Hi guys, I'm new here, I hope I can learn something about all this stuff and contribute back as well.

I would like to share a recent experience that I had a few days ago:

I was taking a short nap when I woke up in a semi-groggy state. Still with my eyes closed I had a clear image of 3 numbers, and one word: Primitiva which is the name given in Spain to the typical lottery where you need to match 6 numbers between X and Y (in this case 1 and 49).

So I decided to fill in three lines on a lottery ticket with those 3 numbers on, plus variations of the remaining three numbers. I awaited the draw, and guess what, my dreamed numbers came up. Sad to say the last three numbers drawn were not the ones I had to guess. Anyhow, I won €8.

I have tried to reproduce the same experience, but now, consciously. I managed to guess some numbers but not all the winning ones. It is really difficult for me to reach that state cosciously.

My questions are:

- Did I attract those numbers?

I might have reached a deep alpha or theta state and then, thinking about them at ramdom (like setting an intention without actually intending to do so). Therefore they manifested in my reality.

- Did I predict them?

If I think I predicted the numbers, then I'm assuming that there is not randomness in the lottery. So it's possible to know the outcome of a random experiment previously.

Well, I know a lottery draw is not exactly a random experiment scientifically speaking, but I'm generalizing.

- Did 'my guides' show them to me?

Finally, another possibility would be that 'external entities' gave me those numbers using that 'opened window' between my subconcious and conscious mind.

I would like to hear your opinions or suggestions about what it could be. Thank you in advance.

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One time I was watching the news with some other people. The Lottery came on and they drew some numbers. Each time they drew a number, I called out a number, and then they drew and called the number I just said. Every number was like that.

(03 Mar '12, 23:21) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess-you should definately start doing the lottery if you haven't already:)

(04 Mar '12, 06:37) Satori

I have bought tickets a long time ago. Kinda got hooked. Never won more that $50.

(04 Mar '12, 08:33) Fairy Princess
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All of the questions that you mentioned above could be a possibility. I believe this is a situation in life that really can't be answered right or wrong.

One way or another though, you lined up with 3 of the numbers and allowed them to manifest into your physical reality. The key word here is "allow." When something like this happens to most of us, the conscious ego mind kicks in and tries to figure out what happened and how it can be done in a thinking sort of way. This is usually when we mess up the progress that we have made and end up taking a few steps back and give up on allowing things to come to us.

Allowing numbers to come to you while you sleep as Wade has already mentioned is the best way to let it happen naturally with no conscious resistance. If they come in your dreams with the help of your guides or by being attracted to your particular vibration when your sleeping, it really doesn't matter. Just continue to allow them to come to you without turning it into having to come to you. Be easy with the process and continue doing what your doing if you are getting positive results.

Another way that these numbers could be coming to you is by you shifting your reality to a particular set of numbers. Even if it is only half the numbers, it may be a sign of better results yet to come.

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the channeled entity known as Bashar, but he explains a very interesting concept of how we shift to the reality of the winning numbers by thinking and feeling a certain way, instead of believing that we have to figure out what the winning numbers will be to be able to win.

Bashar - Winning The Lottery

I might as well throw in a very inspiring video from the channeled entities known as Abraham while we're at it.

Abraham: Winning the lottery Part 1

Abraham: Winning the lottery Part 2

Maybe one of these videos will help you win a major jackpot and you will then be able to answer your own question as to how or why these numbers came to you. :)


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@cory-thanks for a great answer and some interesting links:)

(04 Mar '12, 06:35) Satori

Thanks for your answer, really inspiring.

(04 Mar '12, 14:46) Rubns

Excellent answer Cory & great videos..

(08 May '13, 01:56) ele
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Great story, thanks for sharing! It's really cool not only that you had that vision, but that you took action and followed your intuition.

From my point of view attraction is always involved.

So it doesn't matter if you took a glimpse of the future or an entity showed you the numbers, it happened because you were vibrating with the same essence as that event, therefore attracting it and you allowed it to happen. The links that @Cory posted are great. Here are a couple more from Abraham relating to that topic:



Great video from Bashar related to intentions, really important to have in mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffsTkBQjR2o

This one is not from Abraham, but from a woman that willed the lottery win to happen. Really inspirational. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YUC6I0iKiU&feature=related

A couple of suggestions on how to go about it:

  • Don't let anyone talk you out of it.
  • Think about why you want the money and how much you want it, a lot of people ask for X millions of dollars and when asked what they would do with it, they can only come up to say: I'll buy a car.
  • Related to last item, the reasons for why you want it should only be positive reasons, reasons like: "I need it", "I want this burden lifted off me", etc, only create more resistance.
  • Use the prosperity game process from Abraham's Ask and It is given.
  • Do anything possible to enhance the belief and feeling of being a person who has won the lottery.

Hope it helps!!


answered 04 Mar '12, 23:46

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By the way... a friend of my wife just won £12million recently. So anything is possible!

(05 Mar '12, 00:15) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd :Don't let anyone talk you out of it. I like that part!

(05 Mar '12, 05:34) ursixx

Thanks Kriegerd very helpful answer. Too bad the first 2 videos do not work any longer.

(08 May '13, 01:54) ele
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You won €8? I am guessing that is like $8 here in the USA. Enough to buy you a hot sandwich, a bag of chips (I think you would call them Crisps) and a soda. Not too bad considering to buy a lotto ticket here is around $2 to $3 so that is more than double your money back but not something worth being excited over either.

However I believe when we sleep we are more in tune with our right brain, this is the side that knows no time or space so you could have taped into that. I once read in a book deja-vu is when we remember we had dreamed of something we are presently experiencing.

There was someone that had an experience of deja-vu at a restaurant with his wife. He couldn't get over it, it was really haunting him like he had done all of this before and everything happening happened before. He had a nudge to look through his dream journal and Badabing! Right there it was written the whole experience he had dreamed of last year, the only thing different was last year when he dreamed it he was with an unknown lady he had not met yet so he had no idea who she was. This present experience it was his wife that he did not know when he had the dream.

So yes I believe it could have been precognition through your dream, it is too bad you didn't get all the numbers. Now tell yourself before you go to sleep you will dream all of the numbers and remember them to write them down.


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Wade Casaldi

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"Every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It is a delusion of the perishing, vegetable memory. We do not remember these moments in time when we imagined certain states. So when that imaginal state takes form so we can see it with the outer eye, we do not recognize our own harvest and deny that we had anything to do with these natural effects that are taking place in our world. Because our memory is faulty, we do not remember." - Neville Goddard

(07 Apr '13, 11:10) flowsurfer

Hi Wade. I know your answer was posted was over a year ago, however, I was wondering if you know the name of the book your referenced above. That sounds really interesting to me as I have had dozens of dreams exactly like the one you mentioned. Where I was with some unknown person and then in real life I met them, and was in the exact situation as in my dream. I would love to read the book!

(07 May '13, 09:08) shammond508

@Wade Make sure you ALWAYS keep a pad & paper by your bed..

(08 May '13, 01:59) ele

This may be the book, it had been so long, I have to read it over again. It is one of the best books I own anyway.


(08 May '13, 02:40) Wade Casaldi
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Congratulations on your winnings! It is estimated that 2 million people play the lottery. Each player is motivated by dreams of grandeur and strategies for winning. The probability for winning remains the same for each player. Single state lotteries average an 18 million to 1 odds of winning and multi-state lotteries average 120 million to 1 odd. Scratch-off tickets generally offer players a greater probability of winning. Each reel contains several winning tickets small and large. Lottery website(s) normally track and expose the winning tickets remaining and won to encourage players to continue to play. California tends to have more winning players in the Mega Millions than any other state. This can be due to the amount of players playing and/or the amount of money players invest in the game. Patterns have been detected in the air-ball machines, but only enough to speculate. There are calculations that are said to increase your probability of winning which you can find online. Good luck and don't forget to share.


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Hi Rubns ... i reckon it's a bit of both

  • attracting, the stronger the emotion the more the attraction ... positive +
  • prediction, our natural capacity feel future negative events ... negative -

we thus become strongly polarized

here is the story of a woman who won twice after a dream;

"Many successful lottery entrants have said their winning combinations came to them in dreams; that they awoke with five or six numbers dancing in their heads, jotted the combinations down, played them, and won. Sometimes the dreamed-of numbers paid off right away, and sometimes the dreamers played those combinations for years before hitting the jackpot. So, that 86-year-old Mary Wollens of Toronto won the Ontario Lottery on 30 September 2006 after seeing "a lotto ticket and a large cheque" in a dream a couple of days before the drawing wasn't all that unusual — the remarkable part was that her prophetic dream enabled her to win the same lottery twice.

You see, Mary had already purchased a lottery ticket with the combination she later dreamed about, but her vision instilled her with such confidence that she went out and bought a second ticket with those same numbers. Now, some people would consider purchasing a duplicate ticket be a foolish waste of money (because if your numbers lose, you're needlessly out an extra dollar, and even if you hit the big jackpot, you don't necessarily get any extra credit for winning twice), but not Mary — and good thing, too, because she happened onto one of those occasions when having a second ticket paid off big.

As things turned out, someone else had also correctly picked all six numbers for that week's draw, so instead of having to split the $24 million jackpot evenly with another winner, Mary was able to claim a two-thirds share and take home $16 million!"

ref; http://www.oddee.com/item_95629.aspx

all this reminds me of the dreamcatcher

alt text

and the "finder" story http://www.motherbird.com/dreams.htm

there is a more modern dreamcatcher developed by servranx

alt text

that i use regularly in conjunction with an electret

ref; http://www.servranx.com/Products/Radionique.aspx

'cause i love having fun with the magic of dreams ♫♫♫

and here's a link "using lucid dreaming to pick lottery numbers"



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ru bis

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Great stuff ru bis ! Keep it coming - love it!

(08 May '13, 01:55) ele
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