As some of you may know I've been depressed for quite some time now (although I'm getting better and better at feeling good) and the teachings of Abraham really gave me hope when I thought that I'll always be depressed. I really immersed myself in their teachings and deeply believed in it until today when I read the following story:

I suddenly doubt in their teachings because of this post. I think that the underlying belief is "if they're a scam and their teachings doesn't work I'll be miserable for the rest of my life". What should I do? I've been feeling better and better every day, hopeful at least but right know it's like somebody would take all of that away. I know it sounds strange. So that's why I need your help guys - what should I do?

But then again if they're not a scam how come they erased Ari from the forum? What were they afraid of?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

How about trusting yourself. You don't need AH.

(02 Mar '13, 11:18) CalonLan

I found that many teachers led me to learn to love myself. I was afraid of life and death, and now I have made peace with both. death is certainly something we all have in common. Einstein said that we can choose to see the universe as good, or bad and that it's up to us to make the choice. The choice belongs to each of us individually to live well, it is not a group decision.

(03 Mar '13, 09:37) clearheart

@Timmyy I landed on this site googling "is Abraham Hicks a scam" having read some posts by this guy and also some by a lady called Kyra (I think she appeared on this site and had a verbal back and forth with Stingray). You've had some great answers but I would just like to add that you say "I've been feeling better and better" - stick with that. I sense this is just a wobble for you as it was for me.

(03 Mar '13, 13:36) Catherine

@Timmyy Having said that the story is a sad one and I've no idea why they would have erased her posts from the forum - they would have to answer that for you.

(03 Mar '13, 14:24) Catherine
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Wow. I read as much as I could stomach of the link you shared. It's difficult to understand how anyone could take something as beautiful, empowering, and life affirming as these teachings, and turn them into something vile and deadly, but there it is.

Seeing quotes that have played a huge part in changing my life from bleak misery to the beauty and happiness I experience now, being twisted and misconstrued was certainly unpleasant, I don't blame you for feeling upset. A year ago today, I literally cried myself to sleep most nights. In recent months, I am much more likely to be lying awake, giggling quietly over the fun and funny things that have happened during the day, and the sighing satisfaction I feel about it all. This is absolutely true, as several people on this site can tell you. :D

I think the simplest way for me to understand this sad twisting of the wisdom A-H offers is to consider the source. In my understanding, the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Everything I see can be traced back to one or the other. I just go with whatever stems from love.

The writer of that bitter piece seems to me to be terrified of the idea that we are all responsible for our own lives. Pretty scary stuff, I'll admit, when you are used to having someone or something to blame when life is not as you would like it to be. I also had an adjustment to make, in not having anyone to bow and scrape to, grateful for any scrap that seemed to fall off someone else's table. Only me to celebrate with now. :) It's that subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation that changes everything.

Anyway, @timmyy, I'm meandering, sorry. :) The point is, you get to choose. Help yourself, as you wish, to the teachings of love, or the teachings of fear. You have been doing wonderfully well. Don't let anyone take that away from you.

Love, Grace. :)


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"The writer of that bitter piece seems to me to be terrified of the idea that we are all responsible for our own lives." I think I will never understand why so many people fear responsibilty when it is the most freeing thing in the world...Great answer @Grace!

(03 Mar '13, 04:23) releaser99

@Grace - Isn't it interesting how some us here (myself included) seemed to find Inward Quest in our darkest hours, just when we needed it the most? @releaser99 - I love the Bashar quote defining responsibility as often the word is given a negative connotation, when it is really all about empowerment.

(03 Mar '13, 12:29) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Response-Ability...just brilliant and to the point! I love how articulate he is and also very funny at times. In one video a lady said "That's so awesome." And he said "So you have some awe. That's good. And if you're full of awe, might we say it would be awe full (awful)?" :)

(03 Mar '13, 14:34) releaser99

@releaser99 I am gonna ask and know it is already given , please would you give the link to video you mentioned. As I read Bashar "is also very funny" a little breakfast burp popped out of me and it sounded just like a goat , I am still laughing at myself as I write this, it's good to be goofy ;-)

(03 Mar '13, 21:45) Starlight

Very well said, @Grace!

(04 Mar '13, 08:02) Bedazzled

@releaser99, @lozenge123, @Bedazzled - It is definitely daunting at first, I have to say. But life is so much better, now that I've made the jump! :)

(04 Mar '13, 13:37) Grace

thanks Grace. "A year ago today, I literally cried myself to sleep most nights. In recent months, I am much more likely to be lying awake, giggling quietly over the fun and funny things that have happened during the day, and the sighing satisfaction I feel about it all. This is absolutely true, as several people on this site can tell you. :D"

(04 Mar '13, 13:52) abrahamloa

i resonate with you how your life changed, it was something similar for me too. In the beginning i could not believe that i need not to much. And just feel easy. but that does work and its also more beautiful and graceful that way :-)

(04 Mar '13, 13:52) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa - I'm glad to hear you're experiencing this too. Who knew, all that time, we were actually giving power to what we fought against? Pouring all that energy into fighting what I felt was wrong, just kept it strong. All I had to do was use half that same energy, directed at appreciating what is right! Soooo much easier. This really needs to be taught in grammar school. The world would change, in just a few years. :)

(04 Mar '13, 21:58) Grace
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"if they're a scam and their teachings doesn't work I'll be miserable for the rest of my life"

I think you have identified your underlying belief very well. But I believe that there is another underlying belief to that. If you go further you will discover another underlying core belief (which I identified for myself some time ago) which is

I cannot trust myself. I cannot trust my own abilities to make appropriate decisions in every situation. I cannot trust my inner guidance. I cannot trust that I will make proper decisions in every moment in the future. So I must analyze, prepare, plan and be aware of myself and my inabilities so I don't make mistakes in the future. Fear is my friend and will help me outwit insecurities about myself. Fear is my partner and I will together with him win the battle against my own inabilities...(laughing devilishly)

although I'm getting better and better at feeling good) and the teachings of Abraham really gave me hope

I think this is your answer. If it makes you feel better, it is good for you. Why? Because feeling good (or better) is anti-suicide. Feeling good is anti-fear and anti-depression. So to be miserable or to commit suicide you must feel bad first.

But what if you feel good now and suddenly feel miserable in the future? Well... then you just trust you own inner guidance and choose something else that makes you feel better in the moment and say: fuc* off abraham!...You see, no planing or preparing needed.

Btw I recently read that there are cases where people died using kitchen appliances such as a lemon squeezer. But in my experience lemon squeezers are very helpful and handy. So I will keep using them in my own kitchen because I know I can trust my own decisions.


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Death by Lemon Squeezer the mind boggles and @releaser :-) I really enjoyed your answer and discovered I have a new friend Fear who is actually just Faith wearing a different coat.

"Fear is believing what you can't see will come to Pass

Faith is believing what you can't see will come to Pass "

It's an all inclusive Universe :-)

(02 Mar '13, 10:02) Starlight

@Starlight Really fantastic quote!!!... I think dying by using a lemon squeezer is great. Because this way you can be sure that "on the other side" you'll be welcomed with laughter :)

(03 Mar '13, 04:09) releaser99

Have to check out the kitchen gadgets in the Darwin Awards but meantime this squeezer , definiately , fits the bill ;-)

(03 Mar '13, 05:00) Starlight

@Starlight With that one I'm sure one could squeeze lemons faster than his own shadow :)

(03 Mar '13, 09:41) releaser99
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When I Google abe forum in the text under the link it states " The Abe Forum is in no way sponsored or endorsed Abraham-Hicks Publications."
Why that forum has deleted only they can answer that. I am pretty sure not much gets deleted here on IQ. Simon Templeton could answer that better than I could.
In the comment under the article there is a link to a post from "ari/karen" where she states she is under medication.. so we can deduce she was living through depression. As a regular visitor to IQ I often have worries about people here in depression. Especially the ones that hit and run and the members that leave suddenly.We never know . A-H is not the Answer to life,the universe and everything. It's just a few paragraphs to that answer. If you don't find the words of A-H to your desire, don't read them. Or take what you like and leave the rest... Your not alone if these words are not ringing true in your mind at this time. And if the abeforum has an agenda it's theirs. Not yours!

These are just some thoughts that crossed my mind ...


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(02 Mar '13, 10:28) ursixx

Oh, yeah, the Abe Forum is just a bunch of Abe followers, often bickering back and forth amongst themselves. I would not recommend it!

(02 Mar '13, 15:07) Bedazzled

I really agree with Ursixx. Take what is helpful to you and what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

(03 Mar '13, 23:21) LeeAnn 1

We never remove on-topic sincere questions and answers, if they contain enough detail to make them generally understandable. The way IQ works makes it thrive on diverse, even opposing, viewpoints

(04 Mar '13, 03:32) Simon Templeton ♦♦
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I know where you coming from Timmyy. I have serious doubts about Esther and Jerry too.

I simply dont beieve that a collection of spirits are speaking thru her.....i just dont. I certainly dont believe that Bashar is channeling an alien being. Im sure " in my own mind" that that is rubbish. Now im not saying that i can offer proof either way, im just saying what i personally believe.

To add to this im believe its very unlikely that "everything" written in the bible is the absolute total inspired word of God. I believe its been altered, added to , subtracted from. Again, thats MY opinion, its an opinion for ME....not you or anyone else.

So....why have i spent the last 20 years studying the bible, a couple studying Esther and latterly a year or so reading and listening to a lot of what Bashir says? I mean why am i studying something i dont 100% believe in?

I'll try this analogy. When i eat 1000 grammes of food my body will take from this a certain amount of energy, minerals and vitamins. I need these and my body assimilates them. Then the rest is expelled from my body. Perhaps most of it is. BUT i need to take on 1000 grammes or so too get perhaps 300-400 grammes of what i need. I'll add that these figures probably ARNT scientifically accurate!

I study EVERTHING thats put in front of me, i test it and take what i need and what resonates. The rest i BIN, DISREGARD or metaphorically flush down the Loo, or John for our American cousins!!

Im not pinning my hopes on Esther,Neville,Bashar,Zeland or Tolle. They are irrelevant to me as individuals. There reputation and lifestyles are meaningless to me. Its the germs of information or light that i dig for. And i get that from all of them.


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Monty Riviera

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I've learned so much from Bashar, Seth and Abraham. I've had my doubts as well, and often, when I'm feeling good and all certain thoughts creep into my mind, thoughts like "what if all that's a lie and I'm fooling myself and heading for a big disappointment?". But then I remember about the beliefs. Bashar speaks a lot about how beliefs create our reality.

You, with your beliefs can either create that they are lying and construct your reality upon that or simply believe that they are truthful and create that reality.

I sincerely do not believe Bashar is a scam. I've seen videos, I've heard to hours of the material and I've seen the documentary available in youtube and I can tell, as far as all my abilities can, that Darryl Anka is not making that up. He might be a case of multiple personalities with this personality (Bashar) being incredibly wise but certainly he's not acting. And what about the Japan nuclear plant prediction, and the Solar flares prediction?

It simply makes sense.

Now. About the Seth material. I'm still reading Seth Speaks, and tried as the book suggested communicating with either my guide, a Speaker or my higher-self in a dream state, in the way it was suggested by him. And I did it. Two days ago. I spoke with I think 2 spirits, or 2 different voices of the same spirit. I asked about 10 questions in total, the ones that came to my mind at that dreamy moment, and got answers. I do not remember all of it now, but I certainly did when I woke up in the middle of the night.

One of the questions I asked was, "Can I really manifest my reality?" and the answer I got was "You can manifest anything, you can manifest health, ...(I don't remember now the other items, though they were about 5 more)... , you can manifest a mini cooper if you want" (I have no idea about the mini cooper, I don't necessarily like them or are a fan of cars. So, when I woke up in the middle of the night I said to myself "I can really manifest anything huh.. what about...." and at that moment thought of something simple enough that could happen fast: a sort of coded entry to be able to pay some taxes on a property out of the city. This was driving me nuts, due to time constraints I couldn't go to the city hall to pay, not for months, and the night before I had searched like crazy, and couldn't find the complete code. I had tried with the incomplete code on the website and nothing more than once. So upon waking up I thought, if this was real I was going to find the code written somewhere, and started looking in a little box i put post-its in when they are not relevant anymore. After 2 minutes of looking I found it, and quickly went to the website, typed the code and voila! So i decided to write it down, in the same sheet of paper I had all the other relevant information for these tax payments. Since this list I had made in another room, it was written with blue ink, in my room I only had a black ink pen. I wrote down the successful code in the bottom of the paper, put it inside my laptop backpack and quickly started to get ready to start the day. Later in that day, I was telling about this to my sister, telling here how I had asked for the code to manifests and it had, when I had looked for it for hours the night before. So I take out the piece of paper, and above the black ink code, there was the blue ink code, the EXACT same one. Is it possible that I had enter the good code 3 times before and didn't work? What a coincidence .. right?

Timmy, I know what you are saying. I'm coming out of a deep depression as well, on top of that depression you could add a big financial loss and a very sad health issue happening to a person I love too much. But I think I'm coming out of it and coming out stronger than ever. I've also successfully quit 2 antidepressants and 3 stimulants, 1 stimulant left to go. I was VERY skeptical of Bashar, Abraham and Seth before, I wouldn't even consider them without laughing at the foolishness. All I can say is explore this doubt you are having. For advice in how to explore this beliefs and what they are trying to tell you I'd suggest you listen to Bashar, there's plenty of audios and videos in youtube.

Hang on there, and work in your beliefs, it's worth it.


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@Notgonnatellyou WOW! great answer! And cool nic

(02 Mar '13, 18:35) ursixx

Great answer! great story of your tax code. I have had so many things happen and i still kept doubting whether is it just that i am observing it etc in the beginning but have found more and more trust. ... Its amazing you said that There is no doubt and 100% sure they are not acting. I have thought about that too, that they have multiple personality or sooo delusional but 100% certain truth for themselves.

(04 Mar '13, 14:01) abrahamloa

But after what they say works i became more and more open that the other stuff might to true too. After all scientists say this earth travels at 300,000 miles per hour and rotates at 3000 km/hr, we even know this and everyone on earth now knows this, but we cant see it!! there are lot of things we cant see!

(04 Mar '13, 14:02) abrahamloa
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"No one in all the transcripts I read ever recommended counselling or other professional help." - People with "professional help" commit suicide. Psychiatry is no less a religious cult than Abe and most of its practitioners are in it for the money. Death is something we all go through so is suicide such a big deal? It's not like the choice is between eternal life and eternal death. We don't know if death is illusory or real but either way, it happens, with or without suicide.


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@flowsurfer too good to be just a comment

(02 Mar '13, 18:37) ursixx

Esther Hicks is a channeler, and channelers have been in existence since the beginning of mankind, often known under different names such as medium, spiritualism, loa(the loa are the spirits of the haitian vodou,, medecine man, etc and as such is a human being just as you and i with her own qualities and defects and beliefs ... and as a channeler is in no way responsible, by definition, of the contents of what is channeled ... we are all free to interpret whatever is said in our own personal fashion. Having said that, no one is perfect and the channeled information from any "source" can easily be colored by the personal beliefs of the person channeling, no one in the physical realm is 100% conscious, after all that is surely one of the reasons why we are here, to become more conscious, so it's always a good idea to accept what you feel is good for you and examine closely that which feels uncomfortable.


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ru bis

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Hi.. I can understand where you're coming from, & I've heard this more than once. But really, where do you think all your ideas, concepts, & beliefs about yourself, & the world stem from ? We have all been programmed as children from our parents, peers, schools, friends, movies, tv, radio, music, magazines, dr's, pharmaceudical company's, newspapers, media, etc... And alot of it is false beliefs, & negative programming, causing many of us to become like robots, that are mass-consciously being programmed & influenced daily still !!! And the majority of the world aren't even awake to what's happening. Its Time NOW to Wake up 2013 ! I've followed many enlightened teachers, & street wise friends, & myself. I'm more awake now, than ever. I'm so thankful for Steve Jobs, & all the people involved with creating this internet, that we can expand in awareness & share with one another to grow in consciousness with all these fantastic sites & groups, & youtube, etc etc..

If you gained even one thing from Abraham, & Esther & Jerry's teachings that brought peace & joy into your life, be grateful for that. And everyone becomes a teacher once we are awakend to see people as such. Abraham is always saying over & over what Esther is doing, any of us can do the same thing. Channeling in Divine Inspiration, from Source, etc. We all do it in moments of feeling creative, whether in music, poetry, feeling joyful about an experience we're having, etc.. I was on my path of self-discovery long before I found Seth, Abraham, Bashar, Story, & so many other enlightened inspirational guides. I channel 2 of my own guides now, but I am still open to other areas of expanding with listening to their views. I am not dependent on anyone but my inner being, my higher self, its all within each one of us. I like to share, & not judge what anyone else is sharing, just listen to their energy communicating their story. And everyone is a teacher on some level of beingness. Unconditional Love is allowing everyone to be who they are. And I believe in Unity, not separation. We can see all the wars, & violence caused from control, power, greed, money, etc. This is true with so many religions, & dogma's also that preach separation, & guilt, & fear, etc I believe in Unity, & one Creative Source, that we're all apart of.

God or Consciouness, to me, has many names, I am free enough to be able to walk into any Church or any Group & appreciate the meaning they represent from a higher consciouness, knowing that is what they know. And with that Knowing, I can be part of their group with understanding where they are coming from. And yet walk away with a feeling of Love, no matter what their teachings are. I see the goodness in their school of thought. This is true for anything, & anyone. Its awakening up to "seeing" the goodness in everything. Its like looking at something from the bottom of the mountain, & then going midway up, & reviewing the same situation, it will look different, because my perspective has changed, so my reality of what is, is different too.. And at the top of the mountain, I will see even more, & my reality will change again. And as we travel above, & off the mountain (whether in a plane, or levitate, etc) our perspective will be even more different. This is true with all things.

Maybe it's time for you to let go of Abraham, or other guidance, & move on to your own guides within, or something different.. There is no one way with anything. And all paths will lead to each one's next lesson, or level of growth. One thing most enlightened masters have in common, is they all teach JOY and/or Bliss is the "highest expression" of At-One-Ment (alignment) with nature, animals, physical, non-physical, & our own Higher Nature (Self) & Source/Creative Intelligence.

And lastly.. feel inwardly if you are really that doubting about someone's comment on a blog, is making you question Abraham, then do what feels right for you. You don't need anyone here, or anywhere else to help you decide what action to do. Just feel whats right from your heart & do it.. with love & joy :) Tommy xo


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Timmyy I believe what you are really asking is that, "Is Inward Quest a respecter of differences?"

People have outright asked if Abraham/Hicks is a scam before. These were respected and never removed, as I am sure this question will be respected and never removed.

Ari is a terrible tragedy, there have been plenty of times here where people needed counseling and counseling was highly recommended. Our own Rob here works as a suicide prevention hotline.

One perspective answers may not fit, that is why we have many perspectives here, even contradictory at times. Because the person finds what they can feel comfortable with applying.


answered 03 Mar '13, 17:50

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Wade Casaldi


I agree , take advantage of all that is available to find peace and self love.Various therapies helped me along my path of seeking. It's all here for us. This forum is great because it does allow so many teachings to be discussed, it's so very open minded here and I appreciate that.

(03 Mar '13, 18:53) clearheart

Yes I believe that is what makes our site so good, is the many different perspectives to problems or questions.

One may say, the stars say this or that, another may say, pray about it. Another may say you attracted this. Another may say, it's not your fault. Another may say please see a doctor about this. So many different answers to the same question, so that the questioner can make a decision which to take.

(03 Mar '13, 21:14) Wade Casaldi

Ok so I went to their web site ... and the most important thing to realize here is this guy or group have done nothing but take several age old (I mean really, really old) ideas and repackage them with his/their personal spin.

You must always be weary of the personal spin.

Whether or not he's a fraud or he believes his own kookiness should never affect you and your beliefs ... besides if we indeed do manifest our own reality (and possibly others), you are only responsible for the reality(ies) you create, Abraham-Hicks is responsible for his ... the name of the site is inward quest.. think about it.



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dangerously bear

perhaps it's a case of booba and kiki

cheers :)

(03 Mar '13, 10:41) ru bis

@ru bis I know this isn't scientific but a group of five of us agreed that the rounded one is definitely the booba! Love this by the way.

(04 Mar '13, 14:04) Catherine

@Catherine - "the bouba/kiki effect is a non-arbitrary mapping between speech sounds and the visual shape of objects"

interesting? you bet it is :)

(05 Mar '13, 02:48) ru bis

@ru bis sorry ru bis ... I meant my survey of five wasn't big enough to be a scientific survey - I loved the link btw.

(06 Mar '13, 15:01) Catherine
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Maybe this is what you needed to see. Do not treat anyone like their word is 100% infallible.

I used to believe in Abraham Hicks but I grew out of it.

I still listen to "Esther" pretending to be Abraham sometimes, but I only care about the info. If something sounds off, I will just leave that information out and take the other..


answered 16 Mar '13, 14:51

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