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What’s the meaning of seeing 33 and 333 everywhere. Can someone explain it?

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What does 11:11 mean?

Hi all

I keep seeing these numbers.Actually been an ongoing thing for few years now.For instance Looking at the clock, on car registrations,telephone numbers. Definitely seeing these numbers more than would be considered a "coincidence". At the start it was the number 33 was showing up everywhere,now it's 22 or 11 11.

I would love to hear your views on this. Am I simply attracting the numbers and why multiples of 11?? Why not 12 or 23 34?? :)

Thank you. Martin:)

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The number 11 has great hidden power behind it.....MY BIRTHDATE hehehe :P

(10 Jul '12, 18:25) Nikulas
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You are waking up to a realization that is an important lesson in reality manifestation.

It just so happens that you have chosen to focus on numbers or pairs of numbers or other meaningful combinations of energy representation as numbers.

You will eventually have the same result within any energy signature that you choose to give specific attention to.

It just so happens that your choice was numbers.

If you keep at it, you will start to comprehend greater and greater relationships of complexity within the energy signature of your preference, in this case numbers.

If you stay with it you will probably comprehend the works of the greatest mathematicians of our time and maybe surpass the comprehension reached by them.

What am I talking about?

Attraction & Reflection.

Or you can say Attraction is where consciousness is at and Reflection is where reality is at.

If you had paid attention to all the thoughts that you contemplated within your consciousness prior to your current moment of existence you will be amazed to see the same relationship between your current reality and your prior consciousness as you are beginning to notice between the attention to numbers within your consciousness and their miraculous appearance within your reality.

The moment you describe something, at that very moment of description, it begins to exist as an energy signature.

Since you are the architect of this energy signature, you cannot help but be intoxicated by this energy signature within your consciousness.

And there begins its process to manifest as experience within your reality consciousness.

Suffering is also a form of intoxication of consciousness. But the sufferer cannot see it.

It's like playing an angry character in a play and becoming really angry during the play, but not being able to understand why or how they are angry in the moment.

Hi Martin. I started responding to your question in the comments section with an answer as a comment but ran out of room. So I have added my response as the rest of this post.

Feel free to read Martin’s comment before continuing with the rest here.

Instead of looking at the number’s let’s look at a different situation.

Let’s say that you choose to give attention to a passing thought, about losing your wallet, perhaps because a friend just lost their wallet.

When you apply that thought from your own perspective as you are the participant in that event, in that instant of attention, vision, thought, contemplation, imagination…..etc. you launch an event in consciousness.

It has been described by enlightened masters as an energy vortex beginning to form, almost like a swirling eddy current in a flowing river, where the flow is the wind of opportunity within the unlimited potential of, for-ever unfolding, creation.

This vortex of energy has a signature, something like “I AM + Losing Wallet”

Remember it is an event, not a neatly formed sentence, as we tend to comprehend it in our thinking state of mind.

Our thoughts in sentences have an introduction, a statement, a purpose, and a conclusion, all intertwined in that one conscious journey of consumption (of ideas) as we read the sentence.

Consciousness does not behave like sentences.

It is an event and it is now and you are in it.

All of this stupid “Why? How?, But there must be an explanation?” nonsense, As White Tiger has been trying to point out to the rest of us, is the “Veil of the Mind” (I am using Tiger’s words here)

Now this energy vortex will just be that, or you can feed it more energy by giving the “event” of the lost wallet more attention from your perspective and choose to “ware this idea” as a splash of color upon your consciousness cloak of many colors.

When you give it attention, you may just stumble upon a TV broadcast where the story is about identity theft as a result of someone leaving their wallet accidentally in the public transit system.

You your little swirling eddy current vortex became more interesting as you added this new splash of color to your first attention embellishing it to “I AM + Losing Wallet + Identity Theft”

You have also given reality a greater range of choices to work from.

Now you may talk to your co-worker or a friend about something completely different, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, they happen to mention that they are looking forward to buying a leather wallet on their up-coming vacation.

Now why did they mention that?

Because we are all more psychic than we realize and our random conversations are often triggered by our ability to reach into each other’s conscious focus and intent without ever realizing that we are doing it.

Our random conversations help us reinforce our own pre-conceived ideas because we trigger each other to zone in on each other’s private thought collections using our natural psychic abilities.

So there you are now talking about a wallet, and you will quickly steer the conversation towards your swirling conscious eddy current of “I AM + Losing Wallet + Identity Theft”

Remember, consciousness is not neatly formulated Ideas leading to an understanding.

They are energy signatures that are being kept alive (and are growing) as little independent living entities of energy through your effort of conscious attention and application.

So your friend can pick up any variation of or the entire combination of “I AM + Losing Wallet + Identity Theft” and use that as a starting point to re-collect other energy signatures of a corresponding and sympathetic vibration.

And when you friend finds a “Good” match, they will share their embellishment to the energy signature that they first psychically picked up from you, and that you further clarified through your steering the conversation towards your version of the “wallet” energy eddy current.

Perhaps it is something like, “Yeah you know what, I was worried about losing my wallet on this trip, and that’s why I have signed up for this new concept where you can pay this company to centrally keep all your identity details under security and they are affiliated with all governments and authorities. When you lose your identity, they can contact directly all the necessary authorities to verify your identity and replace all your missing identity. And it only costs $20 a month for this service.”

Now your energy vortex has reached a whole new level of excitement and energy.

You may or may not realize this, but fear is also excitement, it is very High, very powerful excitement.

Now you spin up your energy vortex, thought form, to “I AM + Losing Wallet + Identity Theft + Must protect Identity + Only $20”

Now reality has more choices available to trigger this memory and corresponding event.

Every time you see a $20 note for everybody else it is a “YEAH!!! $20” and for you it will be “This is what it takes to protect my identity, Should I spend it? What If I don’t? Can I afford to lose my wallet? I trust my friend, if my friend has done it then why shouldn’t I, OH God What do I DO?

And then you go …. “I got it. I’m going to post it on a forum and get other’s opinions on what I should do about this pay for security service”.

Meanwhile, let me quote white tiger in saying, your mind created the problem, and is now creating the solution.

And as long as your reference point is one of comprehension through analysis, within the reference point of “Thinking” You will forever see a corresponding match between the thoughts you create, and the corresponding match to that though within the reality that surrounds you.

So that last paragraph is the answer to your original question.

However, understanding that and becoming a master at choosing what you want to create, doesn’t allow you to wake up to the realization, that it is a never ending loop to keep you for-ever distracted from awakening your true potential, which is contaminated and muddied by the exercise of thinking in sentences.

Because the real you is operating underneath the sentences, but who’s existence remains for-ever hidden by the ego having the need to comprehend only through the act of “Thinking”; and thinking runs on a well-planned railroad track of sentence formulation and sentence structure.

I know that I got completely off the tracks in answering your question, but As far as I know I am answering your question.

Apologies ahead of time for the excess blah, blah, blah, as I’m sure I could have condensed this better.


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The Traveller

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Thanks Traveller.Your knowledge is startling,beyond my scope a bit.:). Definitely attraction, I have seen the number 22 at least ten times since I asked this question yesterday:)You say these numbers are meaningful combinations of energy. In what way do you mean meaningful? Thanks Traveller.much appreciated:)

(05 Jun '11, 15:02) Satori

Hi Martin. I started answering your comment here but so much information came up that I didn't want to water it down by condensing it. So I added my response to you by editing the main response.

(05 Jun '11, 16:52) The Traveller

Thanks for taking the time, Traveller and expanding on this answer.This expains a lot to me, and a lot more to reflect on.when I think about it I have always seen evidence for myself to back this up:) much appreciated Traveller you have answered my question And Then Some:):)

(07 Jun '11, 12:22) Satori

Thank you for your question. It triggered this "excitement" within to respond with an answer. Without that excitement it is very hard to answer, because I have to completely "think" the answer sentence by sentence. With the excitement, all I have to do is "listen" the answer and capture it as fast as possible, and fix the spelling and sentence structure later. So you were the cause of the answer.

(07 Jun '11, 17:53) The Traveller
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I am borrowing the following explanation on Angel Numbers from Doreen Virtue's new book "The Angel Therapy Handbook". I had the pleasure of seeing her at the "I Can Do It" conference in Toronto recently,the whole conference in general was truly amazing.

Do numbers 11 22 33 have any special meaning ?

Another common way in which the angels speak to us is by showing us number sequences.Have you ever noticed that when you look at the clock, a license plate, or a phone number, you see the same digits repeatedly? This is not a coincidence, but rather a message from above.

Since the era of Pythagoras, we've known that numbers carry powerful vibrations. Musical instruments and computers are based upon mathematical formulas, and the angels' number messages are just as precise.

The basic meaning of the numbers you see are;

0-You are loved by your creator.

1-Watch you thoughts,and only think about your desires instead of your fears,as you'll attract what you're thinking about.

2-Keep the faith and don't give up hope.

3Jesus or other ascended masters are helping you.

4-The angels are assisting you with this situation.

5-A positive change is coming up for you.

6-Release any fears about the physical/material world to God and the angels.Balance your thoughts between the material and the spiritual.

7-You're on the right path...keep going.

8-Abundance is coming to you now.

9-Get to work on your life's purpose without delay.

When you see a combination of numbers, simply "add" the meanings above together. For instance, if you see 428, this would mean; "The angels are with you.so keep the faith, as abundance is coming to you now."

I use this number guide of Doreen's as a reference in the growth of my personal Intuition. Hope it helps you as well. Love and Light.


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Thank you for this Roy,I've always sensed it was a form of communication, maybe. Much appreciated:)

(05 Jun '11, 14:48) Satori

We see things all the time, all around us. We look at the clock many times a day. The things we notice with our senses, the things that stand out, usually mean something to us. Like when we get a new car, even a new used car, and then start noticing that there are a ton of cars just like it, same color and everything. We see other cars out there and these cars like yours were always there, but you didn't notice how many there were until you got one. So we look at the clock many times, but the times we remember have significance to stand out, like a pattern. You might have looked at the clock when it read 12:31 but didn't notice the significance until you look at it three minutes later when it says 12:34. You might look at the clock every day at exactly those two times, but only remember that every day you look at the clock and it says 12:34. Maybe you are hungry, waiting for lunch, or you are at lunch and are watching the time to go back to work or school, but every day you look at the clock at 12:34.

Also, we have internal clocks, so we know what time it is. It would be very easy to subconciously look at the clock at the same time every day. We would probably pick a unique time to do this. Even when we are sleeping, we can wake up at the same time every day by choice without an alarm.


answered 04 Jun '11, 13:59

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Fairy Princess

Thanks fairy princess. Yes I agree on the internal clock thing, I used to wake up just before my alarm clock went off every morning lol:). Much appreciated:)

(05 Jun '11, 14:52) Satori

There is a special meaning of these numbers 11,22,33. According to Numbers 11:22 says, "Would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them? Would they have enough if all the fish in the sea were caught for them?" and in v33 says, " But while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the Lord burned against the people, and he struck them with a severe plague." If you want more explanations, please read the Bible. As it says in John 8:32, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


answered 15 Mar '13, 12:38

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Guel Sugano

Hi @Guel Sugano - in other words the key to life is internal not external :)

(15 Mar '13, 13:07) ru bis
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