission slip to be who we really are, the tools act as a support, it is our energy that does all the work.

Here are a few phrases gleaned from the article;

"ever since the beginning of time people have noticed that the world has a dual nature ... material level is quite understandable in terms of natural science ... faced with phenomena belonging to the subtle (non-material world), these laws fail ... the world does not only evade but also agrees, with us, behaving like a mirror, so to speak ... the only thing you have to accept is the fact that reality, like a mirror has two sides; the physical side which can be felt, and the metaphysical one, lying beyond the borders of our perception, but no less objective. Transurfing - on the other side of the mirror lies a space of variations - an information structure storing the scripts for all possible flows of events ... everything that happens, is happening, and will happen, is written down there. We all travel there every night, dreams are not illusions ... mind does not imagine dreams but really sees them ... the soul has direct access to the information field ... when the two aspects contact on the surface of the mirror, phenomena which are traditionally referred to as paranormal arise ... the key is hidden in a phenomenon known as conscious dreaming ... one can shape reality, you have to know how to deal with the mirror ... imagine this unusual situation, you are in front of the mirror but you can't see anything. Only a while later an image shows through like a photo. Then you smile - but in the mirror there is the same serious expression as before. This is exactly how the mirror of variations works only the time of showing through is far greater ... provided you do particular things the reflection will be formed, which means that a dream can become a reality. Transurfing gives you the guidance on how to deal with the mirror of the world."

Ted Serios claims to have produced thoughtphotographs on polaroid film;


All this fits in nicely with the Drown Radio Vision Instrument, a radionic device capable of taking x-ray style photos of the human body at any distance, that is, without any physical contact, just using a witness i.e. a piece of hair, blood sample etc.


De La Warr also did some work in this field


and there are even claims of a radionic device capable of taking photos not only of present events but also of past and future events ... it's important to remember, as mentioned above, that the operator uses the radionic device as a support, this explains why any radionic device, pendulum, symbol, magic ... is only as good as the operator and simply will not function in the hands of a "non-believer" ... the same can be said of reiki, magnetism, clairvoyance or any other subtle energy work. Hello James Randy are you listening :)


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ru bis

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I've heard of "transurfing" before but I remember it very differently, something about pendulums (hard to explain from memory). What you quote above is pretty much exactly the same thing that Neville says. I have no idea why you added the Ted and De La Warr stuff.

(21 Feb '13, 11:01) flowsurfer

Why Serios, Drown and De La Warr? because their work and transurfing as described above is all to do with delving into what we name the 5th dimension, reading into the akashic memory, the memory that is on the other side of physical reality, and altering our physical reality.

(21 Feb '13, 11:37) ru bis

@ru bis , thanks for the links , had a quick look and the secret of life book looks interesting :-)

(21 Feb '13, 23:37) Starlight
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