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Recently I began my work day feeling so negative about my work. I work as a nurse and sometimes it can be challenging. This particular day was special. My day started with problems with scheduling. It could be that I haven't woken up yet or just wasn't aware, but I ignored how I was feeling that moment. My mind went on its habitual mode of worry and anxiety. I worried about how these changes in my schedule could affect my vacation planned two weeks from now. Then I started spiraling down the vortex of despair and felt that cringing feeling of being disapointed.

What happened next made it worse: one of my patients almost fell on the floor while I was trying to dress her up. I felt so annoyed then, cause she usually can bear weight sufficiently without problems. I still didn't see that my feelings were rotting.

Next was a very nice patient of mine. I had to give him a bath. Oh the complaints: the soap got into his eyes, I knicked him while I was shaving him, so on and so forth.

Then, I stopped for a second. An hour into work and my day is falling apart. What is going on here?

I decided to start counting my blessing, what I am thankful for. I kid you not, it was one of them really cloudy and overcast day. There was even a forecast of snow. So the whole room that I was in felt so dark and detached from all my hopes. But I kept on being thankful for everything I could think of. I thanked the fact that the elevator in our building is in good repair. I thanked the fact that my boss is so considerate. I thanked the fact that I love my husband, my step-kids, my friends, my co-workers. I thanked my breath, my blood...and before I knew it, I was smiling. Really smiling.

Then this smile turned to laughter because I saw the clouds parting letting in a couple of minutes of sunshine. No work of miracle, I know, but somehow I knew that its the universe saying, "You're loved, you're special, and I see you."

From here, it was like I took prozac, xanax and decided to have a hit of Mary's J while I was having cosmo: there was laughter in the hallway. My co-workers were having a funny conversation with the patients, one of them was the angry man I gave a bath earlier. He smiled at me and shared the funny story. I then decided to spend the rest of my day smiling and being thankful for everything I could think of.

How did gratitude help you in your dark moments? Or do you know of someone whose life was changed by gratitude?

asked 16 Mar '13, 10:49

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Lakshimisiddhi Saraswati

The Attitude is Gratitude!

If one approaches life with an expectation of disappointment and a down feeling, you are going to get that back. You "accidentally" discovered one of the greatest secrets of happiness. When one is grateful, there is no room for pouting or unhappiness. Think of the tale of the country mouse and the city mouse: "Better a crumb in peace than riches in turmoil."

AA taught me to be grateful. I remember a sponsor of mine who had to start out learning to be grateful. She thought, "What can I be grateful for?" She had four small boys, and toddler mess everywhere. She decided she was grateful for her thumbs so she could do the tapes on her kids Pampers. For some reason, I never forgot that. You can always find things to be grateful for, no matter what. You just have to look. And God blesses those who praise Him, so be sure to add praise to you gratitude. It goes a long way to getting more blessings!


Jai (Cris)


answered 22 Mar '13, 22:26

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So many thoughts. Even thinking of gratitude and "THINGS" to be happy for will take you from the moment.

Appreciate / Enjoy what is happening "NOW", or just be in complete relaxation and acceptance of now. Then you will be happy.


answered 16 Mar '13, 14:37

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We experience what we are focused on. If we are focused on negative things, the reality we experience is negative and we are flooded with hormones that negatively affect our health and wellbeing, etc... When we are focused on what we enjoy, we enjoy our reality and our bodies release feel good hormones that support our health and well being.


answered 16 Mar '13, 15:41

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Fairy Princess

Gratitude is something I try to experience all day,every day without consideration for "side effects" . And it's the real small things that seem to give the most joy,Like realizing your feet are warm at last after deciding to wear the wrong shoes in snowy weather. Or the sound of a teenage daughter singing at 6.30 in the morning on her way to school on a Monday. Or the smile of a random sales clerk after you heartfelt wish them a nice weekend. Or telephone support that can't really solve a problem and tells you to Google your problem, and you still thank them for trying and wish them a good day too.
So for me being kind and being grateful go hand in hand.One thing leads to another...
Funny thing is that I have a real mean streak (thanks Mom). I never feel I need to be mean,about the only time it comes out is in sarcasm. So it is done with a smile or a twinkle in the eyes.. So it can't be missed. Wow one more thing to be grateful for!


answered 22 Mar '13, 19:35

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Kindness comes from a place in the heart. A kind person is loving. Such a huge difference between genuine kindness & being 'nice'. Actually kindness has very little to do with being nice. Nice is passive & Kindness is active. I'd say @ursixx is a kind & loving person; but I don't have to..........

(22 Mar '13, 21:56) ele
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