I just finished 'Damien,' which was around the beginning of WWII. It is an interesting book that I am sure some religious folks have stated the book as something along the lines of 'dogma.' Near the end of the book he joined a group of people in varies studies of spirituality and stated that in the group there were some who studied the Kabbalah. Now I had heard the word before and knew it was a Jewish book. Some basic research (google) tells me that this is one of the things that... conspiracy theorists who hate the Jewish population are against.

I do not think it is as the conspiracy theorist argue. I think that many groups or societies had to become secretive in order to survive. These were the people of the past who were the quest-ioners. Many secret societies exist. Something being secret does not make it bad.

Anyway, my mind flashed to a site that would write out channelings so I followed it only to discover a deep hated of Islam in the majority of posts. People tend to fear the other and in the past people of Islamic background likely had to hide their religion (in Europe) in secret societies too. This is just because of the lack of religious freedom of the past. This need to hide is why so many secret societies exist today.

Anyway, the Kabbalah appears to have something to do with magic. I am going to study 'Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft' yet I am still working on so many other books first. I was wondering if you knew of a good audiobook for explaining the Kabbalah. I cannot seem to find the Kabbalah itself in translated form. I was even going to venture out of audiobook land to find a hardcopy.

I am not adverse to using magic. I have cast some Wiccan spells and even considered joining a coven, I have worked with the nature realms (leaving them offerings) and worked with Angels with the teachings of Doreen Virtue.

Yep, I am a pretty Progressive Catholic. I do not know if other Catholics would consider me one if they knew exactly how open minded I am.

Sorry about the post earlier. I was tired and needed tea. I know not how to delete it. (Peace)

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Yes! The Kabbalah talks of focus and attention. The Kabbalah speaks of "the flow state" in different linguistic. To enter and access the Kabbalah, one can enter the flow state.

Also speaks that mind is sharpest when focused in full attention. That is what I recall from reading. It will help you.

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The Kabbalah is not a book, so that is why you are unable to find "the Kabbalah" translated.

It is a mystical tradition that attempts to explain creation: what is is, how it works etc and the "inner" meanings in the Bible and other Jewish texts. It does that using a variety of means.

There are certain various "off shoots" or traditions which differ at points. Then there is the "practical" aspects which are basically various talismans, prayers, sounds etc for a purpose.

The basic "written" texts that form the foundation are the Sepher Yetzirah (best being given by Aryeh Kaplan IMO) and the Zohar. Along with the Bible, naturally...

Beyond that there's numberless things.


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to understand it one has
to place themselves into the
drama being read, where they
were from and wanted to go


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There is an easy to read book titled "The Secrets of the Eternal Book". It provides a basic yet clear understanding of Kabbala. A PDF version is available for download here:



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