What are the benefits of learning Reiki ???

I am very curious to learn it. I thought before learning it I should get more details.

One thing I would love to know, are there any health issues with the Reiki practitioner when he or she starts practicing Reiki healing? I read somewhere when you start practicing Reiki you give your energy and power to the other person causing health problems to the Reiki master. Is this true?

I would love to hear your answers.

Thank You in advance.

Love, Light & Blessings your way.

supergirl.. :)))

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My own experience supergirl , I am not giving away "my energy" merely being a conduit from "Source" much like electricity runs through a cable to an appliance . From time to time I will experience painfull tingling in my hands and forearms but literally 'shake it off" as it's , not my pain you see .

Everyone who uses Reiki I am sure will have had different experiences , a lady I worked on recently also a reiki channel told me she saw Angels all around me , yet I was not aware of them , but don't dispute she saw them . Another has told me , it felt as if I was pulling strings from her stomach , she was quite nauseous prior to this , but at no time did I physically touch her .

alt text

Staying hydrated is important both for self and receiver . Each session will be different too, it works on spiritual, emotional and physical levels .

It's effects can be felt immediately by some and others anywhere up to 7 days later . It accelerates healing by half time but also can initially make things seem worse , a healing "crisis " happening .It can be used for people animals situations past present and future , also distance healing , which Masters have access to and only requires a surname and surburb/location to implement .

It pays as a channel to also do 15 mins self maintaining a day . I hope this will help you , sometimes we only want this technique for self and thats ok too, Reiki level one is sufficient :-)

PS... a nice side effect if one can call it that , is each time you work on someone , you also receive the benefit of Reiki


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@starlight- thank u so much for the wonderful reply..u have solved my query..-love,light n blessings ur wayy.. :)))

(24 Feb '13, 04:52) supergirl

Yes me too i'm a reiki master, the best way of knowing the benefits of reiki is to practice it, it is very simple and easy to become initiated ... there are as many personal interpretations of reiki as there are people in the world ... here is a "scientfic" explication that you may find interesting


have fun :)


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ru bis

@ru bis- thank u for the wonderful answer..,love,light n blessings.:)))

(24 Feb '13, 04:55) supergirl

Gosh, where do I start? Reiki has truly been the most wonderful gift I could have received in my life. Firstly, a Reiki practitioner is merely a channel for healing energy, in much the same way as a hosepipe is the conduit for water. They do not take on the energies of the person they are treating, nor do they pass on their own ailments. They may find, particularly as their intuition develops, that they become aware of the problems in the energy field of the person receiving the treatment. This is different to 'vaccuming them up'. This is a form of empathy and can come in various forms (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairconnaissance'). For example, when healing I will often have a sense of the pain in my own body, a bit like watching the telly with the volume turned down. If I feel someone's 'pain' (although it doesn't usually hurt that much, it's more like an 'awareness of pain') in my lower back, I know that I need to take a closer look at their lower back. Sometimes I will see colours, or just 'know' something. Some people get messages - it's all just a way of drawing your attention to something that needs rebalancing in some way.

There are so many benefits of learning Reiki, not least the opportunity to heal yourself and others and to make a positive contribution to this planet. To name but a few:

It is deeply relaxing and can help the body to release stress and tension - It can accelerate the natural healing process - It can ease mental suffering and can give/restore confidence, dispel fear, anxiety, depression and sociability and ease grief - It can help to relieve physical pain - It helps prevent and improve chronic infections and diseases - It can promote better sleep - It encourages the natural elimination of poisons and toxins - It can support the breaking of addictions - It supports and strengthens the immune system - It can speed recovery after surgical intervention - It can help improve suppleness, flexibility and fluidity of movement - It can reduce miscellaneous aches and pains linked to ageing - It can increase vitality - It helps improve intuition, concentration and creativity - It raises the vibrational frequency of the body and helps spiritual growth - It provides comfort at the end of life and can help to make the transition more peaceful - It is suitable for everyone; adults, babies, toddlers, children, the elderly and pets


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love it :)

(10 Apr '13, 11:08) ru bis

thank u for the lovelyy answer.. :)))

(10 Apr '13, 13:34) supergirl

It's a pleasure, what a lovely community to find online :)

(10 Apr '13, 14:51) ReikiReiki
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Both Wade and I have learned extensively about Reiki. We are both Reiki Master/Teachers. I can tell you that Reiki is very beneficial when applied properly, and does NO harm to the Master. If you are serious about learning Reiki, and have a lot of questions, i offer you my email address in my profile as an avenue for us to talk in depth about this. I will call you if you would like; just email me.

In the meantime, check out these questions already asked on IQ:

How does Reiki work as a healing technique?

How do Reiki masters have control over energies?

Your answers are coming!



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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

@jai- thank u so much darling.., yesss..i wanna learn reiki..with all my heart..n soul. but,i am not finding any reiki master here..near my place who can teach me. but,i havn't found ur email address. i have sent u request on fb..just add me,there we can exchange email addresses . dear..,one more thing ,can u teach me reiki..online? is it possible ?

(24 Feb '13, 05:08) supergirl

n u know jai.., i feel a deep association with u.., when i see ur face on fb.., i get lots of positive energy from you.., thank u for this too..!!!

(24 Feb '13, 05:12) supergirl
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