I am seeking to trigger an altered state of consciousness (let me clarify: a lucid dream) by staying awake for three days. Can you recommend a way to do this?

  1. Caffeine
  2. ?

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Cocaine. haha or any stronger drug. Weed makes me sleep. Maybe ecstasy would be good.

(27 Mar '13, 04:37) CalonLan

I don't know where to buy any of those drugs and I don't have much money to do so. Also, I suspect the rebound from them would negate their value in keeping me awake.

(27 Mar '13, 04:42) flowsurfer

Instead of asking an asinine question like this one. Why don't you ask if there is a way to enter an altered state of consciousness w/o drugs & w/o depriving yourself of sleep. (said with love)

(27 Mar '13, 05:16) ele

Because I have tried those ways already. Now I'm trying this way.

(27 Mar '13, 05:18) flowsurfer

What ways? Have you tried trance dance? Fire Breath or other Breath exercises?

(27 Mar '13, 05:23) ele

@ele I want a specific kind of altered state, not an altered state for the sake of an altered state.

(27 Mar '13, 05:29) flowsurfer

Well I can drink coffee & go right to sleep. Decaf keeps me up - makes me pee. I stopped drinking coffee for a yr or so. I started up again last yr. Personally, I feel coffee has many health benefits in addition to making you feel good & it smells great too. If I want a stimulant, I drink a diet coke. It will keep me up all night. I haven't had a bottle of pop since some time in 2012.

(27 Mar '13, 05:45) ele

@flo If you are not operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle you have my blessing & as WT says "experience & enjoy". Just remember experience is dependent on your state of mind. Don't get hooked - you need your beauty sleep.

(28 Mar '13, 00:32) ele

@ele Trust me, I would rather sleep and I look for any available excuse to do so. I'm just desperate, with no sense of how to move forward with my life. No idea at all. Forcing an OBE may or may not help but I don't know what else, or how else, to do.

(28 Mar '13, 00:37) flowsurfer

Wow. I didn't realize that your intention here was to enter an altered state of consciousness. Serves me right for not reading the question... Disregard my entire answer and replace it with "Find another method." I asked a similar question on this topic, and played around with the idea myself. Terrible idea, don't do it. You want to alter your consciousness you will need to bark up other trees. This is simply not the way to do it.

(28 Mar '13, 02:02) Snow

@flo Obviously you do not need my blessing; but my good vibes are very powerful. I hope it works out for you even if I do not understand. Be Safe & Have Fun...

(28 Mar '13, 02:06) ele

If you want to force an OBE then you use hallucinogens, not stimulants... You're starting on the wrong page with the wrong destination in mind. Find a trusted & experienced friend who can help guide you through the process safely, use common sense, do it somewhere safe and comfortable.

Sleep depriving yourself isn't the way to go, and if you can't stay up that long through discipline without the use of substances then there is no hope of actually getting any kind of 'spiritual' results anyway.

(28 Mar '13, 02:14) Snow

@Snow I stayed without sleep (except for a 30 minute nap) for about three days before, for no particular reason other than not having the opportunity to sleep. It resulted in a fully lucid out of body experience, the only one I ever had, even though I didn't do much with it (didn't get to the separation stage and gave up, going back into wakefulness).

(28 Mar '13, 02:18) flowsurfer

@Snow Sleep deprivation causes REM rebound. I think it might also be worth trying a moderate amount of alcohol before bed, then waking up four hours later to do WBTB, since alcohol also causes REM rebound. I'll have to experiment.

(28 Mar '13, 02:21) flowsurfer

To my previous point.. Hallucinogens act as a catalyst in this category. There may be things to be experienced from sleep deprivation, but that doesn't mean it is the appropriate choice for someone who cannot trigger them through other methods.

I can throw myself into the highest reaches of consciousness using substances as a catalyst, doesn't mean I should try to jump straight to the end of the road. Sleep deprivation is quite 'up the ladder', maybe you're trying to run before you can crawl.

(28 Mar '13, 02:28) Snow

I don't have access to hallucinogens. I don't have friends either. So I don't think that is much of an option.

(28 Mar '13, 02:35) flowsurfer

Well, I can help you with at least one of those. I can always use more friends. ^_^y Email me, GeoDeAngelo@Gmail.com

If nothing else I can also give you a thorough walkthrough of how to approach some legal (and therefore very easy to access) substances that can help expand consciousness without putting unnecessary strain on your body and brain.

(28 Mar '13, 03:08) Snow

@Snow Why don't you share your wisdom with the rest of us. I would love to know more about these legal substances which expand consciousness. I'm sure many others would also.

(28 Mar '13, 22:31) ele

@flowsurfer Let us know if you make it. Some may be betting on you.

If you don't make it this time, think of this as practice. Keep trying until you conquer.

(29 Mar '13, 02:30) Wade Casaldi

I was looking into Galantamine as a way to force an astral projection without going through sleep deprivation. I'm kind of down right now because it isn't available where I live without a prescription and even then it's a fortune.

(29 Mar '13, 22:10) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Curious, what did you mean by this statement. Seems like you are contradicting yourself. "I want a specific kind of altered state, not an altered state for the sake of an altered state."

(30 Mar '13, 00:58) ele

@ele I meant I want a lucid dream. I don't want to reach nirvana, to have random hallucinations or do anything other than have a lucid dream/OBE/astral projection (pick a name, it's in essence the same thing). I want a lucid dream for the specific purpose of applying Neville's advice.

(30 Mar '13, 01:44) flowsurfer

@flo nirvana is the ultimate experience - true bliss...

(30 Mar '13, 02:29) ele

@ele So you know, when you shorten my username you end up sending messages to other users.

(01 Apr '13, 08:53) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer How did this 72 hours with no sleep go ... ?

(01 Apr '13, 10:09) Catherine

@Catherine I am reluctant to force myself to do it because I fear it is the wrong approach. I was looking into supplements I could use but they are not available where I live, I don't think I'm even allowed to import them. I am going to do only a slight sleep deprivation, use alcohol to suppress REM (in order to get REM rebound) and then use a stimulant (an energy drink) to try to do a WILD. I would much rather use a mixture of melatonin, 5-htp, galantamine, a b-complex and choline but I can't.

(01 Apr '13, 10:55) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Duly Noted. I thought of that also. Flow is doable but flo is not. Unfortunately going 72 hrs w/o sleep has been more normal than not for me. Anyhoo, if you usually sleep 8 hrs, sleep 6 hrs tonight. Tomorrow night sleep 4 hrs & the next day you should be sufficiently tired. If not, cut your sleep down to 2 or 3 hrs on the the 3rd nite.

(01 Apr '13, 16:47) ele

@ele I'm curious, why are you so chronically sleep deprived?

(01 Apr '13, 17:30) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer ask me no personal questions. I did not say I was sleep deprived. 'Unfortunately' was a poor choice of words. I will tell you this - I'm not; if I don't make it an issue, it's not; besides it's not like it was last year at this time or any time prior. In comparison, I'm sleepy beauty now. I'm a very efficient sleeper & have never required as much sleep as mere earthlings. You may want to check your subscriptions. Go to your profile & click on user tools then click ...

(01 Apr '13, 20:52) ele

@flowsurfer on Notifications and subscription settings. You may want to check this: when a comment is posted to one of my posts (on a question you are subscribed to) instead of only comments tagged with your user name. I don't always tag my comments with @.

(01 Apr '13, 20:56) ele

@flowsurfer it may be because we live in the America's. I have all comments & answers checked. Often times I don't get all the email notifications & I'm not talking about edits either. They seem to get lost in cyber space. I noticed both Nikulas & Ursixx specifically tagged me & I did not receive their comments in my inbox. Only noticed when I clicked on the question. It happens quite often..

(01 Apr '13, 21:00) ele

@ele You mentioned familiarity with hallucinations and other related "experiences". These are classic symptoms of sleep deprivation, particularly REM deprivation. I'm not saying your sleep habits are a problem though, I'm just asking why you have them. The term "sleep deprived" wasn't meant as a judgement.

(01 Apr '13, 21:03) flowsurfer

@ele Oh, I don't even check my email. I just mentioned that because I imagine it is a nuisance to flogarilla and flowingwater.

(01 Apr '13, 21:05) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer I deleted the other cause there is so much more to the story & I have no desire to tell it. Suffice it to say, I've had more than one sleep study over the years. When it comes to care giving or taking care of a colicky baby; women are just wired differently & can go w/o sleep for longer periods. We crash eventually & make up for sleep lost..

(01 Apr '13, 22:41) ele
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I would recommend that you have a baby. Boy, I have had some spells of 72- hour stretches with my kids...make that a colicky baby. You'll be hallucinating in no time!




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@Jaianniah You've got a laugh out of me, :)

(27 Mar '13, 19:58) flowsurfer

Thanks for the laugh, Jai. I remember those times so very well!

(27 Mar '13, 20:46) LeeAnn 1

@Jaianniah :D:D:D:D:D

(28 Mar '13, 04:04) releaser99

@Jai i'm glad i'm a man :)

(28 Mar '13, 11:49) ru bis

@ru- when your wife is sick, it will not help you a bit...in fact, you'll have her to take care of, Too! Talk about 72 hours! :D

(29 Mar '13, 02:24) Jaianniah

Btw- Wade thinks somebody who stays awake for 72 hours should be on a TV show like ":That's Incredible"...Well.....There would be a very long line of moms with colicky babies in line to enter the contest....the problem is that they all would win! Wade is having a hard time with this concept...He has no children....Lucky him! :D

(29 Mar '13, 03:05) Jaianniah
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Other than all that's already been said the only thing i can suggest is shear willpower, just keep moving for 72 hours. However the aim of staying awake is to achieve an altered state of consciousness. There is another way of doing this that perhaps you've not tried; technically it's called an isolation tank.


The ancestor to this in magic, that is, how to separate the soul from the body; the person is completely bound from head to foot with just leaving the nose and mouth so as to be able to breathe, then the person is suspended to swing freely in the air

ffalt textff

There is a much softer variant of this that i have actually experienced myself though at the time it was unintentional. It happened spontaneously when i was in prison, i had damaged both my feet so i couldn't walk for a while. I actually stayed in my cell alone for 6 weeks on end, after a while it was like a meditation, eventually i was feeling as if the walls of my cell were the limit of my physical body, my body felt huge "looking inside myself" was like roaming around an immense cathedral, it felt like there was unlimited space within. Afterwards it took about 2 weeks to get back to my normal size, at one point i really thought i would stay like that for good.

update; thursday 28th march 2013

This method is derived from the experience i had from a "two day stay free from work" lol, in a police prison cell, and believe me, it works.

Create an empty room, blind off the windows so that no light can get in, and make it as uncomfortable as possible, no carpets, if possible just bare concrete, no heating, no food, no water, an absolutely empty room, dark and cold. The only thing in the room is a bucket that you use as a toilet, and of course, no toilet paper. Just to add that finishing touch, on the other side of the door put a loud badly tuned radio that whistles and gives out harsh human voices and crackling noises etc. ... i think you get the picture.

Now go in the room and stay there as long as you can, i feel sure you'll experience something unexpected

ffalt textff

have fun :)

update; well it was really me in the dark closed room, i'm now opening the door and going through it towards the light :)

alt text

update 29th march 2013

i now have ethereal wings

alt text


answered 27 Mar '13, 14:50

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ru bis

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Float (think) tanks are awesome. I don't think flo has access or funds available.

(28 Mar '13, 00:16) ele

you can make your own "think tank", i'm editing my answer to show how

(28 Mar '13, 02:15) ru bis

I would have to make my own. 2 days stays are usually in county jails. County jails in my area are not like what you describe. All the basic comforts of home plus cable tv, heat, air & some of the best food in the area.

(28 Mar '13, 02:54) ele

You have brought up your incarceration over a dozen times - both you & blu. No one says a word. I think you want to talk about it. I know I have a question or two.

(28 Mar '13, 02:56) ele

this was a "gendarmerie" prison

(28 Mar '13, 02:57) ru bis

yes @ele it was over 15 years ago but it still haunts me, If you want to ask questions, feel free ... you never know, i might just answer them :)

(28 Mar '13, 03:29) ru bis

@ru bis "gendarmerie" hmm. Not fun & not making light of it either. Both events were over 15 yrs ago? I can imagine why it still haunts you; especially someone as sensitive as you are. It seems like you want to talk about it because it comes up so often. I do have a ?; but I'll take it to a more appropriate thread. If you don't wish to answer, please don't. Don't say "I type with only 1 finger" You are King of Edits. Besides I had to REALLY think about it, does he really have only 1 digit. lol

(28 Mar '13, 03:57) ele

@ele it's easy to understand really, the reality of real prison is just a reflection of what i felt inside, that is, "imprisoned" ... now i feel free "wow"


(28 Mar '13, 11:39) ru bis

@ru I won't even say which wow took my attention first. lol! Since I've never been incarcerated; I won't claim to understand - only imagine. I didn't know if you wanted to talk about it or if it became your new identity. I love, love your edit!

(28 Mar '13, 22:18) ele

@ru bis about your edit - um, Don't Forget to Fly!

(29 Mar '13, 00:41) ele

@ele to fly first i need do grow wings :)

(29 Mar '13, 01:26) ru bis

@ru bis "update; well it was really me in the dark closed room, i'm now opening the door and going through it towards the light :)" Every time you heal a dark part of yourself, you BRING more light into the world. If you're 'light' enough, you don't need wings! T.C. You can't bring light into the world w/o becoming lighter your self.

(29 Mar '13, 02:06) ele

@ele yes thanks, i now have "ethereal wings"

(29 Mar '13, 02:16) ru bis

@ru bis lol! Thanks for the sketch; made me laugh - still smiling.

(29 Mar '13, 02:51) ele

@ele yes but always remember, we live in a world of duality, the flip side to the angel of light is the angel of dark

(30 Mar '13, 02:36) ru bis

Did you mean to put your comment here or under my nirvana/true bliss comment? Yes, I know. Didn't you realize tis the reason I'm attracted to your vibes.

(30 Mar '13, 04:05) ele

so there is no way i can hide from you, i'll just have to go get my love shield lol

(30 Mar '13, 04:08) ru bis

I've never pursued a man before; it was always the other way around. Law of duality is soooo fun!

(30 Mar '13, 04:25) ele

@Romel "ele noted sir/madam" . . . Most definitely Feminine . . . Do I sound like a guy? lol! (Poor ru) When I said I never pursued a man before, I meant I never had to. I've never had an issue attracting members of the opposite sex & still don't. OTOH, ru bis seems to attract both sexes equally, at least at IQ & consequently gets teased. (He's male btw ) Don't pay any attention to us. We're having a bit of fun teasing one another. We refer to it as energy work. We met here a long time ago.

(31 Mar '13, 01:01) ele

@ele attracting both sexes is the lot of androids from andromeda plants, btw "bonjour"

(31 Mar '13, 01:31) ru bis

@ru bis Our intuitive botanist/robot? Do you reproduce? Sorry, it went over my head. Love the pretty little dainty flowers ...

Bonne nuit! I have bunny stuff to.

(31 Mar '13, 02:50) ele

@ele reproduce? all parts are still in working order if that's what you mean :)

(31 Mar '13, 10:38) ru bis

@ru haha No, I'm not ?'ing your virility or even your fertility for that matter. Rest assured, I never had any doubts about the workin' condition of your parts. I wish you could hear me laughing & laughing & I read this hours ago. Getting used to this warm glow - cheeks as healthy as summer. The vibes I've been picking up on, have everything to do with your masculinity & sexuality, a significant part of your soulful essence & animal vibration. Did you think I was only attracted to your mind?

(01 Apr '13, 00:41) ele

@ele "healthy cheeks", i love feminine cheeks

(01 Apr '13, 02:01) ru bis

@ru bis That was really Cheeky ... I was willing to bet you were a breast man & so weren't my heavenly girls which have never taken a backseat to my booty. Sorry, I needed a vibrational lift.

(02 Apr '13, 05:09) ele

@ru bis Seriously, it was not too long ago you informed Cal you were male & had all the male parts to prove it . Now you're telling me your male parts are in working condition & you like girl parts too. I know all this, so who are you really telling this to?

(02 Apr '13, 05:20) ele

i said @ele, "all parts are still in working order", meaning my whole body, is your attention centered just on bananas and nuts? ... as for myself i definitely love healthy cheeks :)

(02 Apr '13, 05:31) ru bis

@ru bis haha . . . got me! That's good to know considering your advanced age. Wouldn't want to worry about your heart failing. Well you said I reminded you of your mum; hence the breast guess. So you are one of those guys! The kind of guys you 'feel' watching you. Should have suspected. Good feeling. My cheeks are healthy enough. I work out. Luckily I can run in high heels.. Bonne nuit...

(02 Apr '13, 06:38) ele

@ru bis I have to apologize if I expect to get any sleep. I'm sorry, you can't help if your soo old. Kiddin' - I'm truly sorry, that was just plain mean & I shouldn't be laughin' my cheeks off. A Hug & bisous ...

(02 Apr '13, 06:55) ele

@ru bis To set the record straight. I really don't like it when a man looks at my chest instead of my eyes when he's speaking to me. I think this is man who lacks control & stamina. It's been my experience breast men are needy & possessive; which are not attractive qualities. I actually prefer a cheek man; I'm not working out for no reason. I just didn't want you to be right ALL the time!

(04 Apr '13, 05:50) ele

@ele but i'm only wrong 95% of the time, and honestly yes i never notice breasts i always notice nice cheeks

(04 Apr '13, 06:01) ru bis

@ru bis I found one --- "all parts are still in working order", meaning my whole body, is your attention centered just on bananas and nuts?" Actually yes, but you said @ele reproduce? all parts are still in working order if that's what you mean" SEE YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT REPRODUCTIVE PARTS SUCH AS LOL, BANANA & NUTS. Who calls it a banana? I've never heard that in my life. Up & Up & Away Vibrations... lol! Wait, you have more than one banana? you said bananas. hahahaha love it!

(04 Apr '13, 06:33) ele
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staying awake, or being aware is something that you can practice and do each second of your life.What are altered state of counscience? Are they not period where you are more aware and transcend your self imposse limit? Some part of you need rest so thinking to achive something not physical by abusing your physical is not something that will reward you in a positive way. But the key to both of those question(how to reach altered state of counscience and how to stay awake for long period) as the same answer be aware.The lenght or the quantity is not the problem the problem is the quality.Obe,astral projection,lucid dream are achived by being aware,even when the body sleep.so work on your awareness each day by meditating,when the two becomes one (water and spirit) if the body sleep the spirit will stay aware.


Jesus meditated for 40 days in the desert. he meditated on the mountain. How many time did he tell is disciple that they could not even make the effort to stay awake or keep watch?

Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. "Couldn't you men keep watch with me for one hour?" he asked Peter.


They should have stay in the beguinning,and they would not have tasted death.

Many are great teacher and they do not know this.

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Mar '13, 19:54

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white tiger

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I failed to accomplish the simplest objective of 'reading the damn question'. This resulted in my typing a bunch of information that is completely off point for the intention of the asker. I'm just gunna leave this here because some of it may have value in other applications, but for the purpose asked my answer should have actually been short and sweet: Find another method. This question has been brought up before, nothing good comes from it.

EDIT 2: Want to guarantee that you can stay awake? Get some trail mix, I like Mountain variety because M&M's are nommy, but for your purpose the 'energy' variety will probably be more suitable. Get a high nutrition drink that features carbs, protein, and a whole bunch of vitamin B's. A good example of this would be the Odwalla-esque 'Green Machine' drinks. If you want to go the whole 9 yards then go to a nutrition store or Walmart, get a Super B Complex that features as many different ingredients you can find. Top this off with a mountain of Caffeine, in my opinion this is most ideally filled (due to personal tastes) with a water-additive blend called 'Energy Tea'. Make sure you're drinking water too (do not forget you need sodium to absorb the water, otherwise it will literally just go straight through you). Electrolyte-ey repleneshment drinks like Gatorade are effective here.

Glad to see the aversion to substances I observed before has alleviated somewhat. That being said, on this category? Really? Oh well. Progress is progress. ^_^

[EDIT: To add another point of view regarding Caffeine 'not being strong enough' (said nobody, ever ^_^y) the only time you will find it insufficient is when your body is forced into shutdown mode due to either dehydration or malnutrition. As a general rule, stimulants are a combination of diuretics and appetite suppressants. This means it requires discipline to make sure you are taking appropriate care of your body, because they shut off your normal indicators informing you that you need to refuel.]

Before I actually answer your question, I'm going to throw in the mandatory and appropriate: Do not stay up for 72 hours straight. If you have an unsolvable need in your life to be active for large portions of multiple days in a row, TRY TO AT LEAST GET 1.5-4 HRS OF SLEEP! If you are concerned that you will not wake up after going to sleep, drink a double dose of Caffeine immediately before sleeping and eat some carbs. Not even a full meal needed, but if you don't have something on your stomach you will remain tired due to malnutrition and the exercise becomes pointless.

If you actually end up staying up for longer than a day without resting you are going to risk encountering numerous unpleasant side effects, and you need to be prepared before you engage in such activities. Your mind can play tricks on you; things that seem coherent and sensical can often not be to a rested and/or sober mind; your mind can 'jump to conclusions' before being given appropriate supporting evidence, such as seeing things in shadows or thinking that a person you see is someone you know, etc. Be aware and cautious of not only your surroundings, but your senses as well. Even the 'warning flag' you get that tells you when your thoughts / senses are betraying you might not be a guaranteed reliability anymore. BE. CAREFUL.

It is strongly advisable that you take the simple & safe route, which is buying the inexpensive drink additives that feature caffeine. My personal favorite would be 'Energy Tea', which is sprayed into water a-la Mio or whatever those drink additives are called. Though unlike Mio, this features a nice kick in the pants like Coffee.

Also glad to hear you don't want to bother with any of the other methods of staying up that long, but in case anyone else reads and gets any bright ideas, I will save you some trouble:

Any stimulants will largely serve the same basic purpose, with only the tertiary effects being variable. This is true for the whole spectrum from caffeine, to prescription amphetamines (such as Adderall, or the preferable option Vyvanse which helps limit recreational indulgence, assuming that isn't what you're looking for), up to methamphetamine (which in effect is no different than its pill cousins, and anyone who tells you otherwise is simply drinking the cool-aid, and the only difference is that the methyl portion is a potentiator which increases the effects, but does not change them). The issue with amphetamines (Adderall) and methylamphetamines (meth) is that they introduce the need for a 'balancing act' where you try to get the effect you want without overdoing it.

This is how people with friends in all walks of life will become very educated on the issues they can cause and the risks they can incur. ;)

What does all this mean? If you're looking to stay up for a long time, don't introduce yourself to any stims that you don't need to. Caffeine does the job, and even gives you most of the same negative effects too! (They just manifest in slightly different ways, but the overall impact is extremely similar.) If anyone reading this ever decides that substances stronger than Caffeine are necessary for them, I strongly encourage trying to go the Vyvanse route because it is a 'pro-drug' that is inert when initially consumed, and is designed with the intent of plateauing at a therapeutic range.


answered 28 Mar '13, 01:45

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edited 28 Mar '13, 02:05

It's about 2:oo am here in my country and I am still reading this site. I am new here and I think I already read here for the past 10 hours with small breaks only. Now my body is getting tired but my curiosity is far from over. I want to read more but after this comment I will definitely go to bed. A sign that my mind surrenders to the demand of my body.

Maybe if you can sustain this. Just read and read and read here and tell us if you made it to 72 hours. Don't give up to the call of your body, just follow your inquisitive mind. I don't know if I make sense to you, but maybe you can treat this answer as an alternative if none of the other works for you.


answered 28 Mar '13, 13:44

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edited 28 Mar '13, 13:45

I like your attitude Romel. You're a good fit!

(28 Mar '13, 22:18) ele

@ele Hahaha... But that comment I made was like... LOL. I know flowsurfer will not take it seriously. Thanks for the like, I take that to my heart. I am smiling as I write this comment... :)

(28 Mar '13, 22:35) Romel

@Romel A fav motto of mine is: "fill your life with good company". IQ is good company & so are you.

(29 Mar '13, 00:40) ele

Thanks again ele.

(29 Mar '13, 04:48) Romel

@Romel Fair warning my new friend, many of us are IQ addicts. You may want to ease up a bit.. Everything in moderation..

(30 Mar '13, 04:07) ele

@ele, noted sir/madam. Thank you for the reminder. I am just too engrossed her maybe because this site provide answers to my questions. Though answers vary, it made me realize who I really am. The Holy Week is almost over and I will be back to my real world. That will make my stay here limited.

(30 Mar '13, 07:30) Romel

@Romel Yes, Holy Week. I didn't have a computer when H W was a mandatory in/home celebration when not in church & the only thing on tv was shows like the 10 Commandments. Now that it's an elective; I prefer to stay in. Your A is excellent. IQ is on 24/7 & it's the best 'reality' show ever 'created'. (note play on words) Flo can check in here at any time of the day or nite. Most of us are just like you when we first join. Just remember to take a break & stretch. Easter Blessings to you & yours.

(31 Mar '13, 01:01) ele
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Caffeine only works to a point and then loses effectiveness and eventually fatigue wins out. Anyone who has ever been to college and had an exam the next morning can attest to that. Massage and deep breathing can invigorate you for awhile. It doesn't even have to be a full body massage....you can massage your own arms and legs, shoulders, neck, etc. Then do some deep breathing. This works for me when I need to keep going for some reason. I can stay up a couple of days this way.


answered 27 Mar '13, 16:20

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LeeAnn 1

Massage has the opposite effect on me. It relaxes me. Whenever possible I try to schedule massages in the evening hours. I don't think there is a type of massage I haven't tried. Electronic muscle stimulation such as given by PT's & Chiro's tends to have a stimulate effect. I know, get a personal vibrator @flo ; they are affordable & well worth the money. lol!

(28 Mar '13, 00:43) ele

@flo to clarify - with the flip of switch or press of a button you give yourself a little zap each time you feel yourself nodding off...

(28 Mar '13, 00:47) ele

I think I saw David Blain do this trick. He stood on top of a building without moving. That may have been 72 hours.

You could do like him and announce on television. You would be famous, you would be on international television.

There used to be a show called, "That's Incredible!" This feat of human endurance, "will over body" would be filmed every moment making sure you can't sleep. Amazing!

Read, "The human D-cell report" by Mike Kiminski and BANABU. This is an energy boosting technique.


answered 27 Mar '13, 19:26

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Wade Casaldi

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