Just curious. For example 111, 222, 333, etc. I've found a lot of different opinions on them. Religious people say it's a sign from angels, higher power, god, etc. addressing a particular situation in your life or trying to get your attention and that they all have different meanings. Some more skeptical people think that since you noticed those particular numbers that your mind automatically notices or looks for them.

Others believe that it means you're coming into vibrational alignment, nothing more (abraham hicks followers). I realize a lot of people do a great job at making something out of nothing, but say for example it's recurring and you don't deliberately look for a specific number sequence, even avoid it at times, what would you make of that?

I've found a lot of different opinions on this, I don't exactly believe in numerology and that those are signs of a predetermined event because I believe we all create our own fate, so that's one I have ruled out for the most part. Any opinions are welcomed I'm just wondering.

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What do you believe? Love and Light..

(07 Sep '13, 12:59) Roy
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I didn't know anything about those kind of number sequences first. I just got into the vortex deliberately and suddenly I noticed them everywhere. It made me curious and I did a research.

Some call them "Angel Numbers".

Bashar says that it means that you (higher self you) are giving your self (physical self) signs that everything is working out and that you are on the right path to vibrational alignment.

And I find that to be accurate in my own life.

Of course I now believe it to be true and it's a permission slip to communicate with my higher self. However if you don't believe it, this permission slip won't work. In fact you can change the meaning of those numbers if you wish to. Whatever you believe will be true.

You could believe that every time you see those numbers, it means that you are on the wrong path. And it will work too.

So ultimately it doesn't matter what I or we believe about recurring number sequences. It's what you believe that will bring you solid evidence in your reality.

I see those numbers as a general recommendation for physical beings and as a tool/permission slip from source. But you don't have to buy into this recommendation. You can make up your own tools and it will also work equally well. Source/higher self will then adjust to your own decisions and beliefs/permission slips.


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Thank you so much for the feedback. The same happened with me also. At first (when I started to truly understand the "vortex" concept and practice it) I kept seeing 111 and 333 everywhere and still do. That's an interesting perspective as well, I like the thought of identifying your own meaning with certain numbers. Thank you. Glad to know I am not the only one.

(07 Sep '13, 23:05) lex

@lex You are welcome :).

(08 Sep '13, 21:14) releaser99

A few months ago I started seeing synchronicity everywhere in numbers.

The number 38 ridiculously appeared everywhere when I needed confirmation. Everywhere. Like when I was driving, I was going out of alingment on my thoughts, and suddenly I'd become aware of it, fixed it, and as soon as I was back into alignment I'd check the odometer, the clock, it was 8:38, the odometer ending on 38 or 83 or the temperature 38C. This happening many many times for a period of a month, but the synchronicity with the number 38 had started a couple of months before that.

I had to ask for it to stop because it was so much fun and I was afraid it would go away on its own lol.

What I mean is, I don't know about the specific meaning of certain numbers, but I've read/heard Bashar say it's about you showing yourself you are on track, as releaser99 said.

I still see synchronicity a lot, with the 38 and other sequences but not as much as a month ago.


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That's really awesome. Like I told releaser99 I've had similar experiences. That's interesting...the number 38 though, when I did research I didn't find anything other than the triple digits and 123. I guess essentially it comes down to attaching your own meaning to those numbers and whether or not you're in vibrational alignment. Pretty mysterious. Question though, has there ever been a time you've tried to avoid seeing those numbers and they manifested regardless? That's happened to me haha

(07 Sep '13, 23:15) lex

@lex The law of Attraction works both ways. If you put your focus on something you want, you attract it. (Granted you stay positive and don't get in your own way) But if you try to avoid, or give your attention to something you don't want, you attract that. I mean, of course things you don't want will still cross your mind, cause we're all human, but if it's not bothering you and your not constantly "feeding it", it will eventually go away.

(08 Sep '13, 03:58) PowerWave

ugh wish I could type without making messy run-on sentences.. :P

(08 Sep '13, 03:59) PowerWave

Ah, yea that makes since. Didn't consider that.

(08 Sep '13, 11:48) lex
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I've been seeing number sequences for well over a year now and they are a part of my daily life as much as eating and sleeping, in my own experience, they are shown to me for the purpose of guidance and alignment, I've given them my own meanings and without them it could have taken much longer for me to maintain and remain aligned to my inner being more consistently. I've been seeing 888, 8888, and 444, 4444 much more frequently, three to four times a day with 444, and multiple times a day with 888, from my own interpretation, these recurring number sequences indicate alignment and the coming manifestation of my biggest intentions, which, ironically, have become no big deal to me anymore. For the most part, and speaking from my own personal experience, my numbers indicate alignment, and when I'm out of alignment I'll still see them, reminding me to get back into alignment, but this is my own experience, I believe WE get to choose what the number sequences mean to US, by how we FEEL when we see them, then giving them our own meanings.


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