Is there anyone out there in the world who believes AS I DO that the potential exists for us Questers to become the spark that lights the fire in the hearts and minds of enough fellow citizens to effect a change in the mindset of a very large number of people, particularly those who are fortunate enough to find themselves in positions of power to bring about a new mindset that does not depend upon our searching for conflict as a means of furthering our technological advancement, in particular our arms development.

That even though we have been blessed with a wonderful set of documents ie the Constitution and the Bill of Rights we should as a nation not convince ourselves that it is our right and responsibility to change the way other nations choose to run their country, treat their citizens, make use of their natural resources even though it does not always appear to fit neatly into our national interest at the time.

This is of course only the opinion of one proud American who sees the greatest nation ever created squandering its wealth and valuable assets ie our wonderful servicemen and women who have made the final sacrifice not in my view the defence of our nation but sadly in the defense of an ideology.

I believe with all my heart that a better way to promote our ideas is to be found in the search for peaceful cooperation, areas of agreement, respect for our differences, and the God-given right for others to chart their own course as we have ours.

I know that my words will create controversy, but that is not my intent, so forgive me please if I injure the feelings and sensibilites of others.

My hopes and prayers is that we seek and with our faith in God find a better way to guide when we can, influence where possible and acceptable but never force any peoples to accept our way of life even if it would be in their best interest to do so.

My dream is that all nations of the world can join together in mutual respect, love and harmony long enough to experience the grand rewards that would bring to all.

I only ask that all who share my dream join me with your faith, prayers, and intent to effectuate a change to the benefit of all mankind.

Our creator gave us the power as an extension of his power, but power that is not put into action is of no value whatsoever, like love and affection that is never displayed.

Please respond.

I promise to honour and respect the opinions of those who disagree the same as those who do.

May GOD bless and guide you always.


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Don V

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Barry Allen ♦♦

See here:

(17 Sep '10, 15:43) Vesuvius

Yes, we are the force to change the world.

The idea is no having the force to change the world, but change yourself for BECOME THE CHANGE. The universe is holographic: all aspects of entirety is found into each its parts; and based on universal Principle of Correspondence ("As above, so below; as below, so above"), the change of the part is represented into entirety and all other parts. As more parts activate by own will the same change, as stronger becomes this specifical change in the entirety (universe and collective consciousness) and each part of (individual consciousness).

"When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will Know Peace" - Jimi Heandrix


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Thanks Gleam,I agree with both you and Jimi.There is no other place where change can possably take place.It can only come from within.WE ARE ALL ONE,You can not lift another without rising to a higher level yourself.

(18 Sep '10, 04:34) Don V

A gift that is not put into action is of no value whatsoever. No doubt our individual light does make a difference and when combined we are unstoppable.‎

"Divide and rule, the politician cries; Unite and lead, is watchword of the wise."

-Goethe (1749-1832)


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Thanks Daniele,Your responce just goes to prove that to make a point, it dosn't require a lot of words to make a lot of sense.Perhaps I can learn from you.

(18 Sep '10, 04:22) Don V

Don V I believe that the shift in consciousness is occurring and will continue to occur without any conflict and without any particular effort. There is a book called the "The Fifth Monkey Syndrome" by Ken Kesey. The story is about a group of monkeys in Africa who started peeling their bananas before eating it. Scientists observed that monkeys thousand of miles away in another part of Africa started doing the same thing without having any contact with the first group of monkeys. The point is that individual consciousness affects mass consciousness and vice versa. Those of us who are making the effort to develop our consciousness are impacting on the mass consciousness and the shift in mass consciousness is slowly occuring. Abraham describes it as "being on the leading edge of thought".


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Thanks Graham,You are correct,but as our numbers increase so does our power to influence those who are yet to learn of the tremendous potential that lies within to effectuate their God given power of creativity,and then the shift in mass conciousness will no longer be occuring slowly,but at an ever increaseing acceleration for as most if not all of us know that (Much allways gathers more) Don V

(18 Sep '10, 03:49) Don V

You are right but remember the law of attraction is in operation. Change will only occur based on this law. An individual can manifest change within the self but one individual cannot manifest change within the universe, it must be a collective process. We cannot force this process, Our responsibility is not to change the world but to change ourselves which in turn impact on the mass consciousness.

(20 Sep '10, 23:22) Drham

Are we a force to change the world through co-operation rather than conflict?

I would say it another way.

We are a force to change the world through creativity rather than competition.


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Thanks RPuls,On this I can truthfuly say our minds are most definately joined in unity.In my mind I view competition as being based on lack and limitation,where if I get my fair share then someone somewhere must get less than they need,and as I look at this grand tapestry that we call nature I find all evidence pointing to abundance in all things,therefore no one should experience lack or limitation.I can not state this as a fact for lack of proof,but I view competition as the father of averace and greed.Where can one find good in that.

(18 Sep '10, 04:53) Don V

If it is permitted I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the thoughtful responce on the part of each and every one of you.

(18 Sep '10, 05:00) Don V

I would think that we should be trying to better our world by EXAMPLE and not by force.

Funnily enough Wallace Wattles gives a very good take on this in the Science of Getting Rich. His idea is that we cant help other people if we havnt anything to help them with. Now i dont just mean material resources here either.

History is full of many instances of FORCE being applied to circumstances and this hasnt made the world neccessarily a better place.We have also had thousands of years of religion and dogma as well,likewise these havnt to my mind helped much.

Most of us cant do much about the whole world system,BUT we can impact our own microcosm.If we all do this would it make a difference?

I would like to think so.I cant do an awful lot about the mess over in the middle east for example.But i can do something with my own life which may impact those around me for the better.



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Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham. When your light is shining it lights my path too.

(18 Sep '10, 02:27) Don V

Thanks Graham,The paths of many are oftentimes illuminated by the shining example of one.It is my goal to light as many paths as I can by makeing this site known to everyone that I can for as long as I can, for I know what becoming a member has given me.There are so many shining lights on this site that I find my spirit is always lifted to a much higher level as I suspect are those of many others. Don V

(18 Sep '10, 03:20) Don V

I agree Don.This site has helped focus me and often confronts me with views that encourage me and that i either dont quite believe,understand or havnt looked into yet.I think this stimulus is healthy and helps keep the mind OPEN. So much more spiritually healthy than the old dogmas i adhered too.The site keeps my spiritual reflexes in shape and causes me to THINK.For many years i had let others do my thinking for me!

(18 Sep '10, 11:13) Monty Riviera
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Conflict gives rise to co-operation, and co-operation gives rise to conflict; they cannot co-exist without each other just like yin and yang. Conflict causes us to ask for more and realizing our true selves. Imagine a world without conflict and everyone helped each other to get what they wanted.. that would be a very very weird place to be in my opinion.


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Thanks Kakaboo,I agree that this is true today, due in my opinion to a flawed mindset that feels the necessity for conflict for the lack of a better solution.I understand the law of polarity,but I find that in my heart I am saddend by the thought that it is our creators will that in order for progress to take place it is necessary to take a life,Yes I know that Cain killed Abel,but what did Cain gain?

(18 Sep '10, 04:23) Don V
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