A few years back I was interested in lucid dreams, astral projection and such. I tried some of the techniques that could be found on the internet but I was not persistent enough to achieve success.

Today I stumbeled again on an "how to" article about lucid dreaming and an idea came into my mind : Can we affect our reality with lucid dreams ?

I'll explain a bit. So lucid dreams are dreams which we dream while our body is asleep but our mind is awake. It can be said that we wake up in a dream. Surely everybody had a lucid dream at least a few times during their life. It happens spontaneously and not that often. At least not that often for me. But lucid dreams can be induced intentionally, too. It's a skill that can be mastered with practice, of course. Lucid dreams tend to be very vivid, like real life. But most important is that we can dream what we want. Lucid dreamers can control their dreams. They can fly, teleport, meet whoever they want, have whatever they want, be where they want, experience what ever they want in a dream just by placing their attention on it and it happens instantly. They say it's a lot of fun :) . A big plus is even that you wake up very happy and energized from a happy and positive dream.

My question is if we create a perfect life in a dream, can it affect our reality and start to become our reality ? Reprogram our subcouncious mind and thinking that we think and feel that that what we want is possible, perhaps. If we remember how we felt in a dream while living what we wanted maybe we can generate the same feeling when we wake up and spend our day feeling it and being blessed by it?

Lucid dreamers, hello ? :)

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Lucid dreams reveal to you aspects of your Self which automatically (as within, so without) implies what you are tending to or are likely to manifest. The uncertainty in my words is only because there is some time to change your mind if you dislike the trend, but if you hold it then it will manifest in short order. In some cases, it will show the general / essential trajectory very clearly but mostly it reveals aspects of your Self and the rest is worked out on the realization that you only see a reflection of your Self in terms of circumstances. If you don't like the message then consider shifting your focus to what you'd like instead.


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The possibilities are infinite! The memories from Lucid dreams feel just like memories from your waking life. I have never thought about using it to sharpen manifesting skills but it is a great idea. A bonus is the skills you learn in order to Lucid dream are similar to the skills needed to manifest. Awareness and focus are pivotal in both. You'll be adding fire to both your interests!

I think the most incredible day will be when someone brings back an object from a Lucid dream. Imagine picking a flower and waking up with it in your hand?


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I have had lucid dreams for years. I came to many enlightenments over those years from those dreams. I hadn't used them to manifest however I had gained insights into creation of experience though expectation and attention.

In those dreams I have walked on water, through walls, up walls and on ceilings. I have commanded nature as I needed. I even reversed time and turned myself into animals. I caught mini rockets launched at me and threw them back on my attackers. I have been killed and reversed time so that I could edit my dream and live. I have beat demons, devils, the living dead, vampires, even Freddy Kruger. I have multiplied myself, and turned myself into a stretch man that could reach things on a second floor from the first floor. I have even been shot by a Thomson machine gun and walked right up to the guy shooting me only to pull the gun out of his hands and throw him down and bend the gun up in a circle so it couldn't shoot.

I was chased by the four horsemen of death. Those I destroyed with a wave of my hand and a huge lightning bolt I brought form the sky.

It seems what ever happens, I just think of what do I need to do to solve or beat this. Is it possible never enters the equation.

Edit more added for Vesuvius

I did come to the conclusion that what we expect we create in experience. Like some person walking down the street, spots a loose dog. The dog is in a stage of waiting for his cue to act his part in this persos's, play. The person gets fear! The dog reacts because now the character of the dog part of the play has been set. It is the dog to be feared, the person starts backing away from the dog, so now again is the subconscious director cuing the dog to stay or advance? The person worries that the dog will advance, okay the dog advances. The fear builds as the person fears attack and starts running, so the dog chases. This is the same as a dream experience with ghouls or vampires or whatever you imagine, you experience what you expect. Shakespeare said, "The world is like some kind of play, and all that are in it are like actors."


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This is fascinating. Do any of these exercises help you function better in your "real" life?

(31 Jul '14, 13:18) Vesuvius

I believe we are in a lucid dream as we speak. If not this is my dream and Inward Quest is just a part of it.

In my studies, almost all the information I came upon, including the bible, has indicated that "I am" (the spirit focused in this body) is so deep in sleep, and focused in this body, and that life is just a dream, it's so real just like a lucid dream. A key clue for me is that everything in your life experience is a mirror reflection of what's inside you, just like your dreams where everything is a mirror reflection of you. Therefore, in my opinion, lucid dreams are "you" reminding "you" that you have the power to change things....in the Big Dream called life....just like you have the power to change your dreams inside the lucid dream.

I also noticed that lucid dreams appear to happen when you're in troubling times, but again that's "you" reminding "you" that you are in need of being reminded that things can easily be changed.

If you ever want to have a self induced lucid dream, wear a nicotine patch and go to sleep......the dreams are so real it's scary!


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you ask: My question is if we create a perfect life in a dream, can it affect our reality and start to become our reality ? Reprogram our subcouncious mind and thinking that we think and feel that that what we want is possible, perhaps.

if your dream is made of only imagination of your self then how will it interact with this world where you are not the only one making choice? If you get information that you do not have and it can help you in this world then it can help you in this world.

also if you dream about something that is going to happen and can rewind your dream and test different change to see how it is going to change what is happening in the dream that represent the real thing that is going to happen then you could probably make better choice to change things that are going to happen because you tested it many time in the prophetic dream. but like I said before something you can change and some other you cannot change. some choice are not yours in this world. you are affected by this world and you also affect it and it is the same for everyone else in this world.

the simple fact is that some one that is aware can do something that someone that is not aware cannot make. Lucid dream is someone that is aware when he dreams. try lucid living be aware in this world of how you are affected by it and how you can affect it. then you will make better choice for your self and other. maybe the focus is to much on what we want and not on what we need. you see often what you need and what you want are not the same thing at all. you could need to eat each day of the month and want to go buy one very expensive meal. and be stuck not eating 29 day of the 30 day in the month. so what is coming first what you need or what you want?

you see the ego will often tempt you to make choice for a fast and luxury satisfaction that work to your detriment.


this first day of meditation in the desert perfectly illustrate this.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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