Here is a 'scientific' explication of how reiki works ...

What are your views?

asked 16 Jul '11, 11:35

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blubird two

edited 28 Oct '11, 06:35

to me reiki can be assimilated with biomagnetism , the effects are identic ...

there is strong evidence that ambient magnetism and the schumann resonance are closely

intertwined . all physical phenomenon are accompagnied by a subtle energy counterpart .

we could conclude that the schumann resonance plays a large part in the transmission of

reiki .


answered 18 Jul '11, 03:45

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blubird two

In short, I think it is a sound hypothesis...because I know that Reiki works, along with a lot of other healing modalities such as laying-on-of-hands, etc.

Thanks for giving us the news! +1+Blessings, Jai


answered 18 Aug '11, 15:35

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This works for me, pure clean, untainted by the healer's own energy


answered 27 Oct '11, 16:47

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Sunflower-thanks for the info

(02 Nov '11, 06:48) blubird two
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