Does LOA assume a level playing field? What I am asking is do we all have the same ability to manifest? Are we in fact a 'tabula rasa' with equal abilities OR are some further along their evolutionary path and more able to use LOA?

Where does karma come into play? I have read that LOA is a natural law and I agree with that basically but a natural law implies that something acts the same way all the time. Does LOA work the same way all the time? Is it a matter of degrees, as in it is working but perhaps not always as powerfully as it could for someone who is more advanced in their spiritual evolution?

I think that it does work all the time but not in the way we may think. I think it attracts exactly what we need at the right time. That may not be wealth or comfort or health. It could in fact be poverty, disease, and discomfort if that is what we need at that time in our path to gain the most benefit for ourselves spiritually. I think that by limiting LOA to health and prosperity is doing it, and its adherents, a disservice. Thoughts?

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To elaborate:

Thanks for the thoughful replies. To elaborate a little:

I humbly offer this for your consideration. An example, as a parent I know that sometimes no matter how much my child wants chocolate cake before bedtime, can perfectly envision it, can almost taste it, I am not going to give them chocolate cake before bed. To continue the metaphor of the child, sometimes a child learns best through pain and misfortune. You touch the stove you get burned, lesson learned. I am not going to do that again. Sometimes what we need may involve pain. Siddhartha Gautama would never have become the Buddha if he had remained in the palace. Looking through older posts here on the site I can see that there are folks who equate karma with punishment, but that needs not be the case. Like LOA it is a natural law, it does not even have the ability to punish, it simply is. It is action, reaction.

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silverbird, perhaps what we think and decide to do returns but in different timing. as each has a time and birth-date that is distinguishing one, no doubt, is at their own level of awareness while the potential is there for all

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Hey Silverbird,

Great question, but in the body you are going a little all over the place, so I'll try and tackle everything one at a time :)

What I am asking is do we all have the same ability to manifest?

Yes, every consciousness on Earth has the same ability to manifest. If you follow Bashar, then you know that we move through billions of realities every second. So, literally 1 second from now, you have the ability to turn yourself into a giant, or make yourself invisible etc.

We all have equal ability to do that. The reason one may be able to do it better or faster is because their belief's are more supportive of bringing about the manifestation physically.

Where does karma come into play?

See: Reincarnation: Has it always to be Karmic?

Does LOA work the same way all the time?

Yes. It is law, there are no exceptions.

Is it a matter of degrees, as in it is working but perhaps not always as powerfully as it could for someone who is more advanced in their spiritual evolution?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean here, but I think this was partially answered above.

I will tell you this. After applying LOA concepts for a little while, I found reality becoming more malleable. I noticed more and more instant manifestations and vibrational matches/synchronicities.

From what I can tell, this is a natural side-effect of habitually vibrating at a higher frequency (generally being happier). It allows us to start pushing through some of the barriers of our 3rd density reality.

It could in fact be poverty, disease, and discomfort if that is what we need at that time in our path to gain the most benefit for ourselves spiritually.

You get only what you are a vibrational match to.

Let's say you are living in a country at war that performs conscription (i.e. forced into the military). You are of age, but you do not want to become a soldier. If you are in alignment with your desire, then you will not become a soldier.

There are many ways this can happen. You could become very sick, which would prevent you from being drafted.. or you could be offered permenant residence in another safe country.

If the first scenario, you may think "I am so lucky that I got sick". However, in reality, your vibrational output was simply in alignment with disease. Your desire of not becoming a soldier could have been brought about in a more preferable way (2nd scenario).

So these perceivably negative things can only come about if you are in alignment with them.

Well-Being abounds, and the spiritual benefits that you may gain from poverty/disease may come in other ways as well. That doesn't mean you should invalidate the various circumstances that come your way. Your job is to hold you ideal state of being with the absolute certainty that your reality will reflect the vibration of that state of being.


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what "hits" me @WeRadiateBeauty are the words "consciousness" and "same" in the phrase "every consciousness on Earth has the same ability to manifest" ... I'd say rather that every consciousness on Earth has the same potential ability to manifest ... in other words greater the awareness greater is the capacity to manifest

(04 Jul '15, 06:01) jaz

Yes, we all have equally the same ability to manifest. Do some people have more ability to manifest? No, some are more "aware of what they want" and apply their energy and focus into getting it. The LOA gives everybody what we apply our energy and focus to, "Equally."

We all came to this earth as a blank empty template (a baby) and we go from there. If someone appears to be really good at something, for example; CEO of a major corporation. Is that person's manifesting abilities better than someone who isn't CEO of that corporation? NO! That person always knew "this is what I want" and knows/feels what it takes to get there. They gain experience and knowledge of the industry. They fine tune and focus on that specific ability(s) that will take them there. They are on the same vibration as the Corporation, that's all they talk about. Sometimes this takes 30 years, but they never lost focus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an amazing example of someone who manifested incredible feats and career changes in his life. Going from bodybuilder to Actor to politician. Arnold stressed so many times "you can't lose focus!" Coming from a small village in Austria where his father was a cop and mother was a stay at home mother. Arnold arrived in the United States alone with $10 in his pocket, a bag of clothes, knew 3 sentences of English, and someone gave him a couch to sleep on. BUT he knew what he wanted to do and was focused. After winning multiple Mr Universe competitions back to back he then decided to completely change his career to being a movie star. Everyone laughed at him and said nobody can even pronounce his name. Again he rose to #1! He married a Kennedy! He started a huge real-estate/construction business. Then he wanted to be governor of California and won!.....was Arnold more gifted in his ability to manifest? Did he have an upper hand? Absolutely not! Arnold will be the first to tell you "Stay focused and apply your energy."

Why don't people manifest the same results he had? Because so many people lose focus on what they want. People can't concentrate! Pharmaceutical drugs keep people in a "daze." Television keeps people in a "daze." The internet keeps people in a "daze." Iphones keep people in a "daze." Video games keep people in a "daze." Alcohol, cigarettes, pot, partying, opposite sex keep people in a "daze." People think about what they want to manifest but can't seem to stay focused.

That's why it "appears" that some people have more ability than others.


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This is a great question, I would have to say that it is the people's knowledge and use of it that matters as to the results that they get.

A skateboard just is an object, there are people that step on and fall off and break their back. Then there are people that fly through the air on one while doing flips and spinning around only to land back on the ground perfectly to do more! It is not the board that makes the difference but the practice toward perfection that makes the difference. Although it is true there are different boards and wheels and trucks that make a big difference to someone that can handle the board, the Law of Attraction is only one and has no levels however there are ways of using it, drawing by faith or drawing by fear are the two most prominent ways. I came up with a way of changing what drawing by default means, usually default is a negative for the world's way but the Kingdom way it is a positive.


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I have a new meaning for you wade by default can also be a base setting in computer then it is neither positive or negative, it is only set like this for the user and the user can apply the proper change to it to suit him self, according to is use and what he makes of it. then is it the practice toward perfection that makes the difference or the user and the way that he use what he as that makes the difference from the default? you see sometime the default is ok and sometime it needs to change.

(02 May '14, 12:39) white tiger

you see by choice we all came to this world. by default we all received a human body to experience this world to grow and make the proper change. why judge something as positive or negative? because of the result in the eyes of the beholder? yet from one beholder to the next this can change. one can look at the number(more is better) the other at the quality(better quality you need less) and the other one at the mix of both quantity and quality.

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people that break their back on skate board are missing balance or try to much to push their capability to gain a level that they are not ready for. and even those that are good on a skate board will sometime fail they might even fail more then the beginner, because the more something is complicated the more simple thing there is in it. then only a small change in simple things can change the complicated thing. a small stone on the ground can make all the difference between doing it or not.

(02 May '14, 13:02) white tiger

That one judge someone as being good because he achieve great thing or to judge someone because he fails tell you that he still have lot to learn. to achieve great things one will fails a lot and learn from is error it does not mean that he will not commit some error. I tell you it is good that one learn from is error to do them no more. if the one making great things would fail more often then the other one does it mean that he is worst? or does it mean that he is still learning?

(02 May '14, 13:32) white tiger
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