Many a times I will get an idea to try something or take a certain action but then the thought of a similar action in the past and how it failed comes to my mind and I find myself not attempting it anymore. Or certain ground realities will prevent me from manifesting my desires e.g. this is a dead time for training and there will be no booking till the mid of next month and that ground reality prevents me from focusing on my desire to manifest money this month. How does one overcome such thoughts?

asked 20 Aug '10, 22:55

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Everyone is different, but if it was me, I would try improved affirmations and self (inner) talk, such as this "Even though this didn't work for me in the past, this time around there are not any limitations, and success is mine!"....something like that! This way the affirmation or self-talk is believable to you because you are acknowledging the past and being realistic about it, but are mentally preparing for a different outcome in the future.


answered 21 Aug '10, 00:16

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LeeAnn 1

Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand it, but it's for the greater good. If the idea comes to you, you have the where-with-all, the resources, the people to make it happen. The past actions does not equall the future. There are cetain actions that nee to be made to be successful. It can be done, you can do it, Keep trying. OH!, and by-the-way. You have permission to make it happen, if the limo drives up, you have the choice to get in. Don't let past thoughts or limiting thoughts keep you from getting in the limo.


answered 21 Aug '10, 01:08

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RPuls, I always love reading your answers and comments. The statement "Everything happens for a reason" has always perplexed me. I would enjoy your insight into this very profound, but often misunderstood saying.

(21 Aug '10, 21:44) GS415

Its like a child learning to ride a bike, it may seem impossible but the adult knows from experience that it is possible and allows the child to try and balance and tip over, knowing eventually the child will get it. We are all riding the bike of Life and it may seem impossible at times, however the omniscience of mind knows eventually we will get it. It may seem like a random event that we experience and it can be on an individual basis, or like war that makes us develop as a community, or even events that occur that we can't even begin to understand until thousands of years pass.

(21 Aug '10, 22:44) RPuls

Like children we can't see that far, but the omniscience of mind can and allows us to experience seemingly random events. Everything happens for a reason, but we may not understand why.

(21 Aug '10, 22:46) RPuls
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