The Ascended Masters glow with light and I have read that they hail from the 12th dimension of light, a space of unlimited love for all. Apparently, the Earth is predominantly aware in the third dimensional illusion of separation but as we enlighten we move up into the forth, fifth, and sixth-dimensional energies that take us into aspects of our unlimited self of unconditional love. Is this a fair way to conceptualize these phenomena? Do we radiate more light with higher levels of consciousness?

Thank you for you.

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I think the more our awareness grows, the more we have access to those higher levels of consciousness. We begin to reach higher vibrations and because of this our perspective changes and how others view us changes in accordance with our growth. We are opening up and cleansing our chakras and our energy body begins to radiate these changes and others can detect these changes ( albeit unconsciously ) - because we really interact with one another on an energetic level.

"Are there different dimensions of light one might aspire to reach?" - I don't know about dimensions of light but I think there are, for most of us, different layers to peel back on the journey to enlightenment while a select few just get it or in other words are fortunate enough to realize their true nature without having to go through a process and hence are able to always have access to those higher levels of consciousness.


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you probably radiate more energy, and may hope it channels into more/ brighter light,

it is said that our aura changes/ unfolds as we do, climbing to the top of the spectrum


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