This question relates to: Using LOA on a specific person. I'm getting signs like crazy. Does this mean it's working?

Would you guys elaborate what you mean by "claim?"

I did go to see him at his request once shortly after we met, but before I started the manifesting process. I flew out for the day (at his request.) Nothing sexual happened (nor was tried in any way.) we talked, laughed, and had a wonderful, but short time together. He knows how I feel & I know he is in a relationship that isn't going well. He was pretty tight lipped about that and I didn't pry, but obvious that he was feeling something. Very obvious. It was one of those "you just know" type things in which I never believed in before. I don't want to jump in and "claim" him as if he was mine until after that is over and done which I know will come to pass. These signs i'm getting are just insane and can't be overlooked or denied. I know we belong together. I know he knows as well. If this is meant to be, in which I believe it is with my whole heart, it is & will be.

There are times when we were heavily emailing a few months back that he would be blown away at how I would email him out of the blue the second he thought about me. I feel that is LOA at work. Since I found out about his relationship I backed off. I do feel that it needs to run it's course on it's own. I do see him in passing every couple of months or so since we met, through his work when I am in town. There hasn't been as much contact outside of that, but still a extremely obvious strong attraction. Even my friend, in which I havn't said much about this to, was like "WOW" to the way he acted towards and looked at me. My friend tells me that there is something that definitly can't be denied. I do feel that this is working. I just don't know why it's taking this long. Then again I look back at when we first met, and it really hasn't been all that long of a time. I'm just being impatient...

I have been using visualization, wrote this wish down in detail, put his picture in my purse, and even tested LOA with asking for specific signs in which I have gotten & then some. My dilemma is keeping the doubt away and not letting fear or feeling of lack set in. I know I need to "let go." However it's very difficult not to think about him all the time. The frustrating thing is I know that when I do let go, I will most definitly get results. It has happened like that with every single other thing I have manifested in the short time I have been using LOA. Actually before I ever even knew about LOA in the past as well.

I thank you all and am so grateful for your kind words and support. Reading these definitly brings my vibrations up!

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Than you! I knew I screwed it up after I posted it.. Thank you so much!

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Hello believer1, the object of a manifesting process is to put into motion subtle energies that enable the bringing into our lives of whatever we desire ... "claim" is to fully accept into our reality that which we consider as being the authentic response to a specific wish.

have fun :)


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blubird two

So in other words these "signs" mean that it is working? Does this mean I am supposed to now fully feel that he is mine and go with the flow? For example any opportunities to see or talk to him? Thank you for your time.

(12 Jan '12, 11:59) believer1

Yes believer1, feeling is what it is all about ... the interpretation of "signs" is subjective ... feeling the direction to follow is automatically being in the flow :)

(12 Jan '12, 13:04) blubird two

What we mean by claim him is that he has been drawn into your life and you have been drawn into his life. Are you dating or still waiting? If you are dating that is good that is the claiming part. What do you do when you go out together, do you feel that you are pulled together even more when you date?

When you are together you should both feel pulling together like you don't want to part after the date.

Claiming is recognizing your manifestation has come now you need to step up the action part. It is like I want to manifest a specific car. I happen to walk past by accident the exact car I want to manifest! It has a "For sale" cheap sign on it! I say "Wow what a coincidence that is just like the car I want to manifest! I hope something like that comes my way!" That is an example of failing to claim your manifestation.


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This relationship sounds terribly complicated to me....You have a number of issues to conquer- I do not mean to sound discouraging, though! Anything is possible if you believe! But certain events need to transpire, in order, for this to work out, long before you can "claim" the relationship. His involvement with another person is Number One. Secondly, the distance thing has to be resolved.

But with Manifesting, and the LOA, I have seen Red Tape disappear like magic. It is amazing how that can be so! But you have to really, really believe!

I am not really sure the word "claim" is exactly right when talking about another human being. It sounds like the old joke about hitting him over the head with a club and dragging him back to your cave. I would rather use different language here. What that language is, I don't know. "Permission to proceed", perhaps??? What you are really asking is if it is okay for you to want him and ask God for him...that is up to you and God. What does your conscience say? If you feel ANY checks, I would listen and proceed with caution. Try this: Ask God to send you your perfect mate. If he is the one, he will come to you. If not, someone even better will come.

I know it is hard.

I was alone for years...and had no idea that my emailing relationship with Wade would end up the way it did...until, that is, I hit him over the head with the proverbial 2 x 4 on Valentine's Day last year. You have to understand that we were spending upwards of eight hours a day communicating on the phone etc., and I finally had to confront him with this fact!

But I surely did not know in 2004 that I would ever end up with Wade at all!

So hang in there. You just never know!




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