I have long been attracted to the number 7, seven pointed stars and seven sided figures, aka Septagrams.

I find it interesting that many law enforcement agencies use an inverted septagram, one point facing downward, as their emblem. I have asked and Googled, but have not found the reason behind this enigmatic emblem.

I just acquired an older car, of which only 815 were made. It has the body/chassis number 777.

There are a lot of interpretations of this number on the Internet, but I am asking, what, if anything, does the number 777 mean to you?

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Dollar Bill

Here are a few bits of information gleaned from the book "Les Tracés D'Or" by Dominique Coquelle;

The 7 is at the base of structures in many domains such as music, painting, astrology and religion; 7 notes of music, 7 colors, 7 known planets(before 19th century), creation of the world in 7 days, 7 days of the week. 7 is 3+4, that is, the control of spirit over matter, it is also the 6 points of the seal of solomon plus the central point. It is the 7 pointed star; 7 gifts of the spirit, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the lord, delight of the lord.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7= 28= 10= 1 that is, return to unity. It is the 7th tarot card the chariot and implies notions of victory, force, moving forward. It symbolizes confidence in oneself, good health and equilibrium.

As a radionic emitter

ffalt textff

it is used to reinforce confidence, spiritual research, meditation and studies.

We can assume that the triple 777 possesses similar qualities albeit more potent.

As for myself, i consider this number to be a collector of spiritual energy that has a direct and rapid contact with the physical when demanded, and the 777 so much the more.

Having said all this, following the 7 is the 8 then the 9 which in turn is followed by the 10. In numerology 1+0+ 1 and so in attaining the 10 the cycle is complete and you start a new cycle, albeit a more consciously expanded cycle. If you fix yourself to level 7 you are limiting yourself which from an emotional point of view gives rise to feelings of frustration and delays in your plans, of things that just need a slight change to get them rolling more smoothly.



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ru bis

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In the Kabalah if you place them one over the other you get a lightning bolt. This lightning bolt is the path up the Tree of Life.

777 or it was 888 (not sure anymore) was suppose to be the Seal of God, I can't remember where I read that though.


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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi - Do you mean up the Central Column? Malkuth to Keter?

The lightning bolt is a path in Tibetan Buddhism.

I like your imagery!

(24 Feb '13, 09:16) Dollar Bill

No the path of the flaming sword zig zag.

Malkuth to Kether including Daath

You are right about the Raku though, that is a symbol in Tibetan Buddhism and a symbol in Reiki.

(24 Feb '13, 12:28) Wade Casaldi

energy work seems to be similar in the various mystic traditions: taoic, dharmic and abrahamic.

complement with dreamwork, astrology, numerology, tarot, iching, enneagram and other tools for expanding consciousness and sharpening awareness.

complete the synergy with nature spirits, angelic beings, ascended masters, extraterrestrials and fairy folks.

so much fun with so many toys and playmates. what a great time to be alive on planet earth. challenges galore too!!!

(25 Feb '13, 22:36) don
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Yes i entirely agree with all the positive aspects that ru bis brings to attention, however the aspects of the heptagon have been completely neglected.

All things take form, are created in the invisible virtual world and the heptagon as shown by the dotted lines in this drawing

alt text

is the frame on which the septagon is constructed. This heptagon is upright, vertically erect, skywards; it is a positive septagon based on the positive belief of love.

Notice that on this sheriff's badge symbolizing law enforcement

alt text

the point of the septagon is downwards, earthbound, secular. The heptagonal frame on which this septagon is constructed is an inverted heptagon, it is a negative septagon based on the negative belief of fear.

The mission of law enforcement agencies is to safeguard lives, property, the rights of people, reduce the incidence of fear of crime and from the public's point of view these are beneficial ideals. We've all seen those cowboy films with the sheriff displaying his badge, he's the symbol of a living shield against "baddies" and often having shootouts with bandits and sometimes he kills them or even get's himself killed. In reality from the policeman's point of view, to properly carry out his task the policeman is sometimes caught up in life/death situations and in such situations as a defense mechanism he is permitted to kill.

The job of a sheriff is repression of crime, reduce fear of crime ... etc. In short his job is centered around negative beliefs.

On the subject of beliefs here's a graphic representation of positive and negative beliefs

alt text

The graph on the right is made up of seven hexagrams and each hexagram represents a particular point or trait of character. It represents the structure of a limiting belief. There is a series of videos "brick wall beliefs" that you may find interesting


here is a summary written by Stingray;

"The central hexagon represents the core of the belief where it keeps itself alive using two main processes. Firstly, it makes you feel you have No Choice but to believe it. Secondly, it makes you feel that not believing it is a threat to your Survival itself.

The limiting belief further keeps itself alive through the six sub-processes represented by the outer hexagons e.g. Rationalize means that a limiting belief will come up with logical reasons why it must exist which seem entirely convincing.

Once you understand that a limiting belief has these self-protection mechanisms, it becomes a bit clearer why we cling so much to beliefs that don't serve us and why others will defend their own limiting ... beliefs, almost at any personal cost :)

It's a fascinating phenomenon to observe once you understand what is going on with these metaphysical structures. So it doesn't surprise me that it seems like your limiting belief is trying to make you feel like it is calling out to you. The belief structure is fighting for its own survival, just like anyone else would if their existence was threatened.

You are doing exactly the right thing in sticking to your better feeling.

These are my notes of what Bashar said about those outer "tricks" in the seminar...

RATIONALIZE - Why it is logical to be where you are

REWARD - Positive reinforcement of the negative belief

PARANOIA - You will not believe those who are trying to help

PROJECT - Projection of the "light" to appear "dark"

REJECT - Rejection of new ideas

JUSTIFY - Justify where you are

The negative belief will use one or more of these methods to keep you locked into it.

Bashar says that identifying the structure weakens the structure because it shows the negative belief to be actually illogical and nonsensical ... once you can see what it is up to. Once you get your power back from identifying the structure, you then start to see the negative belief as simply another choice and now you are in a position to choose a more positive belief instead.

Even a tiny crack in the negative belief structure will let you see the doorway that leads to 'light'."

Thanks for the text Stingray



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