it is possible to change our inner body temperature by using reiki ?

few days back i just chated with one of ma best friend n he said tht he do so. he has learnt first degree reiki and he always do so.

i am just curious to know..

waiting for ur answers..dears..

love,light n blessings ur wayyy..


asked 16 Mar '13, 13:23

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Supergirl , I'm curious to know why he would "deliberately" want to do that ? When channelling Reiki , one can actuallly get quite warm , I wonder if this is what he means .Reiki energy can feel both hot or cold to either the giver or the receiver it is dependant on what a particular person needs at that time , does this help ?

(19 Mar '13, 11:21) Starlight

@starlight- what he meant ..was.,like if ur feeling warm in summer u cn change body temperture n feel cold. n in winter vice versa.

(19 Mar '13, 13:33) supergirl

Mmm, I'd did some research quite a few years back related to Thyroid issues and discovered that even a 1 degree temperate drop can have significant effect on mental processing not to mention metabolism , people don't realise it's only a few degrees from normal to hypothermia and a , planet exit ;-) I would advise your friend to be carefull with this , it's the subconscious job to regulate body temps ,and stick with extra clothes or aircon for external climatic control :-)

(20 Mar '13, 15:49) Starlight

@starlight- thank u fr the info. i l inform him..thank u again :))

(21 Mar '13, 07:18) supergirl

@Starlight thanks for the info ... planet exit hmm

(21 Mar '13, 07:26) ru bis

Listen to @Starlight , @supergirl. She knows what she's talking about & I know also & I'm truly fortunate to be alive, yes, planet exit. Do not try this. My natural body temp & bp are both very low normally. The first energy work I ever tried was heating up a body part or moving heat throughout. Cold is a NO NO unless you are doing it for a temporary cooling effect..

(21 Mar '13, 07:35) ele

What's up @ru bis ;-) I thought I might coin a new term for transition , what cha reckon ?

(21 Mar '13, 08:30) Starlight

@supergirl most welcome :-) Reiki is a wonderfull tool , everyone has the ability to use ,they just need tuning in , a bit like getting on the right TV channel :-)

(21 Mar '13, 08:32) Starlight

@Starlight yes ok i gotcha :)

(21 Mar '13, 14:19) ru bis
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I must agree with, starlight here. Starlight is spot on.

Raising your temperature by yourself because you want to is very different than what Reiki is used for.

All I could think of is the dragon-fire breath used with the Miro-cosmic orbit. This is used for burning out negative in someone. It is also used to attune someone to Reiki.

There are many different kinds of Reiki so maybe for the type he knows this is normal. I do know this that this is something Tibetan monks do. They put on wet robes soaked in the freezing cold Tibetan mountains. Most mountain climbers, (dressed in heavy winter cloths) die from freezing to death there! They put on these soaking wet robes and sit there meditating on the snow on top of the icy covered ground. They meditate until the water is streaming off of their bodies and their robes are completely dry.


answered 19 Mar '13, 15:14

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - I'm curious, do you know of any good sources on these Tibetan practices? Books, etc.? Thanks.

(19 Mar '13, 16:01) lozenge123

No I only know what I saw on some documentary. I also read I can not recall where, that they could wrap you in their robes and send you someplace else miles away in a flash. The heat one was on a documentary, the transportation one is less reliable. However there are Bible stories that match that, caught up in a whirlwind and transported mills away in an instant. So if there are stories like that there, it does seem a possibility.

(19 Mar '13, 16:15) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Good answer & comment - Tibetan practice as well as a Native American. (trance meditative state) Your bible story reminds me of the Wizard of OZ in a very good way. Love it! As Glinda the good witch said to Dorothy "You've always had the power".

(19 Mar '13, 20:55) ele

@wade casaldi- thank u fr the answer.. :)))

(20 Mar '13, 13:03) supergirl

@supergirl & @ele You are very welcome. Also I like the, you always had the power within you reference.

(29 Mar '13, 23:26) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I'm so glad you took my comment in the spirit it was intended. Another Wizard fan - Great! We have the Power; we are more powerful than we know. I actually have a pair of ruby red slippers - maybe the Easter Bunny could bring Jai a pair. I'm sure she would love them as much as I do.

(30 Mar '13, 00:29) ele
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