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these beautiful lines are written by indian author- Sudhir Krishnan

i am really greatful to him ,for these beautiful lines..

" Love is of the heart.

It is what is left when all the mental conditioning ends.

It is spiritual as opposed to mental. Not being mental, it is not an emotion. Rather, it is the true nature of our being.

Love transcends the senses/mind/ego.

Love is not attachment, though it is frequently misunderstood to be so. In attachment there is selfishness, whereas in love there is none.

When people say “Love hurts”, they actually mean “Attachment hurts”.

Love is the complete identification with the beloved. That is, true love completely merges with its beloved, and the two become one. There is no separation seen from the lover and the beloved. The object and the subject is seen as one.

Love is thus non-dual. Love sees beauty, it does not see flaws.

Love is magical, it is a miracle, it is without motive. Further, there needs to be no specific object to love, as one can simply become love, which is to say it is a state of being.

In the moments of the experience of love, there is no mind, there is just beauty. With the end of mind, time itself comes to a stop in love.

Without mind, there exists no conditions, no reasons why something should be loved, love simply is. There is no dependency of love on the object loved. Thus in pure love there is detachment.

In love there is kindness, there is compassion, there is patience, there is gentleness.

Love is non-judgmental.

Love is trusting, protective, preserving. Love is grateful.

It is peaceful. Love is a state of being complete, there is no lack in love.

The feeling of being in love is extremely joyful, blissful, ineffable.

From an external perspective, it appears that love is self-sacrificial, that it revels in giving itself up in the service of the beloved.

Within the context of the lover however, it is not seen as sacrifice, rather the greatest joy is giving oneself up for the beloved, just like a cloud gives itself up to bring rain to its beloved earth. ""

i hope u all loved it..

stay happy..stay blessed..

love,light n blessings ur wayy

supergirl.. :)))

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as you say "it is the true nature of our being" +++

(24 Feb '13, 05:47) ru bis

@supergirl - If you are posting information, please remember to make it Community Wiki. Also, please quote the source of any information you did not write yourself. Thanks

(24 Feb '13, 06:05) Barry Allen ♦♦

A wonderful gift for all!

(24 Feb '13, 07:50) Wade Casaldi

@barry- yup.., i l surely remember this. i apolojize for this time.., n thank you..

(24 Feb '13, 11:19) supergirl

@ru bis n wade casaldi- thank u so much..:)))

(24 Feb '13, 11:19) supergirl

@supergirl Lovely post! ;)

(26 Feb '13, 04:37) ursixx

@ursixx-thank u darling.. :))

(26 Feb '13, 05:57) supergirl
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When you say "love" it seems like you are speaking of "acceptance" (embracing and not judging).

"Within the context of the lover however, it is not seen as sacrifice, rather the greatest joy is giving oneself up for the beloved, just like a cloud gives itself up to bring rain to its beloved earth."

Reality is not love. Reality is existing of many tangible things and movements/interactions and it is us who label certain interactions between two things as "love", "hatred", etc. but this is not a "thing" it is an interaction (a happening - a verb).

The cloud does not give itself up to bring rain - the cloud IS rain, the gas comes back down as liquid and then evaporation happens and it rises up as steam (gas - cloud) once again. It is a cycle, but if you want to call the cycle "love" then that is an emotional - reactive perspective.

You say attachment "hurts" and there is no "lack" in love, but "love" is another concept that people cling on to and when it is not showing in reality then it seems to hurt, so , to cling to an attachment whether it be a concept (love, joy, etc) or person (lover, etc.) will cause suffering. Ironically, As a person just "Be" there will arise peace/relaxation which will lessen the angry/hateful interactions between others. And then there will be peace/love without it ever having to be forced (as an active action - but a naturally arising action).


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