Several years ago, a client suggested I meet with medium James Van Praagh after the death of the man I was to marry. I had no prior knowledge of "mediums" and what to expect, but took the client up on her suggestion. During the "reading" the killer was revealed, and much more personal information regarding my life that I was not consciously aware of.

I am wondering how this is possible?

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Edgar Cayce usually pulled his information, under trance from a sort of collective consciousness and at other times from the akashic records. Others claim that they get information from your spirit guide or by reading your aura. I think every intuitive is different and they are at all different skill levels. I have met one who was very good, as you did, and another who was completely off on every single point and could not have been worse.


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LeeAnn, Some seem to be more able to access this ability than others. Possibly wr are all able with practice. Thank you for your answer. Love & Blessings.

(24 Aug '10, 18:56) GS415

The Universe is basically energy and empty space. What they (scientists) are finding out is that this "empty space" may contain matter that is not so empty!

So, you have energy and something else that may or may not also be energy and energy as a rule follows intent. If I (as an intuitive) want to get information on or for someone, I set my intention to access that information from the energy field.

Most of us in this work call that field the Akashic Field or Akashic Records which is referred to in the Bible as "The Book of Life". This is a recording of ALL information on a person during all their lifetimes - what they think, feel, do, etc.

So there you have it!

For me, when I do readings, I hear things, see things and feel things..the hardest part for me is translating from energy into language or words. Many times the impressions are difficult to put into words because they are coming from a place of pure awareness without any judgment or ego in them. As humans, we are not used to this place!

Hope this helps you and that I answered your question! Namaste, Lynn


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Awaken to Spirit

Lynn, Thank you so much. I know many still do not understand this type of ability as we live in a society which needs science to confirm. But we that "know" know. I believe we all vibrate on different frequencies...I was just wondering how a person like myself is able to tap into the vibration at will. Thank you again for your answer.

(24 Aug '10, 18:53) GS415

Very sorry about the death of your man you were going to marry.

Anything is possible, but not sure I personally believe in this. Can he do this consistently?

If yes and he has such power, why not reveal the killers of all murders and help thousands of families like he helped you? He could help solve so many crimes and help bring more justice into the world. Why does he hold out?


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Dear Back2Basics,

Mr. Van Praagh and many other mediums have and do assist law enforcement with the solving of murders and crimes. As unbelievable as this might seem, it is true. Intuitives are used by law enforcement and the government for many purposes like Remote Viewing. I was a skeptic prior to my experience.

I appears that some are able to access certain streams of consciousness (though I'm sure we all have the ability as I have personally experienced telepathy). Edgar Caycee was very gifted.

(24 Aug '10, 12:09) GS415

@GS415: That is amazing. I wonder why this is not shown in main stream media?

(25 Aug '10, 17:26) Back2Basics
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