i am very interested in learning reiki. but, i am not getting any reiki master here, near ma place who can teach me reiki. so, is that possible to learn reiki online ???

i just wanna learn it very much. if u can teach me reiki online, i l be extremely greatful to you. i am ready to learn anyhow.

thank you..!!!

love,light n blessings ur wayyy..


asked 16 Mar '13, 13:29

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Absolutely, it is possible to be attuned to Reiki online. I have carried out many distance attunements and all my students have been able to feel the energy during the course as if they were in the room with me. They have all experienced their attunements in a similar way to being physically present in a classroom with me, and all have gone on to heal others without difficulty. I have received several attunements at distance (not for Reiki, admittedly, but for other energy healing modalities) and there was no mistaking their effectiveness. If you can heal from a distance (which you can) you can attune from a distance. This is a quantum world we live in. The only drawback for me is that the hands-on practice is harder to teach and requires the student to be self-motivated do some work at home and have a volunteer to practice on. It's not the perfect way to learn, but the advantage is you can find a great teacher and work with them, no matter where you are in the world.


answered 10 Apr '13, 09:47

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Hi @ReikiReiki, that's great news, hope that supergirl is listening lol

(10 Apr '13, 11:05) ru bis

@reikireiki- can u teach me ,this online ?

(05 Jul '13, 04:10) supergirl

Hi @supergirl - I've only just picked this up as I've been away with family. It would be an absolute pleasure - you'll love it! I'll pm you my contact details, but you can read more about Reiki at http://reikireiki.net - there are sections about learning Reiki, learning online and a FAQ section.

(13 Jul '13, 08:32) ReikiReiki

Just realised I can't pm you on here, but you can find my contact info here: http://reikireiki.net/contact/

(13 Jul '13, 08:34) ReikiReiki
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I have often healed at distance with reiki, this involves vibrational resonance and mental cooperation. To practice reiki, we first need to be initiated and this usually involves the physical presence of a reiki master, and when in the physical presence of someone there is a third activating energy, a kind of localized fluid substance, that certain sensitive people perceive as the colored aura and that can accumulate in certain substances such as water, coton, wax, paper, which however disintegrates under the influence of light and doesn't seem to travel very far in the ambient air. It's a fluid that magnetisers use.

So to conclude, personally i've never initiated anyone at a distance because i believe, for the reason explained above, that physical presence is necessary. However i have heard that there are some reiki masters that initiate a whole crowd of people all in one go, which suggests it may be possible to initiate at a shortalt text distance, at least within view of the reiki master because of the accumulative effect of a group which magnifies the intermingled auras of the individuals present.


answered 17 Mar '13, 06:35

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ru bis

@ru bis- thank u fr the answer..,so in short its not posssible to learn it distantly? n one more thing i wanna ask.., are u our bb2..?,my intuition says so..

(17 Mar '13, 07:09) supergirl

@supergirl yes it's my opinion that it's not possible ... your intuition is spot on, yes i was bb2, he's now gone to heaven :)

(17 Mar '13, 07:17) ru bis

I have taught students online, it involves distant atunements.

When I used to teach online I had to use yahoo messenger.


answered 17 Mar '13, 08:30

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Wade Casaldi

so teaching at distance is possible, that's great news ... distant attunements, yes that resonates with me, thanks @Wade ... in other words the way i imagine it is incomplete? yet when i was first initiated in 1998 i clearly remember having the impression of my aura opening completely from top to bottom, from head to toe

(17 Mar '13, 08:50) ru bis

It is possible but not recommended. In person is best if not in person at least live. I have had some lessons and attunements for many different healing systems but I still say nothing beats in person with a good Reiki Master Teacher.

I didn't learn Reiki distantly however I learned, Kundalini Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, MPRUE, and other attunements, each of these I felt a great shift when I received my attunement.

(17 Mar '13, 12:32) Wade Casaldi

@wade - can u teach me reiki online? i wanna learn it vry much.., n m yet to find a reiki master nearby..

(17 Mar '13, 12:42) supergirl
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