...and no, I am not complaining:) Not sure if I framed my question properly though. This is a multi-part question.

I know it may sound similar to couple of questions I have posted before this one, but it is not:)

I wanted to ask this in response to @Stingray's answer here:http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/54394/is-thinking-constantly-even-positive-thinking-about-a-particular-thing-necessarily-resistant-or-limiting/54403 to my previous question.

Please keep in mind that I have put immense energy and focus on work/professional life related manifestations (all my questions on IQ are related to the same)...so the windfall has been in that area:)

SO the questions below do not come from lack of anything or absence of particular thing, or ways to seeking anything but from the desire to understand what is going on:)

Boy, when it rains, it pours:)

Backstory: So, I was away for a week conducting a workshop mentoring young graduates in their professional lives. This was my first time doing it. And it went really well. On the last day, after I finished the workshop, the board of directors called me in and said they got great feedback and they want me to do these regularly at their various institutions (they have 19 of them -colleges/programs/Universities)

Now, for years I have been told that I should do public speaking and have secretly flirted with the idea:) but didn't know what to do with it. This is a very lucrative opportunity and one I really enjoyed doing (the love, respect and affection I received from the students really brought tears to my eyes and I am not a touchy-feely person organically). It made me feel that all my experiences, the good-bad-ugly has made me a grown up. Finally:)

Now, I am at a three-way crossroads, so to speak:)

1) Job offered (decision from them awaited)

2) Continue doing freelancing (also enjoying, stage set-up for breakthrough soon)

3) Do Workshops all year long (will allow me some room for freelancing but not as much as before)

The question: is not what DECISION or which option I should take, that'll happen, I have already launched my processes for the best option (I am letting the Universe decide:), the question is, spiritually speaking, it seems, the Universe just woke up to my existence:) Suddenly, it's coming my way, one-after-the-another:) I am obviously not complaining, or even questioning any of it, I am just letting it all flow...who knows what good is coming next week:)), but it's stacking up and FAST. It's a great feeling and want to know does it really pour when it rains?

(I am only using the options here to illustrate physical choices, the question is not about choosing best option)

I understand that couple of options may drop out of equation on their own and I am OKAY with it, I also know (now) that more, better options will open up:)) More importantly, I am generally (even in my personal life) more positive, confident and feeling good and now I know how to sustain that as well:)

...the purpose of this question is NOT to QUESTION why so much all at once, but to UNDERSTAND for once, how it has worked out for me and so fast:) Does this often cascade like this?

I am almost getting a tingling feeling of something (apart from options above) wonderful happening soon, I have now started identifying this unique feeling as well.

How does one continue on the spiritual path/LOA/Manifestations/meditations etc. when the going is good:)? Often it is in good times that we forget to continue doing good practices and slacken off. Similar to only calling on God when one has messed up. How to then stay in gratitude daily? What other steps should I take from here on? Obviously, I can't stop desires from launching and they're getting launched, but what else (if any at all) should I be doing now?

I am looking forward to all interpretations:)

asked 15 Jul '12, 02:04

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edited 15 Jul '12, 04:46

@Xoomaville - Yay!!! You're back and still kickin ass and takin names!!! Missed you my friend.

Haven't been able to say Hi til now - technical difficulties again. I can log in, read everything, but I can not contribute. Been driving me nuts this weekend, believe me. :(

Now I'm at work, but just had to say hello and I am so happy for you. Good work! You deserve this.

And thank you, sincerely, for being such an inspiration for us all. :)

(16 Jul '12, 13:31) Grace

@Grace, and you're back as well:) Great to hear from you, I thought you just dropped this whole spiritual thingy and disappeared:)) Tell me about it, this site has become such a big part of our daily lives, its addictive:) But its the folks here who we connect to:) Sincerely I missed you...we sorta started this IQ journey almost simultaneously and we have a long way to go still:) Don't disappear like that again:)

(16 Jul '12, 13:54) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - LOL right back at you, Houdini, I feel the same way.:) Unfortunately for me, tho, I have not solved the technical problem. I don't know when I will be able to yak at will again, but I promise to keep trying.

(16 Jul '12, 13:57) Grace

@Xoomaville, I've had a bit of a thing happen, going to post it on Jai's question this morning. I look forward to your input very much.

(16 Jul '12, 13:58) Grace

Also, if you need to chat, esp while I am dealing with this issue, it is fine to email me. :)

(16 Jul '12, 14:38) Grace

@Grace, cool. Thanks:)

(17 Jul '12, 10:40) Xoomaville
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...the purpose of this question is NOT to QUESTION why so much all at once, but to UNDERSTAND for once, how it has worked out for me and so fast:) Does this often cascade like this?

Okay, here's how it works as simply and clearly as I can explain it with my current level of understanding...

For some reason, I've been using a lot of analogies about blocked pipes and water recently and I'm about to do it again :) ...

Imagine a pipe that normally carries running water to some outlet...

blocked pipe

The water represents the universal energy which, when it flows freely, creates the material stuff in your reality. You could think of the water (energy) as freezing into particular objects when it gets there i.e. condensing into physical reality and becoming the "stuff" you want. (And "stuff" can also be non-tangible things like supreme health, happy relationships, helping others etc)

The pipe represents your physical self.

So when everything is fine in your life ("little resistance to anything"), the water flows freely ("universal energy flows unrestricted through your physical self") and manifests whatever you want.

Now when your "stuff" isn't coming, it's because there's a blockage in the pipe somewhere ("you have resistance to what you want").

I've noticed that there are two approaches to dealing with keeping pipes clean in our everyday world...

  1. Keep cleaning the pipe on a regular basis so it never blocks up, or only blocks up slightly until the next regular cleaning

  2. Do nothing at all so that the water in the pipe starts to flow less and less as it clogs up, until eventually the pipe finally blocks up completely. Then the lack of water catches your attention and you get some plumber to unblock it for you.

We will assume, for the purposes of this analogy, that neither approach is really better or worse than the other.

Ideally, it would probably be preferable to keep cleaning the pipe so it never blocks but that takes time and effort and some kind of organized schedule. That's fine if you are that kind of an organized, focused person but, from what I've seen, most people are not...and that's fine too :)

So, for most people, nothing gets done about the gradually-blocking pipe until, one day, you notice that the water has stopped flowing ("you are not getting what you want in your life").

Now there's one other little complication to add to this analogy...

We have to now consider how strongly the water was flowing before it got stuck in the blocked pipe i.e how much desire you had about the subject you were focused upon.

If the water was flowing slowly when it got blocked, there's not much pressure build-up within the pipe so the water will just stay there until you get around to unblocking it again sometime. Faucets (water taps) work in this way to hold the water back.

This translates as "Since you don't have much desire about this subject, you are probably not even bothered right now that you are not getting physical manifestations about it"

If the water was flowing strongly when the pipe finally got blocked up, there can be a massive pressure build-up in the pipe. The pressure can even build up so much that the pipe itself is damaged.

Remember that the pipe represents our physical self so this means that resisting strong desire can be very detrimental to our physical self. Terminal illnesses/conditions, such as cancer, strokes, heart attacks etc, come about from strong resistance to strong desire i.e. fast-flowing water that is being firmly blocked in the pipe until the pipe itself can no longer take the strain and bursts.

But now if you do manage to unblock that fast-flowing water before it causes the pipe to burst, the pressure build-up that is now released causes all the held-up water to pour out at an incredible speed i.e. you get a flood of manifestations.

This flood will continue until the pressure build-up has been fully released and then the water will flow steadily as normal again.

In other words, you will get a sudden flood of manifestations that will eventually settle down again. And when it does settle down, it will seem like you are not able to manifest stuff as powerfully and quickly. But this is not the case, you are doing just fine...it's just that in comparison to the initial release of the blocked pipe, the steady flowing water doesn't feel as exciting.

With my use of the word exciting there, we now come to the crux of the issue...

The reason why some people resist and resist and resist what they want until finally they have no choice but to allow it (or else experience physical self-destruction) is because it is more exciting to get that flood of stuff coming through than just to have that boring, steady flow :)

Seems bizarre, doesn't it?

But so many of us love that excitement of unblocking a pipe that has a pressure build-up behind it. I even catch myself doing it to myself on a regular basis :)

It's important to get clear here...there's nothing wrong with either approach to living your life.

  • You can choose to live your life in a steady, appreciative way, well within your beliefs, seeing all the good things around you, and thereby steadily attract more of what you want into your life


  • You can choose to live more extremely, pushing the limits, creating drama for yourself, increasing the resistance, until you reach the point where you have no choice but to release the resistance ("unblock the pipe") and allow the free-flow of universal energy again...and experience the thrilling flood of lots of stuff you want manifesting quickly

You'll find yourself using one approach or the other during different times in your life and on different subjects ("different pipes") in your life.

So, having given you all that background analogy, I can now actually answer your question :) ...why did you get all this stuff at once?

...It's because you blocked your pipe up to a fast-flowing water stream, built up a huge amount of pressure behind it and then finally decided to clear the blockage and let the stuff come flooding in :)

For a while afterwards now, you can just enjoy the flood as the built-up pressure is released and then it's up to you how you choose to live.

You can choose to keep your pipes relatively clean and experience good stuff steadily but, if you're anything like me and many other people, occasionally you can get a bit bored and decide to experience a bit of "drama" and "excitement", block up the pipe for a while until you feel ready to release it, and then experience another flood of manifestations.

Either way works fine :)


answered 15 Jul '12, 06:30

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edited 15 Jul '12, 06:42

@Stingray- Masterpiece map of metaphysics. So basically im just gonna walk around with a wrench and plunger wherever I go now.

(15 Jul '12, 06:47) Nikulas

@Stingray, WOW, just amazing:) This is one of the most simple explanations I have read about a complex (most would say so) subject of desires/manifestations/releasing, even for you Guru Stingray:) As many, I am tempted to ask why haven't you written a book yet?:) I am serious, looking forward to your reply and thanks for taking time to answer:)

(15 Jul '12, 07:37) Xoomaville

@Stingray-Fantastic.Thanks for simplifying these concepts into something we can understand,I have also a strange desire to take up plumbing;)  @Xoomaville-Congratulations man, enjoy it:)

(15 Jul '12, 07:50) Satori

@Satori, :))) clean up those pipes:)

(15 Jul '12, 08:07) Xoomaville

You're welcome, all. I'm glad it was helpful :)

(15 Jul '12, 09:51) Stingray

@Stingray, I guess the query about the book shall remain unanswered:) Respect that:)

(15 Jul '12, 13:32) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - Whoops, my sincere apologies, missed that one :) The book is already written...it's just scattered around about 1,000 IQ answers, that's all :) But then again, most of my stuff is just Abraham ideas filtered through my own life experience so you could always buy an Abraham book instead :) Strangely enough, back in 1998, a psychic medium told me very clearly that I would be writing a book around 2008. I didn't take her seriously but, looking back now, she was kind of right :)

(15 Jul '12, 13:46) Stingray

@Stingray, true...you've already written a book, I didn't think of that and it's better, its getting updated almost everyday:) And on a better platform. This will last forever:)

(15 Jul '12, 14:25) Xoomaville
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Due to your lack of resistant thoughts: your higher self you, through the Universe, your Universe, brought all of your vibrational requests to you; that is clear :)

Act upon the choice which feels better and thus will bring you the most joy. And if all are equal to you, then it doesn't matter which one you choose; they're all good :)


answered 15 Jul '12, 03:21

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edited 15 Jul '12, 09:28


@Eddie, thank you:) It truly is a joyous time and great things I have learned in the process. The whole, whether one deserves it (whatever it is)or not has just been removed from my psyche. Lot of 'fluff', mostly in my thinking has been dropped since past couple of months:) You are experienced at this Eddie, how do you keep going, I mean, I know that it's not like its a destination, but you know, keep the gratitude (I feel it, but how to practice it is what I am asking) when the things are good?

(15 Jul '12, 04:09) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - You're welcome :)

I respect every being who's in this reality, just because they're in it. Beyond that I offer no additional respect for people who're kings, presidents or pope's, etc. In my eyes everyone is 100% equal; thus the toilet cleaner to the architect all deserve my respect and appreciation.

My habit is to always tip people and to pay a bit more, never less. I make a point of appreciating all that I have and the nature all around me as a daily practice; I love it

(15 Jul '12, 04:39) Eddie

That's a great attitude. I actually understand how this behavior is good for us spiritually speaking as well as the way we feel good about ourselves when we acknowledge others as they are. Thank you again, great insight:)

(15 Jul '12, 04:49) Xoomaville

@Eddie-Straight to the point,great insightful answer,love it:)

(15 Jul '12, 08:05) Satori
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