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First of all I know this is long, but it is actually easy to read I believe, I would love to know the first time everyone had the experience of "waking up" or "enlightement" how it happened and how they are dealing with it.. thanks a lot hope you enjoy my story.. I will be sure to carefully read all of yours.. blessings..

I am able to see outlines around people, they are not colorful more of like a white haze, that at moments may grow brighter. I also see movement on walls, it used to be creepy but It has gotten better. When I close my eyes a bunch of figures twirl and kinda go like a tornado of colors, and shapes that are actually pretty cool and very trippy. I will now briefly tell you how this all began to happen.

I have always since I was a kid have been very intuitive, I hated school and as a young elementary school kid I was able to treat my class room like a cult, kids would follow me around and do as I said with no apparent reason. Because I was young I didn’t know what to do with this ability and of course when you are six and up you take advantage of it. It was pretty creepy actually that they all did what I wanted them to. All this happened to me for a reason, I feel like a lab rat sometimes. I am 31 years old, and this happened to me about 3 months ago. I will tell you more about it:

I had been watching videos of indigo child Matias De Stefano (I recommend them to you), and felt enlightened, I thought that the gaps that where missing between what I have heard from religion and what I thought where logic to me where filled.

I have a friend who showed them to me, she has been studying energy with the Ishaya monks for almost ten years, she also studied a lot about quantum physics, and everything that has to do with energy, the law of attraction etc. She is also studying to do reiki, anyways, after days of chatting about life in general and what our creation really is I had this epiphany that life is all a matter of frequency and depending on the frequency that you are on you view life differently, attract different things and people, and how you relate to them depends on the frequency you and the other individual are on. Also, when something life changing happens, either you move up to a higher frequency or a lower one, until you hit bottom and either you will eventually reach your demise or you will go up to a higher frequency. I don’t know if this all makes sense? My friend was a little shocked she had to study all those years to reach the same conclusion I did and kinda taken aback by it, and I did it just by thinking.

That night I had a weird dream. I was filled with a light and it lifted me from the floor and 3 girls I didn’t know and had never seen before in my life where there and where amazed by it, I tried to teach them to do the same in my dream but couldn’t because I had no idea why I did it myself. During the dream the girls told me that they all exist and they get together to see each other when they go to sleep, and this is the first time they saw me. I told my friend about the dream but she disregard it and told me if it was something special that I wouldn’t have a doubt about it cause it feels different, a few days later something told me to go visit her, I never do because she is a bit arrogant about the whole studying energy thing and sees the rest of human kind and this dimension as something stupid.. she says “3D sucks” anyway once I was there, we got into it about Christ, and all the ascended masters, about energy, other dimensions, aliens, the change of frequency in the year 2012 etc. As we where talking she said something that after that changed my life forever she said: “ In this world you can do anything you want, except for going against God’s will” as soon as she said that, she got outlined by a white light not shinny more like a fog and I cried, I was in shock not cried cause I was sad, I was just shocked, I had been an athiest almost my whole life, I had not believe in any sort of higher power for such a long time I was just not believing what I was seeing. After seeing her like that I started seeing little lights and her outline but in rainbowish color in other parts of the room, that night began my blurry or TV static vision I still have (I do miss seeing normal without the static or wavy thing all the time).

The following two weeks have been the hardest two weeks of my life, a weird shape fog followed me everywhere even if I would cover myself completely with a blanket to go to sleep, it would be in there, there was no running away from it. For a period of 3 days the outline was intense around EVERYTHING furniture, my dogs, people, and I felt exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep. Ever since my friends house I felt my hands, feet, asleep and tingleling. I was breathing through my mouth more than my nose, and everything seemed like an acid trip. I would later for a few days see eyes all over the place, on the furniture and walls. For those two weeks, my crown and forehead, in the middle of my chest and my back would hurt like crazy, like if someone was messing with me and pouring stuff either in or out of me, my crown and forehead specially. At moments I would see like lights and orbs everywhere and they started to bother me, I felt a little invaded and my privacy taken away from me. It happen so suddenly that I was incredibly scared and I felt like we are never alone and other life is always around us and believe me I didn’t like it. Those days I survived by attaching myself to one of my brothers and even sleeping in his room (yet I am 31 as I said earlier).

Right now, I still have always the TV static vision, I sometimes see movement on the walls but not too heavy I just ignore it, If I see or feel something that bothers me I just say: to f*ck off, mind there own business, I am not going to there dimensions to see what they are doing, why invade mine? this might sound stupid but It has actually worked. I see a bunch of pretty twirls and hurracanes and tornados of light when I close my eyes.. I do have weird dreams, and I sometimes hear people talking to me (this I find disrespectful as well) when I am waking up from sleep, and mostly I can see the outline around people and objects, no colors yet. I wish I could know what to do with this, how I can benefit other people, or if I am just gonna have bad weird vision and get scared on occasion. I wish I knew why me? I believe that nothing is a coincidence and that I went to my so called friend’s house that night because I was meant to do so. I don’t know if this has something to do with the change of frequency that it is approaching on the year 2012, I have heard that some indigo grown ups are turning into crystals since most of the indigos born in the 80’s or the first wave is meant to change into crystals and this is the way of showing them there is something more. I would love to hear comments from anyone that understands this and I have been told to chill and enjoy the ride, but sitting in the back sit and letting someone drive the car that is my life and existence is new and makes me feel powerless.

I hope I can read some comments because one thing that this made me feel specially when it first started, was detached from other humans, I became strained from most of my family members, even moved away, I had this feeling like they where a vehicle from me to get here to this world but I don't feel anything if they judge me or don't agree with me anymore, One day while this was happening or right before I woke up with this feeling that I forgave heart and soul anyone who mistreated me in the past, even my family. I felt like I was watching a movie of someone who was put through stuff in the past but even though that someone was me it didn't hurt me directly, like I was seeing everything from above.. I don't know if this makes sense to you either?.. I felt like I needed to let go and start over and seek something more from the human experience than try to meet everyone's expectations but mine, I always knew we came to this life to be happy, I just understood that in a different way now.

Thanks to everyone who took time and read this, it means a lot, I hope
I do get comments and you can share your experience, I would be more than happy to give you my email or FB page, I need to feel connected to others that are going through this change as well.

Good Luck to everyone :)


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well jinxx you will progress more and more that is part of why you came here after all. experience and enjoy. has for sharing. with the question and answer i have share you have plenty to read.

(14 Oct '11, 02:58) white tiger

Hi Jinxx, can we talk in private? I too have experienced an awakening. How can you get in touch with me or vise versa?

(31 Mar '13, 14:32) lightangel72

Hi @lightangel72 this is darkdemon66, to get in touch hook up with the fast ten circle

(01 Apr '13, 02:12) ru bis
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I was always "different", always felt "apart" from people but not God, always felt destined or something...I had very low self-esteem, but still felt very special when in the wild, apart from people or with animals. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, and read many books, reading levels above my age and knocking the socks off standardized testing whenever I was tested. My life was blown apart when all I had worked for in High School turned out to be wasted...I was accepted to Northwestern University's Honors Medicine Program at age 17, and my parents refused to sign the standard loan papers for college ("I would just get knocked up and have to get married and it would be a waste of money" I was told). I ended up confused and scared at a Po-dunk Midwestern college of ill repute, got drunk a lot, and lost myself completely.

alt text

I married (to escape, I think) at 19, had a kid at 20, and thought, "Now what???"

The years between my son's birth and three daughters following were busy and very hard on my body. I knew nothing about taking care of myself, and in 1993, I fell ill with a MRSA staph infection of my left knee joint. I began to awaken...

I sought alternative medical treatment when, after three years, I was still sick, and found a Reiki Class. That was the beginning of my "awakening"- I felt led to Reiki, and felt at home (what a wonderful memory that was and is to think of the weekend I spent with the women there) and I felt, for the first time in my life, like I belonged. Despite my wheelchair, I learned Usui Reiki I, and rapidly advanced to Reiki Master/Teacher by 1996 or so. I was still hungry, but read a LOT of New Age books and fantasy novels, met great new people, and starting taking Art Classes (earned my Minor in Art). Then my crazy ex-husband decided to drag me away to Mississippi where he had this "great idea" to start a new business on the Gulf Coast near Biloxi. It split our family in two, and it stays split to this day, as my two oldest kids are still in Illinois where I am from, and my two youngest kids are in New Orleans and Dallas, respectively.

I was cut off. I immediately fell ill again with another staph infection in my now artificial left knee, and spent a year with no knee joint...what fun....and my heart grew very small and sad and alone...would not anything ever get better??? Thus began the worst and then best period of my 2004, my husband left me and moved to Dallas, leaving me with a high school senior who had too much responsibility on her shoulders. I was emailing Wade by 2007, platonically, and got into MPRUE Reiki with him, Crystal healing and sold Crystals on Ebay for a time to raise money; I also custom-make Dream Catchers (very good, very authentic, very pricey!!!) which did not sell well on Ebay because everybody preferred ostrich feathers and cheap knock-offs.

My final awakening came at a stiff price. My husband asked for a divorce in 2007,and I got real sick this time, and nearly died. When I healed, the world was bright and shiny and ahead of me was promise...finally. Wade and I fell in love, and I came to Pennsylvania in 2011 to live with him and his family. We now have a home of our own, and I have a new life with someone who truly loves me.

But I was awake now, and I found out that all along I was an Indigo Child...perhaps one of the oldest on the planet (LOL) but nonetheless, that is what I am. It explained my OBE's as a small child, my seeing things that others did not, and my ESP.

The toughest part of my life has been to believe in myself. I have trouble with that. My health sucks, there's no denying that. I attribute it to years of good old-fashioned slavery, first for my parents, and then for my ex. I was too stupid to see. My sister saw it, and left for Texas at 18 never to come back. But it has taken me years to get here, and I have learned and experienced much. I am a trained shaman-my Teacher, Black Rock, has passed, and I miss him. I have explored a lot of "New-Age-y" stuff, and enjoyed it all.

The best part has been Inward Quest. Since joining in 2009, I have learned so much, and have grown a lot. My life will never be the same thanks to IQ.

Bless you all, and thanks for reading!

Love to everyone,



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thanks for sharing, yet another intriguing picture

(01 Apr '13, 04:49) ru bis

@ru-Thank you so much- it is a graphic arts rendering of a painting I did long ago. It was how I felt as a child. Jai

(01 Apr '13, 04:55) Jaianniah

@Jai I've been following your posts & pic's. Love your art. I have an idea. Do you have a 100 of these paintings/sketches/renderings? Did you ever think of putting together a book with your art work & "visions". You could have one pic in the middle of each page with some vision for transformation, change, growth or self acceptance. Above this photo you could say "You gave away your self esteem in bits & pieces; then the photo & underneath "you have the power to reclaim it". I would buy

(01 Apr '13, 05:35) ele

this book & I buy copies for all my friends. Or perhaps a short story to go with each art work. Think about it. Go to a book store & check similar books out. I think this is worth pursuing.

(01 Apr '13, 05:37) ele

@ele-Wow! TY, dear! I will have to think about all this, and look through what I have...You are such a dear for suggesting this! TY! <3 Jai

(01 Apr '13, 05:42) Jaianniah

@Jai that was fast - I was going to edit - how about this - Each time you settle for the unacceptable; you suffer a small death. Honestly, you have a winner if it's put together with lots of love...

(01 Apr '13, 05:51) ele
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well i have always been not like other people even as a child i would see other child and even grown up doing evil things or stupid things to other people. so i was observing and analysing all that. but the true waking up is this:

since then i continue to experience and enjoy.

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white tiger

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