Repeated illnesses have been a challenge for me recently. I have been taking excellent care of myself these past eight months, and had become accustomed to feeling comparatively strong and really good.

Now, it's one bleeping thing after another. Not even obviously related illnesses, just enough to keep me missing days of work and falling behind in daily life. A string of migraines, the flu, a further minor injury to my back, migraines again, and now chronic fatigue. I can't stay awake many evenings past 8:00 p.m., and I slept almost all last weekend. I just get too tired; I'm feeling done with my day long before the clock says it's time to be done.

This gets me down - I feel as though I can't keep up with my simple, quiet, work/home/exercise/friends/reading/kitties sort of life. Friends feel ignored, work is displeased to say the least, and the laundry piles up. I have my work cut out for me to get back up to speed again; over and over and over again. The cats are happy, I have to say.... plenty of time to cuddle - they're over the moon. :)

I manage it - I'm good today! But I would prefer to skip the whole dance and just stay well and happy.

Why do you think this keeps happening? How can I prevent it?

I would appreciate you sharing any thoughts or advice you may have for me. Thank you.

Love, Grace :)

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This may cheer you up Love and Light

(27 Feb '13, 07:07) Roy

I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. I too have been hit with one thing after another. I try to keep my thoughts possitive, but when I am already sick, it is difficult to remember to do any work. There seems to be a lot of this going around. I was wondering if it might be a physical reaction to the 'shift'.

(27 Feb '13, 09:42) Fairy Princess

The link above may answer you question.

(27 Feb '13, 09:52) Roy

@Roy - Interesting link, thanks

(27 Feb '13, 10:16) Stingray

@Grace - Interesting question and observations. I have noticed a lot of people being more "challenged" than usual over the past several weeks. Even the usually dominantly-aligned Mr @Satori appears to have quit IQ for some reason. For myself, I was engaged with a prolonged house-move during that period which is a pretty disruptive experience in itself and meant quitting my usual vibrational routines for a while until stuff got set up again. Because of that I haven't got a steady baseline to..

(27 Feb '13, 10:17) Stingray

@Grace - this period to. But just from observing others, it does seem like there is "something in the air" (vibrationally)

(27 Feb '13, 10:19) Stingray

@Grace According to Nora Herold this period of intense integration of our chakra systems, paving the way for a 5d chakra system will continue until the summer solstice.

(27 Feb '13, 17:02) Catherine

@Stingray - No worries, still here lurking:). BTW I was doing a small repair job in the garage today and happened to look up and see this > Look familiar? Lol :) What do you make of this? I do back up what's being said here. I have found it challenging to stay Aligned lately. Although I still have that awareness that really, All Is Well during those times:)

(28 Feb '13, 09:27) Satori

@Satori - that's where I put them :) By the way, you need to remove the full stop after the ".jpg" in your link for the picture link to work. Good to see you are still around. After you gave me all your points, I assumed you'd just packed up and left. Are you sure you don't want your points back? I think I have enough for the time being ;)

(28 Feb '13, 10:05) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you kindly for the offer Stingray buts it's fine :) Your answers resonate and help so much I thought its the least I could do:) Ive just been on holiday for a while. Thank you for that tip as well. I'm learning everyday:)

(28 Feb '13, 10:34) Satori

@Stingray - Almost forgot:) I need your advice please, on a niggling issue I've had this past 3 - 4 months. I have what I assume to be an energy blockage in my head/neck. It's a pressure that although moves around a bit does not seem to be dispersing. It can actually make my head jerk slightly sometimes and I've found myself gritting my teeth? I've been doing my best to let it be as it is but it can get pretty intense. I'm assuming this is only temporary now that I have an awareness of it?

(28 Feb '13, 11:00) Satori

@Stingray - What do you think? Thank you:)

(28 Feb '13, 11:01) Satori

@Satori - If you are aware of the EFT tapping points, perhaps you could try a little experiment? First try and consciously ramp up the pressure/pain as much as possible, preferably max it out even it feels unbearable. At the peak of the pressure/pain, go round tapping on the EFT tapping points for a few mins and see if anything changes. If you notice one point is particularly effective in some way, tap on that point alone until it loses its effectiveness. Let me know what happens :)

(28 Feb '13, 13:28) Stingray

@Stingray - Thanks. I gave that a go. I ramped up the pressure as much as I could by deep breathing and then done some tapping. The tapping points on eyebrow, side of the eye, under eye, etc, didn't have much effect. But the tapping points on the hand, especially the index finger, first increased the pressure and then I felt some release. The blockage is still there but has definitely improved to some extent. I going to try this again. Thanks very much Stingray:)

(28 Feb '13, 16:31) Satori

@Satori Maybe you want to give the following a try too. I always thought that you can only tap to or clear energies IN the body. But I learned recently that energies radiate a few cm/inches out of the body sometimes. This is described in Tom Stone's SEE technique. So try to identify if that energy radiates to your aura area.

(28 Feb '13, 17:21) releaser99

It's weird, but if it does, you can feel it. Then tap to it or do the SEE technique. With that knowledge clearing techniques work much better for me. You can also identify the radiating energy and do other clearing techniques you prefer.

(28 Feb '13, 17:21) releaser99

@Catherine - intense integration of our chakra systems ... Can you elaborate on that a little for me? I can't really fathom what that might involve. Interesting!

(28 Feb '13, 17:35) Grace

@Stingray - Thanks for sharing your perspective, that was something I was wondering, and should have put in my question: How many others are going through something similar? A poll on IQ would be a good way to pinpoint a trend like this. Fascinating stuff. :)

More importantly, what to do? Just keep myself aligned as much as possible, and don't despair, is all I can figure so far...

(28 Feb '13, 17:39) Grace

Hey there @Satori, yay! I too thought we'd lost you. Nice to see your smiling... um... @Satori! Sending good vibes to your neck. :) Have you tried the magnetic pillow on it?

(28 Feb '13, 17:40) Grace

@Roy - I really like your link, thank you. I will have time to read it more fully later, but just the little that I have read is very comforting, and strikes a chord with me. Beautiful!

(28 Feb '13, 17:44) Grace

@Fairy Princess - Wish you couldn't relate! :) I know what you mean about keeping yourself steady when you're sick. I have been pottering around IQ lately for advice on that, and found that mostly, it's best to just let go and let it be, as any attempts at vibrational work are likely to be more annoying than helpful for the moment. Tough to accept when you're used to feeling so wonderful nowadays! Sending good wishes for your healthy happiness. :)

(28 Feb '13, 17:47) Grace

@Grace - Still here Grace. Thanks for the good vibes and good advice:). @Releaser99 - That's something I overlooked. Thanks for that:)

(28 Feb '13, 21:56) Satori

@Satori - "The blockage is still there but has definitely improved to some extent" - That sounds promising. Something to watch for is that as you clear through various layers of this thing, it may change in character even though it's the same thing e.g. pressure in the neck may morph into, say, stomach ache and, say, into leg pain. Just keep on maxing it out and tapping it out until there's nothing left. If nothing seems to change, give it a break for a while (perhaps a day) and revist

(02 Mar '13, 04:53) Stingray

@Grace - "More importantly, what to do? Just keep myself aligned as much as possible, and don't despair, is all I can figure so far..." - You've figured in an excellent way :) Really, it's the same old answer again ... Vortex first, any way you can, then everything else ...and if something stops you getting into the Vortex, clean it up just enough to allow you to do so. From the Vortex-aligned perspective, you are in a place to receive your own customized solutions to every issue

(02 Mar '13, 04:55) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you for that advice. I do notice that the pressure seems to move around when I'm tapping on it, almost like I'm chasing it with my awareness:) I never would have thought of using EFT on energy blockages or that certain tapping points might be more effective than others. Thank you:)

(02 Mar '13, 17:03) Satori

@Grace- Grace, from my experience keeping yourself in the Vortex is the best way to go as Stingray says. I think what happens is when you keep yourself in the Vortex or Present those lower energies within you get starved of your attention. They then start to react (to get your attention) creating illness /negative emotions /people, that knock you out of the Vortex. These emotional signatures are surfacing so you that you can integrate them which is a good thing. One thing to consider is..

(02 Mar '13, 17:32) Satori

@Grace- I have found that most of the suffering is caused by how we react to these feelings etc, rather than the feelings themselves:)

(02 Mar '13, 17:33) Satori

@Stingray - Thank you. I love that old answer. I wonder, since it's such a positive message, if that in itself may be the reason why it is so difficult to remember while I am feeling bad. I mean, maybe I could hear a negative statement of the fact more readily, being a better vibrational match for all things negative at that moment: "There are no answers outside of the Vortex!" The search for them there is really futile. :)

(02 Mar '13, 23:21) Grace

@Satori - Integration. Things "coming up to be healed" as Marianne Williamson has put it. I had never looked at this situation that way before. Thank you. I have had a question about just that point brewing for months now. Maybe it's time I put it together properly in my mind and get it posted :) ...

(02 Mar '13, 23:30) Grace

...And yes - I read your second comment and realized with a jolt just how true it is. It is most certainly my reaction to less than perfect health that is the far greater difficulty. I tend to have such a low opinion of myself when I'm not physically up to par - as if I'm the only person who's ever had to loose their grip on daily life a bit, and let some things pass by. I think it may stem from so many years as a single mom, when my little world really would fall to bits if I let go...

(02 Mar '13, 23:34) Grace

... and also a bit from being brought up in shame. But those circumstances are both gone now, and both can be left well behind. Who I am now, is a person who has no shame, and a ton more faith that all is well, as I believe it is. :)

(02 Mar '13, 23:37) Grace

@Grace - *"Who I am now, is a person who has no shame, and a ton more faith that all is well, as I believe it is." Well said Grace and glad to hear it.:) I have found that responding instead of reacting to life to be a very powerful and rewarding practise.

(07 Mar '13, 14:03) Satori

@Grace - "maybe I could hear a negative statement of the fact more readily, being a better vibrational match for all things negative at that moment" - Well said, which is why you cannot make someone understand these ideas - they have to bring themselves to a place of being able to hear them. And that's why they also forget them when they are not feeling good. The best I've been able to do in my life is try to set up systems to remind my out-of-Vortex self what my in-the-Vortex self knows:)

(15 Mar '13, 14:21) Stingray

@Stingray - Yes! I do that too! As though I try to leave breadcrumbs for my other self to follow. I have a list of the basics: Meditate, Focus Blocks, Placemat Process, Wouldn't It Be Nice If, ROA... When I get off track, I just check of each of those things every day, and just try not to figure anything out until things start getting clearer.

(15 Mar '13, 16:31) Grace

@Satori - Your description of what was happening with your neck sounded familiar to me, and I just this morning remembered what it was. It was a side effect I experienced with a medicine I was prescribed - I had to quit taking it. Actually, it happened with two different medicines for different problems at different times in my life. Just thought I'd throw that out there for you, just in case. :)

(15 Mar '13, 16:35) Grace

@Grace- Thank you Grace. I appreciate the info. The condition has improved a lot. Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction:)

(16 Mar '13, 11:03) Satori

No matter how you are feeling this message will make you feel better.Love and Light.

(06 Apr '13, 19:24) Roy

@Satori each one of your posts on this thread spoke to me. Thank you. Much appreciated.

(06 Apr '13, 21:16) ele
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Your not alone Grace,I feel a great many of US are experiencing the same or similar symptoms. We have been bombarded with some incredible new energies for some time now. These new energies are being referred to as the God drop.I myself have been made aware that slowing down is not going to be an option. :) Your doing Awesome Grace, keep up your wonderful work.

Love and Light


answered 26 Feb '13, 18:00

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@Roy - It does help to feel that I'm not alone in this, though I wouldn't wish it on anyone. ;) Thank you for the encouragement - I get knocked down, but I get up again!

(27 Feb '13, 02:13) Grace

@Roy @Grace At least two channellers have been saying the same - many have been ill over the past couple of months. Lovely answer Roy.

(27 Feb '13, 03:09) Catherine

No matter how you are feeling this message will make you feel better.Love and Light.

(06 Apr '13, 20:49) Roy

@Roy I love this link, thanks for sharing it. I copied it & highlighted all the parts where I both heard & felt the echo.

(06 Apr '13, 21:15) ele

I had goosebumps all the time I read It,just beautiful. Love and Light.

(06 Apr '13, 21:19) Roy

Tajima channels many different entities,Amazing... This is a second message for today..

(06 Apr '13, 22:49) Roy

@Roy Yes, amazing @Grace & she will appreciate this one. Thanks - loved it.

(06 Apr '13, 23:43) ele
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may be ur more focussed on the illness. change ur focuss..and be focussed on good n perfect health. it will definately change things. n

practise gratitude daily. be greatful for ur prefect health. everything will be fine soon.

may u get well soon as soon as possible..

love ,light n blessings ur wayy dear..



answered 26 Feb '13, 23:51

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Thank you, @supergirl. I agree, illness needs to be the furthest thing from my mind. This time, tho, I've not been succeeding as I would expect, so I'm hoping to put my attention on the subject long enough to ask for some advice and perspective here. :)

I was also wondering, as @Roy mentioned, if other folks were seeing the same sort of thing - like a change of energy, or this rather sudden, pervasive feeling of depletion, and see if anyone has suggestions as to how to deal with it...

(27 Feb '13, 02:30) Grace

... And you're right, of course, appreciating how wonderful it feels in this moment, to be reading responses from caring people must be my first priority. Thank you so much for your good wishes. :)

(27 Feb '13, 02:31) Grace

@Grace I agree with @supergirl I actively profess that "I am never sick".The stomach flu has been through my house the last over 2 weeks my wife ,my two daughters and even when of their friends that slept over have gotten sick.(guess who got to clean that up :/ ) But I refuse!
Refuse illness and expect health.

(27 Feb '13, 06:36) ursixx

@ grace- ur most welcme darling.. :))

(27 Feb '13, 11:51) supergirl

@ ursixx- thank u dear.., same happened with me. cos m alwayzz focussed on great health.

(27 Feb '13, 11:52) supergirl
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It can be a chakras blockages. All physical symptoms are from non physical to physical. Listen to this session and it explains it much better. This man Peter had solar plexus chakras blockage, and it then manifested into Crones disease. That is how it works. Wherever the blockage is located, the illnesses occurs in that exact area, and with knowing that, u must also understand that every certain point in chakras, have different meanings. For instance the 1st chakras is existence, sexual drive, and safety. So if any of these are imbalanced in your life, then that area becomes energetically blocked, and it will manifest in sexual organs or rectum.

Love n light



answered 27 Feb '13, 16:42

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb - I never considered my chakras, good advice. :) I will take a listen to your link when I get home. Going through @Jai's advice for balancing chakras - always feels so good, regardless. Thank you Rob!

(28 Feb '13, 17:33) Grace

skype me, i have some chakra balancing nerobeats.. just liek my meditations,, it is for chakras.

(28 Feb '13, 20:45) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you sweets! I will. :)

(03 Mar '13, 00:02) Grace

@Treb - For many years, I stopped talking about anything of any import or depth - or anything personal, to anyone. Then, I forgot how to, and just kept my own council. My feelings had been badly hurt, I was truly heartsore, and just decided it wasn't safe to talk, so I went silent. Obviously, IQ has opened my mouth lol! But now, an ultrasound has showed that my ...

(04 Mar '13, 22:38) Grace

...thyroid is just riddled with cysts and growths. I am not worried about it - I know I'm fine. :) I just made the connection with what you said here. I had heard of this sort of connection before, but never seen it in myself, until now. It seems to make perfect sense. Reason number 4,812 why I'm so glad I came here! :)

(04 Mar '13, 22:41) Grace

@Grace. I am so glad that u are here too sweetheart, Thank u for sharing this, and u kow if u need to talk, where i am . Love

(07 Mar '13, 07:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

The throat chakra has continued to be an issue for me - finding my voice .

(06 Apr '13, 21:25) ele
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There was a time, about ten years ago, that I was working my regular 9-5 job and then helping set up a new account as well. In the midst of that, another account was having troubles and I was also helping out there for several months. I went from working to WORKING TOO MUCH and on top of this was going through a divorce and in the middle of finding a new place to live and helping my two oldest kids to get out on their own. I wasn't sleeping and definitely wasn't eating right. Meditation was haphazard at best and often I would just fall asleep in the middle of it. The work was fun and I wasn't hating it, I was just too short on time. People kept telling me, "Keep this up and you are going to get sick." I would answer, "I don't have time to get sick."

I happened to see the psychic Sylvia Browne on TV during that time, and she said a good prayer/affirmation is this: I AM NEVER SICK OR IN PAIN FOR MORE THAN A FEW HOURS.

Since that time, I have always used that affirmation daily, and even more than once a day if I feel that people around me are sick, or that I might be coming down with something. I didn't get sick back then, and I never do get sick. I occasionally have a sore knee or headache, but they pass really quickly as I believe they will. Germs, cold weather, earth vibrations, stress, bad horoscope....none of that can make me sick and it never does. And I am 53!

I am so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, but I know it can turn around for you, FAST! Be well!


answered 27 Feb '13, 22:11

LeeAnn%201's gravatar image

LeeAnn 1


@LeeAnn 1 - Great advice. I'm sensing a trend here... :) I'm glad you are rocking this healthy girl thing. I like the prayer/affirmation, I will use it.

(28 Feb '13, 17:53) Grace

Hi Grace, Sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best. I agree with the other responses in that you are not alone. There is definately a huge healing going on just now. I am not an astrologer, however I have been using the advice of my angels and astrological friends as now is a time of profound inner healing in order to allow the healing of the masses. Lots of inner time is advised just now to heal old beliefs and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you or fit with your new or renewed path you may be on now. My friend has just published an awesome book all about self healing. Am I allowed to recommend it on this site?

I am also in my 4th week of 'clearing' (more commonly known as being sick!). I can only surrender to it knowing that when I have let the healing truly happen, my body will be back to full energy.

On a physical level it may be helpful to alkalise and nurture with lemon water, clean food, and be aware of who you surround yourself with + lots of yoga too to help shift the energy.

with love and compassion, Lindsay


answered 27 Feb '13, 10:47

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@LindsaydS read the FAQ there are the "rules of posting websites ...Welcome to IQ!

(27 Feb '13, 11:46) ursixx

@LindsaydS, you are free to recommend whatever you wish. The only links we don't allow in answers are affiliate links (where someone gets paid to mention a product) and promotion of your own website. We ask that those links are kept only in your account profile. This is to keep the recommendations in answers on IQ as genuine as possible

(27 Feb '13, 14:48) Barry Allen ♦♦

@LindsaydS - Thank you. That is such an encouraging answer to hear just now. Allowing profound inner healing sounds fantastic to me. It's always such a sweet relief when I'm reminded that sooo much is not about fighting what you don't want - it's about allowing what you do want. For a weary, reluctant fighter, this has been a life-changer. :)

(02 Mar '13, 23:49) Grace
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@Grace, After reading your answer to Treb about not talking for some time and then discovering thyroid problems, I felt that they may be related so maybe you should read Louise Hay's "Spiritual Meanings underlying diseases" - this is what it says about thyroids: THYROID PROBLEMS: Humiliation. Feeling repressed or put down. Feeling as if you never get to do what you want. AFFIRMATION: I move beyond old limitations and allow myself to express freely and creatively.

You can find the complete thing at any one of these links:

About your being sick - I've been going through the same thing - thanks for posting this question. And my contribution to your feeling better is - All is well in the kingdom of Grace...


answered 08 Mar '13, 08:33

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@MoonWillow - thanks for the links, very useful :)

(08 Mar '13, 08:40) ru bis

Great links, thanks!

(08 Mar '13, 09:22) Fairy Princess

@ru bis and @Fairy Princess... you're very welcome

(08 Mar '13, 09:59) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow "All is well in the kingdom of Grace" perfect!

(08 Mar '13, 20:09) ursixx

@MoonWillow - Thank you. I loved the links, too. :)

(08 Mar '13, 21:50) Grace
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It could be as simple as a vitamin D deficiency. According to Dr. Mercola, Vitamin D cures/prevents the cold and flu. Be well

Besides getting enough sunshine and/or Vit D supplements, make sure you are eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. The fruit especially should be local because it helps your blood adjust to the climate. For exmple, tropical fruit thins the blood and keeps you cooler in the tropics, however, if you are in a cold area, that would not be good, especially if you are already sick.

I was sick almost all winter. I went to a natropath for allergy tests, and she thought that I had a vitamin D deficiency. I had a bottle at home, because I already knew this, but forgot and hadn't been taking them until a few days before the appointment. I hope I never forget again.


answered 06 Apr '13, 09:39

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 06 Apr '13, 09:47


@Grace-This was true for me. I got my Vitamin D level checked and it was practically non-existent. My doctor said that everyone who lives North should be be on D. (Forgive me if you are south of the equator.) I needed a HUGE amount of D, and was back to normal in no time. Try it. @FP is on to something here!

(06 Apr '13, 09:55) Jaianniah

The safe upper limit was 2,000 and now it's 4,000.

(06 Apr '13, 10:00) Fairy Princess
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