I was recently listening to Howard Martin from Heart Math Institute. He was talking about the human resonance project and how people affect random number generators. So that reminded me of when I was about 19 years old, I was in my dorm living room and the other girls were watching the news. I was walking through, and saw that they were drawing the numbers for the Lottery. After they tumbled the cage of balls and as they reached in, I called a number, and then they called the same number. This happened for EVERY single ball. One girl freaked out, something about her mother playing the Lottery.

So, was I affecting the numbers, or predicting them?

asked 17 Mar '13, 09:55

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Fairy Princess

great question, and the answer is ... :)

(17 Mar '13, 11:19) ru bis
(18 Mar '13, 05:01) ursixx

I'll check it out. Thanks @ursixx

(18 Mar '13, 08:57) Fairy Princess
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Well if the number generator thing is true, then you were influencing the numbers AS they were coming out. So not predicted, but influenced to be.


answered 18 Mar '13, 02:20

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It was a subconscious trick of the mind. We see more than we realize. You might have thought it was simultaneously but probably it was a second behind the actually ball coming off.


answered 18 Mar '13, 03:34

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Wade Casaldi


Either way, I called the numbers first and correctly EVERY ball.

(18 Mar '13, 08:55) Fairy Princess

Yes this is a good thing. If it can be done consistently at will you would be living a reality that to others should seem amazing. You would appear to be reacting before something happens. I guess the closest thing would be living awake on the matrix.

(18 Mar '13, 13:57) Wade Casaldi

To answer your question I have to ask a question. Doesn't anyone believe in clairvoyance or claircognizance?


answered 20 Mar '13, 16:49

Tom's gravatar image


Yes. That is the question.

(20 Mar '13, 18:42) Fairy Princess

@Tom@Fairy Princess i believe in clairvoyance

(21 Mar '13, 01:48) ru bis
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