I have heard many say that the powers of our subconscious mind are much greater than that of our conscious mind. I am a student and want to make full use of this creative genius within me but do not know how to do it. Can anyone recommend specific methods of using the subconscious mind specifically to be of help in studies?

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I CONSTANTLY pepper my mind with new beliefs on a repetitive basis in hopes my subconscious will adhere, since my sub never knows the difference between observed reality and imagination.

It seems to be working




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jim 10

Yes, depending on what you are studying or under taking, repetition is the KEY! It is best to program your Subconscious Mind, just before going to sleep in the evening and just upon waking up in the morning. If you desire to attract Wealth, then repeat this statement over and over, like singing your self to sleep. Upon waking up and during you daily life, watch little seemingly Miracles transpire into your life. This is the true art of MENTAL MAGIK! - DR. NEB HERU (NUNOLOGY)


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Dr. Neb Heru

I know i always say this but go on to PSI TEK.

There are numerous books there on the subject. I particularly like anything by Thomas Troward but there are many others too.

Theres a mine of knowledge there,and its free.

Its a wonderfull resource. Im extremely gratefull for it.



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Monty Riviera

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There are essentially three aspects to consciousness, specifically the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and higher consciousness. I have included here excerpts from my articles on Mind Your Reality.

The subconscious is the incredibly powerful programme that runs every aspect of your life automatically and without any need for your conscious input. Simply put, any thought, message or order that is given to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough will in time be accepted as truth and consistently be carried out with exact precision irrespective of whether it benefits you or not. The most important thing you must know is that it is subjective in nature. This means that it can not reason or distinguish between positive and negative. Its power is also its Achilles heel because its lack of reasoning ability means that it is equally willing to carry out positive programmes as it is negative with often devastating effect. See: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and its Achilles Heel

Your conscious mind. It is also known as the objective mind or self-consciousness. It is the mind of your five senses, enabling you to consciously experience the physical world. Most importantly, it is that aspect of your mind that is able to reason. This ability to reason sets human beings apart from the plant and mineral kingdoms and places us highest in the animal kingdom. Your conscious mind essentially grants you freedom of choice. It is the seat of your will. Given its capacity to reason and discriminate, your conscious mind has an incredibly important function. It is supposed to be the guardian at the door of your subconscious mind, ensuring that only wanted and empowering messages are allowed through. See: The Incredibly Important Role of Your Conscious Mind

The third aspect of your consciousness is your higher consciousness - it is also known as the super-conscious mind, your higher self. It is the least understood and least accessed aspect of Consciousness because it does not belong to the physical or mental realm. Its domain is the spiritual realm. It is the You that is All-Knowing and All-Powerful and is the same in kind as the One Universal Mind. It is the You that is beyond not only the physical world but also the emotions of your mental world. Your higher self does not distinguish between good or bad, wrong or right, happy or sad - not because it is unable to but because it has no need to. See: Your Higher Consciousness is Your Master Key

In summarising: The subconscious mind can not reason, the conscious mind is reason, and higher consciousness need not reason. In other words, where your conscious mind is the commander and your subconscious mind the subject, your higher consciousness is your kingdom.

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it is our intuition that is creative as well as the reservoir of all our wisdom.
and one usually attempts to reach it with/ through meditation


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Can you give some advice on developing our intuition as I never have such strong feelings from within which I may call intuitions?

(13 Dec '10, 13:55) Pranay

the paradox is that your intuition is there, it is what makes you you. however, in most cases it is covered under layers of dust. for myself, the search has been mainly through reading and what rsonnates within as plausible is what i search next.

(14 Dec '10, 00:21) fred

Since the subconscious mind does not know the difference, it is important that you ensure that you are feeding it with the appropriate information, so that you will attain your goals, and achievements in life! I would recommend that you read the Master Key System, and Mind Power! Good luck.


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