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I note that the header for the Inward Quest Home Page says "Spirituality, Mind Power & The Law Of Attraction". This clearly implies that the 'Law Of Attraction' is officially endorsed as a significant and valid concept by the site operators, and as such amounts to a doctrine that the site's users are encouraged to acquaint themselves with, and embrace.

Is this intentional ...?

In other words, by participating on the site is it preferred that users subscribe to the concepts behind 'The Law Of Attraction' as detailed in Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret" ...?

Given the rather high profile granted to the 'Law Of Attraction' on Inward Quest I can't help but get the impression that perhaps the site is really just a 'front' for promoting Rhonda Byrne's world-view. Is this in fact the case ...?

Thank Q! for clarifying this :)

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Despite what Rhonda Byrne's marketing department would like you to believe, the concept of The Law of Attraction didn't begin with Rhonda Byrne.

It began with the creation of the universe itself which, unless I'm mistaken, happened a short while before Rhonda wrote The Secret. :)

It is believed that the phrase The Law of Attraction originated in the late 1800's/early 1900's in a book called Thought Vibration. The phrase was repopularized back in the late 1980s onwards mainly due to Abraham-Hicks.

Rhonda Byrne approached Jerry & Esther Hicks (and Abraham) to create a movie based around their work and did so. But she later reneged on a legal agreement with Jerry & Esther and, rather than become involved in a bad-feeling legal dispute, Jerry & Esther withdrew from the project. As a result, Abraham's involvement was removed from the movie and, I presume, the book...which I have not read. So the current The Secret movie, while based on the teachings of Abraham, hides its true origins...so The Secret is actually keeping a secret :)

The principle of "like attracts like" in the world of thought actually underlies every human philosophy that exists, has ever existed and ever will exist. People argue over the language used to describe the idea, the implementation of the idea, and many will even try to suppress and obfuscate a genuine understanding of it in place of their own personal agenda but that doesn't make the principle any less true.

So, to answer your question, Inward Quest would probably be better described as a "front" for explaining how the universe (which I believe includes Rhonda Byrne) works :)


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Well, that seems to have cleared that up very nicely ... Thank Q! Stingray!

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The first instance of the Law Of Attraction started with the Hermetica in that the law of attraction was only one of the seven laws. This came from ancient Egypt it was said to be given to Thoth whom the Greeks called Hermies Transmigratus. From this they called the Emerald tablets the Hermetica. A great translation of this is called The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians Through the years these laws were passed on through the secret societies to members worthy of protecting and not abusing such information. Eventually along came authors that felt differently and that people should know about this. Along came James Allen who wrote As A Man Thinketh and Wallace D Wattles that wrote The Science of Getting Rich. There was Napoleon Hill with Think and Grow Rich and one of the best Robert Collier The Secret of the Ages, there were also women as Florence Scovel Shinn and her books The Game Of Life And How To Play It, Your Word Is Your Wand, The Secret Door To Success. All of these authors and many more long long before Esther Hicks or Rhonda Byrne's great grandparents even existed.


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Thank Q! for those links Wade, they'll come in quite handy!

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You are very welcomed I am glad to help.

(12 Aug '10, 04:53) Wade Casaldi

Whether or not this site is a front for one particular view is rather irrelevant when you look at the scope of the site as a whole. There is no explicit advertising, and engaging in discussions along these lines, whether you subscribe to the Law of Attraction or are against it, all helps to create dialogue and expand ideas, resulting in more well fleshed-out viewpoints and, hopefully, stronger personal practice and understanding one way or another.

Other than perhaps not being accustomed to the lingo and finding that maybe a lot of posts are geared towards/worded in a LoA mindset, I doubt that there would be any trouble for not adhering to those specific beliefs. I myself do not know many specifics about the LoA, read much directly about it, etc, but I still think this site could be extremely valuable to me as an individual, all of us as a community, and everyone we all influence as a global family.

Above posters definitely hit on good points, this is nothing new. The most recent wave of interest in the Law, the Secret, whatever you want to call it, is but one in a series of many throughout the ages. What is new, however, is the format and the near-planetary accessibility of these ideas thanks to the internet and this format. I find this situation more and more as I look around, teachings and practices that were for many, perhaps hundreds of years or more, taught exclusively to a small number of esoteric initiates are now being disseminated to anyone with access to the internet. Surely it all comes down to personal experience and research into the truths behind all these words, we just have much much more to work with than anyone ever did before.

All in all, LoA or no, kudos to this site and its creators!


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I likethe genuine enthusism and positivity of THIS your answer.Be welcome!

(11 Aug '10, 22:43) Gleam

I am sure you are aware that the many of our great leaders taught the Law of Attraction decaded before any one even heard of Rhonda Byrne. Yes there is a high profile granted to the Law of Attraction, one should do his/her own research on any subject mention. Therefor if inquisitive minds would be inclined to further research this Law you will find that Rhonda Bryne has become only one of hundreds of teachers and authors that promote the Law of Attraction.


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Tracy Jackson

It's easy enough to browse the site and see for yourself that there are a wide variety of viewpoints represented here, including the "Law of Attraction."


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Yes, I'd noticed a reassuring diversity of views here - I just wasn't too clear about the source of that LOA reference in the Home Page header that's all.

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There's plenty of books on the Law of Attraction that the users of this site have been reading, not only The Secret. A lot can be found on the PsiTec Site, others are written by Esther and Abraham Hicks, and others are mentioned in Wade's answer. Yes, we're mainly followers of the LOA, but it's not a conditio sine qua non to ask questions here. You'll find a lot of topics besides that.



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Yes, I stumbled across that PsiTec site when a Scout-Class dalek did a TOP SECRET Google on Simon. Oops, that isn't quite so secret now is it ;) Thank Q!

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Agree with the above,ive only been on this site 2 days and have seen such a variety of views from standard ( if such a thing exists ) Evangelical Christianinty to most forms of Christian Science,New Thought etc etc. Im pleased there are so many conflicting points of view.It appears healthy and fair minded and im sure most can disagree without being disagreeable. The Secret really isnt a ground breaking concept,the Wattles,Trines,Manns,Holmes,Trowards and dozens of others were writing this stuff a century odd ago. Graham


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There's a lot of posts about The Secret and Rhonda Byrne. L.O.A. has been practiced for eons. Through modern technology people (both the sincere and dishonest) have been massively promoting it and make lots of money. Real estate guru's, self help guru's, MLM's, they all will show you the easy, effortless way to a better life, riches, wealth and perfect health. Act now and we'll send you 12 free gifts worth $876! Have you heard that one before?

L.O.A. works but you 'have' to work 'it' and yourself too. Can't just sit on the couch, think happy thoughts and the FedEx man delivers a Lamborghini (perfect person, house, etc.) to your front door. (kind of like how The Secret says it can happen) Or maybe that part is left out when guru's teach L.O.A.? The Secret teaches Ask, Believe, Receive. It should be Clarity, Creation, Seek, Enjoy! But that's work and most people like the idea of 'ask and it shall be given' type manifesting. No work involved there. Heck! Even in the Bible Jesus said: "Ask, Seek, Knock". Ask first then do 2x the work by seeking and knocking. Works for me.

I did research recently on Rhonda Byrne and she's regarded as one of the top 10 most spiritual people IN THE WORLD! She's really not the First Lady of L.O.A. and Jerry & Esther Hicks are really not the First Couple. Prior to Esther, Jerry was doing Amway and then they both started studying Jane Roberts the channeler of Seth long before they started the Abraham thing. William Waddles coined the term 'Law of Attraction' in the late 1800's. Jerry & Esther brought it to everyone's attention and Rhonda slicked it up and hollywooded it.(I loved the DVD) There was also the movie (which came before The Secret) 'What the Bleep Do We Know' but that was more on Quantum Physics with an underlying manifesting storyline. The Secret was similar where there was a 'movie' plot with expert interviews.

There's a lot going on at InwardQuest. Maybe Rhonda Byrne is just a popular topic more so than others.


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